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  1. 13 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

    It’s wrong to quote prices in your local currency - exchange rates will often make the comparison meaningless.

    However, it’s entirely accurate to note (as a particular example) the Mulholland in 2010 was ¥168,000 excluding tax - today it is ¥240,000. That’s ¥62,000 over Japanese inflation for that decade under review. Quoting those prices in USD then the jacket would be $2,117 in 2010 at the exchange rate then and $2,276 today with the current exchange rate ... not such a big difference, and if following U.S. inflation then you should actually expect the jacket to be over $2,500

    Yeah good point. I knew you would have a more concrete comparison than I would. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

    Wild how every single time I neg rep you for casual sexism (this is what, the third time? Fourth?) you go through the trouble of looking through my post history and finding 4–5 (edit: we’re up to 7, this time around) completely unrelated posts to neg rep as some sort of vengeance

    You’ve really got something to prove, haven’t you

    At least Ed had the decency to own up to being an ass & stand up for himself

    He's doing it to me, too now. It's so pathetic that it would be funny if it weren't for the sexism.

  3. 11 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

    ^ sturdy looking sturdy... with sturdy price tag tho...

    I don’t look at leather jackets much but my sense is prices have rocketed in the past 5 or so years, with the higher end brands particularly

    Anyone have a view if that is a correct or false perception? 

    Freewheelers in particular has gone up a lot in the past couple of years. I was able to get most of my jackets from them used or as older stock models and the difference can be quite a lot.

    I don't know the exact pricing differences, but jackets that are now $2,700 were around $500-$700 cheaper five years ago roughly. I got my older model FW Caboose for $2100 or $2200 shipped and my 2014 model Sunset was just at $2k give or take.


    RMC has gone up as well. I got a Red Silk A2 for around $1,700 five years ago and now that jacket is $2,500 or so. Rainbow Country jackets are also a lot more than they used to be, though still more affordable than their Freewheelers brothers.

    Himel has slightly upped his prices recently, but his have mostly been the same or similar for quite some time. Aero has also gone up, but not by a lot. Schott has drastically raised prices over the past few years though.


  4. Just now, Broark said:

    The only leather jacket I’ve actually tried on is from Fine Creek and it was way too small. But there’s a big difference in the measurements too.

    I have had very good luck buying leather jackets online without trying them on. In fact, the only leather jacket I bought online that did not fit well was my custom Aero from last year which was just way too loose in the body. 

    For me, the biggest difference is I feel like I need a little more room in the chest and shoulder with a leather jacket than with a cotton jacket.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Broark said:

    I hope that’s an extra 0 on your shipping quote, or it comes with a flight to Japan. :D I guess my hang up with spending that much cash is not being able to try something on before buying it. The measurements look good, plenty of room in the chest. I just don’t know enough about leather jackets yet I guess.

    lol yeah I fixed that haha. Divide by 100 for yen, not 1k d'oh. That's fair. I certainly size my leather jackets differently than I size other jackets in general.

  6. 11 hours ago, Broark said:

    I'd imagine it's somewhere between $50-80 USD, I'd imagine the jacket is fairly heavy.
    But I have no experience buying leather jackets, let alone from Japan directly...I'm sure @dudewuttheheck has a better idea.

    Thanks for the offer, that'd be quite the world tour for a jacket. :D 
    I still need to convince myself that I should be spending ¥250,000 on a leather jacket...Desolation Row also said it'd be that price plus Japanese taxes!
    I'd likely get hit by customs too, so we're talking about a lot of cash. Maybe I'll just go to Desolation Row next year and try it on in person...

    Yeah you're just about spot on. I usually get charged around $80 in shipping from Japan. It could be more now with them not using EMS. For example, my latest pre-order from Mushmans for a leather jacket was 9,400 JPY for shipping which is more than I usually pay. 


    IMO if you're going to spend $2k plus on a leather jacket, Freewheelers is the one to buy from.

  7. 1 hour ago, aho said:

    I guess I'm too out of touch, I loved that denim on denim on denim and would probably wear the same :laugh2:

    Well I'm extremely anti-double denim overall. I'm probably more out of touch in general compared to most people here.

  8. 23 hours ago, kiya said:

    I agree with this, you can't really beat the regular shinki Flat Head uses.

    Yeah their Shinki is absolutely amazing. I remember Kobayashi-San said that theirs was special or he got first pick from Shinki. He said they were actually the ones who introduced Shinki to RMC. Obviously you would know this better than me. Either way it's absolutely stunning leather and it makes me wish their jackets had fit me better.

  9. I went in between the two suggestions and sized up by 1. TTS would have been 31 in these so I went with 32. I just went several months wearing oversized jeans that I don't want anything too big or loose (my 37s current fit gives me nightmares) so I didn't go up to 33.

  10. Decided to sell all my current CSF gear as it is all much too large for me now and I am still dropping more weight right now even while stuck inside mostly and without the gym. I'm betting on myself to not need anything in this size. The jacket was already sold and shipped, so it's just jeans left right now. I am of course still keeping the 37s for sentimental reasons.

    1922 Jeans Size 36 unwashed and unworn (only tried on)
    These are brand new, unworn, unwashed - $425 shipped in the US (will ship overseas)

    Waist: 36”
    Front Rise: 13.25”
    Back Rise: 16.5”
    Thigh: 13.25”
    Inseam: 31.25”
    Leg Opening: 9”






    Conners Sewing Factory S409XXX 1946 jeans size 36
    These have been worn several times, probably around 15-20 times, soaked once, and washed once. The wash was without detergent as an attempt to shrink them down. $350 shipped in the US (will ship worldwide)

    Waist: 34.5”
    Front Rise: 12.5”
    Back Rise: 16”
    Thigh: 13”
    Inseam: 29”
    Leg Opening: 9”








    Conners Sewing Factory S409XXX WWII San Francisco jeans size 36
    These have been worn a decent amount with some wear visible. They have been washed twice. The second wash was with no detergent to try to shrink them. Otherwise in great condition. $325 shipped in the US (will ship worldwide)

    Waist: 34”
    Front Rise: 13.25”
    Back Rise: 16”
    Thigh: 12.8”
    Inseam: 29”
    Leg Opening: 8.75”







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