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  1. I can completely understand the confusion at Conner's. My obsession with them is even weirder as I wasn't hardcore into vintage Levi's before discovering the brand. 

    Even more strangely- I am absolutely obsessed with stitch count and finishing details on my leather jackets and boots. However, jeans are a completely different animal for me. While all of these items mentioned age, boots and leather jackets can and do last more than a single lifetime. That permanence makes the perfect construction something that can last longer and be appreciated for a longer time in my eyes.

    With jeans, they fall apart sooner rather than later. It doesn't matter how well they are made and how perfectly they are finished- they will become unwearable within your own lifetime unless you don't wear them enough. That is one reason that I can get into the imperfections of CSF. Another reason for me is that I have never seen a perfectly stitched pair of jeans. I have owned 4 Roy items, a pair of Ooes, several RJBs, etc, etc. Every single one of them had or has some sort of aesthetic construction flaw. On the other hand, I have handled and in fact own a perfectly made and finished pair of boots and a leather jacket that is about as close to perfection as possible. I am not trying to discount the incredible skill that people like Roy, Hiro Ooe, Ben Viapiana, etc have. This is just my personal view and what makes sense in my head.

    Most importantly, none of those other jeans appeal to me anymore. I felt a connection with Conner's Sewing Factory jeans that has actually caused me to get more into vintage than I was before, especially in terms of jeans. I also understand the niche within a niche within a niche within a niche that CSF is. I will stand from my soapbox and proclaim the objective quality of Freewheelers leather jackets and especially White Kloud boots, but I don't do that with Conner's because I understand that it doesn't compare in the same way.Honestly, I can't even express exactly why I adore the brand so much. Even after all this rambling, I could type thousands more words and still not fully explain it. I can if people wish, but I doubt it. What I can say is that I have never loved a pair of jeans half as much as I love my CSF jeans. 

  2. On 3/11/2019 at 3:49 PM, mpukas said:

    What's up with the threads on the cut edge poking through the seam? Is that intentional and part of his precise, exquisite reproduction of flawed construction? 

    I don't think the threads are purposely put there, but I do think they are deliberately not removed if that makes sense. I actually love it.


    Great fit on those @Flash !!

  3. Here are the items I purchased while visiting CSF in Japan. I finally purchased the 1946 first half jeans and on features alone, these are my favorite in my collection. My collection now includes 1922, 1937, WWII SF, 1946 first half, and 1947. I am pretty happy with my collection, but may add the 1946 second half eventually or one of the other WWII models. If anyone is interested in some sort of more in depth comparison between all models, please let me know. I also picked up a 1946 jacket in the limited edition black denim and had an embroidery of a P-40 Warhawk put on it by the in house embroiderer. I know many don't like the limited edition denim colors, but I don't mind them so long as he keeps making the excellent repros. I went with this because I already have a blue denim jacket from him and can wear the black easier with my blue jeans (I do not like to wear double blue denim normally) and I sort of treated this as a souvenir jacket- it's sort of weird and unique and I love it. The embroidery work also really impressed me. I can also add some more shots of the actual visit if anyone wants. It was an amazing time.







  4. Finally time to post some updates on my CSF 1937 jeans. I have worn these for about 15-16 months and was able to wear them at work for around 6 months. One soak and two washes in the tub. Yeah, yeah, I don't wash enough and I don't care. I'm very happy with how these have aged. At only 11oz before the initial soak, they are certainly slow faders, but I think the patience has been worth it and they definitely have a lot more life left in them.

















  5. 9 hours ago, Geeman said:

    I struggle with the IH forum, not sure why. I've met Giles in person and Paula and they're  genuinely very nice people but Giles always comes across a bit snarky on the forum. Perhaps I just don't get his humour?

    I had some issues with the IH forum and never been back since.

    @itsbenhere IG definitely has a LOT less information than the forums, but I say what I want to say on my blog so I don't post on forums anymore. Doesn't help that denimbro is no fun anymore. Still, i lurk on here and denimbro because IG is not the place to go for information at all.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Geeman said:

    I agree, sponsored post are doing my head in. 

    While on the subject of IG my main bug bear is the way some people use stories. When they put up a new post then a story which is the same post with the text : new post up now. I know, I follow you!

    IG is the only social media I use (other than forums) and it's seriously close to getting deleted. 

    Which would obviously devestate my 690 followere :D

    Yeah that's annoying, especially when guys post it like 7 times in a row tagging each brand in a different story, all with the same picture. So infuriating. I did the story to post thing like twice, felt gross doing it, and haven't done it since. 

  7. My biggest issue with him is that he has no perspective. He talks about how $500 shoes are expensive which relative to quality shoes is not true. It may be a lot for someone to spend, but truly well made shoes and boots cost a lot of money. Also, yes, he seems like someone who is very superficially into boots. I don't know anyone who is really into boots that likes the guy. He has been derided consistently since he showed up. His worst moment was when he mentioned that his Truman boots were not evenly lasted as if it were a passing thought. How can anyone who cares about boots not realize how horrendous that kind of mistake is? How can you say the quality is good overall when they screw up that badly? That alone completely discredits him.

  8. On 1/15/2019 at 1:48 PM, lance said:

    ^^^^ Cool setting, dudewuttheheck!

    Thanks! That area of Kyoto is breathtakingly gorgeous. I love just walking around there aimlessly and taking it all in so I had to take some photos there.

    At a shrine:

    Tatton Baird hat, Globe Specs glasses, Self Edge scarf

    RMC A2, Warehouse sweatshirt, Moto gloves

    Conner's Sewing Factory jeans, Moto boots


  9. 6 hours ago, Flash said:

    Not a fan of the black and white denim if I'm honest or some of the 3face stuff for that matter , I love the standard offerings for the attention to detail and overall accuracy to original 501xx so selfishly I wish he would just stick to that      ( but that's just my opinion and no judgment on anyone else who is into it ) 


    When you posting the pics of your recent visit Jake ???? Leaving us all hanging over here 

    I will be posting some pics soon on here. I just have a lot on the camera and I need to sort through them all.

  10. On 1/12/2019 at 7:12 PM, JDelage said:

    What can people tell me about that CSF black denim jacket posted on instagram...?

    From what I know, the black and white denim fabrics are limited edition fabrics for the new years event. I got a black jacket with embroidery done.