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  1. On 1/12/2019 at 7:12 PM, JDelage said:

    What can people tell me about that CSF black denim jacket posted on instagram...?

    From what I know, the black and white denim fabrics are limited edition fabrics for the new years event. I got a black jacket with embroidery done.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Flash said:

    My ww2 is too tight , a 31 in those would be best too 


    Did I happen to mention I'm selling some size 30 ww2 Conners (Only worn about 2 weeks so basicly no fading )  ;) . Pm if your interested 

    Wait, so all of yours would be the same size then?

  3. 9 hours ago, Flash said:

    31 dude , same as my 47 . Make sure and take lots of pics on your visit , were heading to Tokyo again in June but making the trip down to Yoshiaki would be a little much to ask of the wife and the little man 

    Oh ok didn't know it was larger than the WWII. Glad to know.

    I will be bringing an actual camera this time, so I will definitely take more pictures!

  4. I think CSF is just a niche within a niche within a niche within a niche. For guys like myself, Flash, and a couple others, CSF is the end all be all. I'm going back to see him in less than a month and will almost certainly order yet another pair (probably first half 46), but many others will simply never pull the trigger.

    For me, the personal touch of the dm ordering is one of my favorite parts, but I do understand why people don't like it.

    @Flash how did you size your first half 46 compared to your 47 and WWII models? I know your 47 was one size larger than your WWII

  5. 17 hours ago, tchengaa said:

    hi sd lovers, does anyone a sweatshirt made of suvin gold cotton? do u think it's worth the price? thanks ~

    Definitely worth the price for me. Easily the softest piece of clothing I have owned. Love the color as well. The gold tint really makes it look more unique. The review is more detailed obviously, but the short version is that I love it.

  6. On 11/16/2018 at 6:49 AM, Cold Summer said:

    All interesting answers/info. Maybe I'll try a WWII model eventually?! 

    All I know is that I have enough jeans to last me for half a decade without needing to buy any more, hah.

    This is sort of how I feel about modern/slubby jeans like PBJ and Strike Gold. I respect them, but I have so many jeans already that I have no need to buy them.

    CSF and WWII jeans are definitely a niche within a niche. For me, it's the history that appeals to me and all the unique little differences along with the more classic cuts. However, I never really bought any until CSF went all out and sort of perfected the genre.

  7. And don't forget that if you voice any of your displeasure at his terrible customer service on the wrong forum, he goes and tries to discredit you like an absolute jerk. There are few companies in this industry that I would recommend less than WH Ranch. 

  8. 2 hours ago, mpukas said:

    When I was in Austin, TX a few weeks aog I stopped into a men's clothing shop that carries RRL ( @Broark knows the shop). All of the stuff, mainly shirts and a couple jackets I think, looked pretty good. It was all made in India and shirt prices were $225+. There's no way in hell I'd pay that much for a Made in India shirt that prolly costs about $10-$15 to make there - and that's a lot - and then a HUGE mark-up to put the RRL name/logo on it. There's also a RL flagship store in Aspen, and it is a really cool store. But same thing - made overseas products with a HUGE mark-up. It's thanks to SuFu and the great members here that I'm now more educated about what real quality is. I've never been into brand imagery and hype, as alluring as RRL is. 

    Saying all that, I do have a pair of Ralph Lauren English made wingtip boots I picked up at the Vail store nearly 20 years ago at the end of the season sale, that are really sweet. 

    Those shoes are probably made by Edward Green. I believe they've made shoes for Ralph Lauren in the past. Possibly John Lobb too, but I think it's Edward Green.

  9. 2 hours ago, stitchrite said:

    Just a question about RRL and their business practices, quality, etc. I read a scuffle recently between an online retailer (snake oil provisions) and an instagram follower - the user claiming that RRL engaged in poor business practices and opaque transparency on where they source labor. fabrics, etc.

    Does anyone know more about this? Google and searching this thread hasn't offered very much evidence of this. I just want to know if RRL is a brand I should be supporting and purchasing from.

    Ralph Lauren, including RRL does indeed engage in poor business practices. Ralph Lauren actually has a terrible track record for ethical means of production. There are some products from them made in USA, but most of it is outsourced.

    Snake Oil not only is not straightforward about RRL's production, they clearly show no care for the integrity products are made with, something many feel is important in this type of clothing. Snake Oil also handled that situation extremely poorly with conduct completely reprehensible for a store. Personally, Snake Oil will never get any more of my business, despite how close I live to the store (I have shopped there before). 

    No, I personally do not think that RRL is a brand that should be supported or purchased from.

  10. 3 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    You know, I've seen Kiya lament how music used to inform how you'd dress (hence the rockabilly/vintage connection), but I've never really known what to do with this. I mostly listen to stuff that follows under the umbrella of indie rock. I don't think there's really any particular uniform for that, compared to punk, rockabilly, heavy metal, etc. Perhaps I should just dictate one.

    I mostly listen to classic rock, early 2000's pop punk, and a boatload of Rush. Not sure that fits with my Sophisticated Japanese biker look.

  11. 7 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    I like the flannel/jeans/Red Wing or Viberg look, but what I think hurts it is some people's insistence on wearing it with the tightest jeans possible (and often the shirt is too tight as well.) It just looks weird to wear heavy duty boots with such slim jeans, which is something I didn't necessarily realize before. Slimmer fitting jeans look good with sneakers and Chelsea boots ala the SLP look. I think the Japanese take on this style, where you'd wear a flannel and straight leg jeans with a flat cap, down vest, long wallet, and Pecos-style boots, is more appealing and doesn't look like it's trying to emulate some specific historic blue collar uniform.

    Your style reminds me of the sophisticated biker ala Clutch and similar Japanese magazines :)

    I definitely agree with you. While that look is basic, I think it still looks good... As long as the jeans fit properly. The Japanese take on it that you describe is also what I prefer, though I have seen some westerners do that look with a classic looking western hat and pull it off really well.

    Damn! I will take that as a compliment. That is essentially my favorite style.

  12. On 9/7/2018 at 7:03 AM, Cold Summer said:

    Am I the only one who thinks Heddels has really gone downhill since 2/3rds of their fades started coming from Indonesian or Thai brands with indistinguishable super high contrast fades by guys who never wash their jeans?

    I feel like I've ragged on this before but I don't like these Indonesian brands. They're like a theme park parody of raw denim. All super heavy weight, super high contrast, pretty generic looking stock fabrics, all trying to knock off the Iron Heart aesthetic. I would much rather wear a "boring" jean like a Left Field Greaser made from Cone denim, or a Sugar Cane 1947, than any of these.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love nice looking high contrast fades (and lest you think I have something against Indonesia or whatever, I think Darbir's Flat Head F310s are some of the coolest faded jeans I've ever seen.) But it's like some of these communities take this really narrow view of the hobby where you have to wear some 23 oz. jeans for eighteen months without washing or it doesn't count. Maybe I'm just getting old but I've started to realize that if you don't wash your jeans a certain amount, you're really short-changing yourself as far as bringing out the real color/texture of the fabric, especially really dark ones.

    On a slightly different topic, there still seems like a lot of variety around Superfuture as far as washing frequency, denim type, cuts worn, etc. but some places stick with one exaggerated aesthetic. Personally, I think the Denimbro "1890s Coal Miner" look and the Instagram "ultra tapered and cuffed halfway up your calf" look are both silly. I still like most of the Japanese Amekaji look (which ranges from retro-romantic bikers to vintage casual bohemian), and guys around here like Volvo, who have this cool, old-world sort of aesthetic (which is not far off from the Japanese style of magazines like Clutch, etc.) I wish it was easier to follow the Japanese looks because there's really a lot more solid inspiration there than what we usually see on Instagram, etc., especially in as far as fit is concerned.

    My style has changed a lot over the last few years but since I've settled on 70s Chucks as my shoe of choice and started wearing a straight-fit jean almost every day, I'm frequently tucking in my tee and feel like I'm cosplaying as somebody from The Sandlot, but I find it pretty cohesive and it feels like it naturally flows out of wearing items I like, rather than consciously aiming for some particular aesthetic. I do have way more appreciation than I used to for some of the more vintage repro style brands like Fullcount, Warehouse, etc. even if Flat Head is still my favorite overall.

    Yes, Heddels has gone massively down hill and not just in terms of only featuring Indonesian fades.

    Something I would like to point out is the fact that Indonesia is still earlier on in their raw denim journey. I would imagine that in a few more years, the horizons will broaden. Perhaps not, but sikk fadez were seemingly the only thing that mattered in the western denim scene for quite some time as well. Also, we are only seeing what is likely not their entire scene. Perhaps there are some who do prefer different fades and styles, but we're only seeing what is submitted to Heddels. My guess is that this would be a very tiny minority, but it still could exist.

    In terms of denim fabrics, washing, fading, etc, there is definitely variety here. However, in terms of style, I would argue otherwise. I may get hate for this, but to me, the style in WAYWT is kinda basic boots, t shirt, flannel look and often streetwear-esque due to the proliferation of sneakers, Red Wing, and Viberg. Although, I will say that it has gotten more diverse, especially in 2018 which is really nice. Denimbro is not as coal miner as it used to be, but that place is dead anyway and really has been for quite some time. The elitist snobbery really went too far during the final Denimbro and it hasn't gotten any better since.  Instagram was my least favorite in terms of aesthetic until I found some dudes with some really good style that don't just do the standard IG thing. Skinny jeans made by some random brand that will be dead in a year, 3Sixteen shirts and jackets, Chup socks, and boots from Truman and Red Wing are all you need. Still, the general quality of photo is better on there and the community is the only one that has really made me friends in real life (aside from @itsbenhere ) so I like it anyway.

    I actually really dig the Sandlot look, personally. I wear sneakers a lot now, even if I don't take pictures of them as much. I don't even know what my style is exactly. Probably "late 1940's wannabe" and I'm just fine with that. I'm happy to cosplay because I know that I, not anyone else, will ever actually look or be as cool as @volvo240thebest is.

  13. On 8/29/2018 at 3:49 AM, Broark said:

    Clinch engineer boots are very nice, but for nearly 2 grand I'd probably rather get some made to measure engineer boots from Role Club.

    Yeah this pricing is pretty intense. When I bought my 2 custom pairs of Clinch, they were a lot less money than they are on this website. I am so glad I ordered when I did.