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  1. It looks very similar to how my old RMC A2 fit. I like a slimmer fit on an A2, but given how restrictive RMC A2s are cut, you may have very little room there. 

    I'm not sure what your comfort levels are like, but it took just a month or so of weightlifting for my RMC A2 to not fit anymore. Given that the sleeves are a little short as well, you might be able to size up and have it still look good and avoid the dreaded politician look.

  2. Just now, tod said:

    One lift is about 1/8”,  and honestly I don’t think that’s going to make a noticeable difference in the toe.  I may be wrong, but there are lots of white’s boots, for example, that are lowered by a quarter inch and it doesn’t seem to affect the toe visibly. 

    Maybe not, but I think the heel is already a little lower than I would like in terms of balance of the design. 

    I've been looking at those too, though. They're nice looking boots.

  3. Those are looking good, @Aries

    I picked up these Viberg collab boots not too long ago. The shinki horsehide and the specific design details were too much for me to pass up. The grain probably won't be to everyone's taste, but I certainly love it and I'm sure these will age quite nicely. For a picture of something actually aged, I put a shot of my natty CXL Lofgrens at the bottom as well.









  4. 14 minutes ago, 428CJ said:

    It's definitely a lot better looking with the cuffs unbuttoned. Rolled up or let hang makes no difference – as long as they are unbuttoned. 

    Yeah, it does help get rid of the flare near the wrist and it makes the sleeves look less skinny overall. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, propellerbeanie said:

    Ahhh I see. I actually used Tenso a number of years ago and it was successful, but I haven't needed to use it since then. Good to have a mate that is able to be your proxy! I don't have such luck...

    Well, I didn't have this ability until more recently, but I am very fortunate as it was the very last in my size and it's not a color they make often (FW, not McCoys).

  6. 8 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    That's exactly why I went with an A-2 instead of a double rider style jacket. I would have felt like a poser. :P

    This is also in part why I went with the Sunset from freewheelers to satisfy my cross zip craving. I really doubt anyone is going to confuse me for an actual biker or poser-biker wearing a yellow-orange deerskin jacket with button cuffs.

  7. I love the Brakeman jacket. I am fairly short and do have an issue with FW jacket sleeves being too long. The Brakeman jacket sleeves were not as long as many of the other models in my experience. They certainly are too long in that picture on the person wearing it, though.

  8. This jacket is being worn for summer/warm weather only. 

    @MJF9 These are Oliver Peoples Benedict. It's their version of the classic aviator. Mine are made in Japan, but unfortunately I believe they have moved production of this and nearly all their models outside of Japan now. 

    Here are a couple more pictures I took in my university bathroom. The sleeves are cuffed up in one and undone in the other. Curious to see what everyone thinks.



  9. 5 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    I think it’s a bit small but OK if you leave it undone, ie summer wear only. I’m worried mine may end up like that though once I wash it and start to wear it. It seems very wide and short-ish in the body in its raw state and the sleeve forearms aren’t exactly roomy. We’ll see but I won’t break it OUT until my TCB 30s jacket is more broken IN!


    Edit: just wondering what has your attention in those photos @dudewuttheheck? Are you on the set of Stranger Things? :D

    I'm REALLY bad at posing so I always just look away from the camera :D


    I will try undoing the cuffs and cuffing them myself. That's the one thing I don't like about the fit. 

  10. 44 minutes ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    It's a nice jacket. For my taste it looks kinda too small on you

    I get that. I'm sure most would not want theirs to fit like this. I personally love how it fits. Part of it is how loose my CSF jacket looks and feels.

    If it were uncomfortable buttoned, then I would probably have to move it on and find a larger size if I could, but it's actually quite comfortable even buttoned and easy to move around in.

  11. 23 hours ago, propellerbeanie said:

    Which proxy service do you prefer/recommend?

    The one I used was Tenso and they did a good job. I have not had to use them in a while though. My most recent 'proxy' is being done by a friend right now. It's not a McCoy's product though, it's Freewheelers from a store that doesn't ship to the USA.