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  1. I think it's getting time to call it quits on my CSF jeans... I've lost too much weight and I just don't like how they fit anymore. I've even hot washed and tumble dried three of my four pairs and they still don't fit right. I'm sure everyone loves the anti-fit, but mine are too anti-fit for me at this point. I'll have to list them for sale and then see what I can do about getting some new pairs. It's a real shame because the wait is much longer now than it used to be. The D-42s should still be on the way in a couple of months so at least those should fit properly. With the TCBs not working out, I don't have any jeans that fit the way I want right now which feels weird.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    Thanks for the pics dude. I know it’s impossible to measure jeans and photograph them with one pair of hands  :blink: but I always measure the waist aligned and pulled tight - which I think would be about 31.5” and as for the the thigh, I’d measure the inner (back?) section closer to the crotch too, in a line parallel with the waistband, pulled tight, which I think would give a measurement closer to 13” than 12”. Overall, they are still undersized but not by as much as it may seem. Sizing/measuring, no matter how it’s described can be very objective and open to interpretation.

    Even pulled tight, the waist is not even 31 and even if they were, they'd still be 2" off. If I were to pull them to 31", I'd really be pulling them which is not how I measure. The jeans are also very flat at the thigh. They are absolutely not even close to 13" in the thigh. Nowhere near 12.5 even. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Yours are a long way off chart especially, around the top block where it’s more critical - frankly this isn’t acceptable. I’d been optimistic about things despite earlier measurements being posted but the groundswell I’m reading is that there is an issue. I’ve still to receive mine, so I’ll wait until they arrive however I don’t have a great deal of confidence right now and I’d like nothing better than to be proved wrong.

    Is it possible they’ve all been tagged wrong in the rush to complete?

    Yeah the waste is off to an extreme degree. If I remember correctly, the thigh is pretty off as well. Those are the most critical. These could just work if they were one wash like this. Being raw at this fit, I have no chance whatsoever of making them work.

  4. Mine are not going to work for me so I will offer them for sale to anyone who missed out and might want them. They're not even 31" before shrinkage which is quite off from the size chart we got. The thigh is also much smaller. Not even 12" when raw. These could work for me if they were one wash, but I'm planning on actually washing consistently so I unfortunately cannot make these work. It's a real shame because the patch is so cool and I am quite happy with the pocket bags I got. 

    I have only tried them on once. Just want to get back what I paid for them.

    Size 31 raw:

    Waist: 30.5"

    Front Rise: 13.75"

    Rear Rise:17.5"

    Thigh (at crotch): 11.8"

    knee: 9.75"

    hem: 9"

    inseam: 31.5"






  5. 2 minutes ago, roomtemplacroix said:

    while i don’t really agree with the practice of shipping overseas without notifying, i agree completely with that theory. ^^ 


    unless they’re just shipping japanese orders first that is. 


    i find it pretty hard to believe with all the hype and excitement that anyone who knows their jeans shipped wouldn’t come to the thread to talk about it. 

    Yeah them shipping out the Japanese jeans first might be the reason. I agree that I'd be shocked if people who knew hadn't said anything.

  6. The thing that is interesting to me is that I haven't seen a single person here say they have received any tracking information.

    That makes me think they silently shipped them out then... unless someone has finally gotten tracking info or some people have gotten tracking and just haven't said anything.

    *EDIT: Just saw on IG that they said they have been shipping since Monday, so they probably are just shipping them out without notifying which I hope is the case, because that allows me to hope that mine have already been shipped.

  7. Just now, Duke Mantee said:

    I think there’s still a few shirts kicking about

    I'm going to do another round of searching. There was one yellow one in my size (16) at Genco, but I think that one is gone now unfortunately. I also just checked realmoon through your link and did not see it, but I'll go search some of the other sites.

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