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  1. I definitely follow more of a 2010 type approach to my jeans. 


    I have NEVER washed my jeans in a machine and never plan to. With unsanforized jeans, I hot soak for a total of a couple hours before wearing and when I do wash, I only tub wash with woolite dark. I usually take at least 8-10 months to wash my jeans, but not because I want super high contrast fades. 


    My job does not allow me to wear jeans except on Friday and I spend a lot of time in shorts and a t shirt on my computer at home after work. In addition to this I have quite a few pairs of denim, chinos, etc that I wear as well so my main pair only gets about 10-12 hours of wear a week.


    In addition, I do not like to wash my denim much because I like my jeans to stay dark for as long as possible, not necessarily because I want crazy fades. 


    For example, my main pair has been my RJB 103bsp for the past 9 months and I have not washed them yet, but honestly they probably only have 2-3 months effective wear so far. 

  2. ^ Pics? :)

    Breaking 4 digits though...

    For that kinda pricing I could get custom leathers from tanneries and get two pairs made by White's, Wesco or Nick's.

    Still, awesome shoes.

    my bad, I saw the post below and saw the sneakers. I have those, not the shoes, sorry. I agree with the pricing. If I'm going over a grand, I spend my dough on engineer boots.

  3. I would love to see it if you did an LA premiere but, if it's only available via download in the future I guess that will have to do haha

    Same! I would totally go see it in LA! I'm also disappointed because I will be vacationing in San Francisco one weekend this month, but not this weekend :(

  4. My oni 277 vs sami 0500xx. The 277 worn harder is holding up better than the s0500xx.

    I was about to say that I have heard from a lot of people that Samurais do not hold up that well, but they use all cotton construction on purpose. Some brands specifically are not made to hold up and be super durable, that doesn't necessarily mean they are of poor quality.

  5. Why? John's a really nice guy and he makes good stuff. If you hangout with someone and also like their stuff it makes sense to want to defend them online

    agreed. John makes some awesome stuff and was super cool when I talked to him online. I would defend him too given my excellent experience with him and his products.

  6. In terms of value I'd agree Aero is better purely because they are among the cheapest makers that gets into quality jackets. Especially since the pound is in the shitter...


    But I think that if you want the best of the best flat head or the japanese brands would give you what you want. Thinner seams, straight zippers, nicer-looking stitching, better leather (others think shinki is nicer than vicenza)


    And even if the GBP has tanked, the larger difference between buying domestic japanese and imported Aero might not still be large enough for me to recommend it.


    All contingent on being able to fit the japanese stuff, but you should be able to decide that yourself since you can actually try the stuff on. 


    Good luck!

    Agreed. In my experience, the Japanese makers are superior to the Scottish makers. 


    Himel and Goodwear from the US are also great options. My Himel is my favorite jacket.

  7. ^ CXL is chrome tannage base with vegetable finish.


    Do show us the video!

    It's a long video, haha. It's a discussion about basically all the high end leather jacket makers and leathers.

    Here you go! 

  8. Thanks for the replies. 


    Would anyone comment (I know it is purely subjective and somewhat personal) on the difference between the quality of horsehide leather of TFH and Aero jackets?



    It depends on which Aero leather. There are two main leathers - chromexcel HH and Vicenza HH. 


    The chromexcel is thick, heavy, and like armor. It is chrome tanned and in many peoples' opinion (including my own) it is rather dull and boring. It doesn't really have a ton of character. I love chromexcel and other horween leathers for boots, but not for jackets. 


    The Vicenza is pretty nice. It is actually offered in a pretty awesome natural leather. This is vegetable tanned so it has more character than the chromexcel. It is apparently rather light - even lighter than Shinki. It's nice, but honestly in my opinion, Shinki is even nicer.


    The Shinki that FH uses is actually slightly thicker than normal Shinki. The interesting thing is that Shinki can differ slightly depending on which maker you buy it from. If you want to know more about that, I can tell you, but it isn't necessarily relevant. Shinki is gorgeous in any guise. It starts off rather simple, but with a great depth of color and it ages very gracefully. It is rather thick compared to some other veg-tanned HH leathers. Still, it's not uncomfortable.


    I would always advise to go with Shinki. There is a reason that both leather jackets I own are Shinki.


    Also, FH make better jackets than Aeros IMO.


    If you want, I could post a couple of videos I made discussing this, but my goal isn't to promote myself.

  9. To be honest, this whole "no pictures thing" also annoys me... When I buy something I want to feel like I have full ownership over it. I like sharing the stuff I have with you guys, I still don't understand why Roy says no pictures. Even if it is a test cut, it's not like people can't understand that the next cut might be tweaked.

    But I guess it doesn't matter since those fade pictures are actually what prevented me from buying a pair of these!

    Same. Not a fan of the fades either.

  10. I hope they do eventually reveal some more details about how they make their products. I could not agree more that transparency is extremely important. I love that somewhere deep in the TFH thread is a bunch of pictures detailing how many of their products are made. I love that David Himel told me proudly that he does not sew all of the jackets himself and that when I met Michael Masterson, he admitted that there are a couple of of buttonholes that others can sew better than him. 


    I really hope this isn't a Rampuya brand. I've always liked Momotaro and their unique, almost completely in-house production. 

  11. Fuck the deerskin cafe racer, imo the side buckles and seam down the back ruins it. Without those things, man that would be killer.


    In that case, I strongly recommend the SRJ-06A. I have that one!

    Yup, that one is sexy!

  12. Trying to decide between TFH horsehide and deerskin black leather jacket to match with my black denim but cannot........can someone enlighten me what the difference is wearing those two types of leather is and which matches more black denim stylewise



    Personally, I would go horsehide no question. The Flat Head use Shinki horsehide which in my (and many others' opinions) is the best jacket leather in the world. Horse is in general much more durable than deerskin, more lustrous, and ages more uniquely. 


    Deerskin really isn't the best choice for a first leather jacket, especially when the other option is Shinki. TFH use a slightly thicker than average Shinki hide, but it is stunningly beautiful. Ben has one and I have seen his a few times in person. It is quite epic and you can learn more from him once he chimes in. Plus, I own two Shinki jackets myself. Horse is more rigid than deer in general, but all the other positives outweigh this.

  13. I am gonna go to blue owl on Wednesday and check out the tanuki pairs they have in, and post my thoughts. Hopefully we'll be able to get a better sense about the brand as time goes on.

    definitely interested in hearing about them. If they are associated with the Rampuya company, the quality should be quite high regardless of the weird marketing.

  14. To be honest, my fanatacism hasn't really wavered. I definitely prefer the old arcs by a longshot, but really they're just arcs... arcs and patches to me are something that are not insignificant when I don't have the jeans, but when i have the jeans really fall to the wayside. Even compared to my favorite flat head arcs, I don't think an average arc (maybe even one I don't like) would affect my enjoyment of the jeans that much.


    Also, like I said, you could just rip off the arcs and then they'll be like any other jeans!


    the only recent things I can think of that I don't like are the new arcs, and i also think that the t shirt designs are less inspired now, they don't really have any cool designs on them anymore, it's just "the flat head" written in different fonts or scenarios as the main design. Not sure if that's just in my head though... Oh, also on the studded belts they're making them with only 1 hole now which I also don't like/doesn't make sense... but i already got my studded belt!


    I think the quality has been getting better, the shirts still have awesome patterns and fabrics, and wallets designs are getting even better, further widening the distance between FH and other leather makers...


    so i'm not too worried yet!

    Well said. I'm pretty covered for the RJB jeans right now and hopefully most western retailers don't get the suede arcs. Having bought several of the latest shirts, I can attest to the quality and designs being as good or better than ever!

  15. I know right.

    The only way this could have been improved is with some natural indigo.

    After having worn the 66bspbk and now this pair, I'm liking RJB more & more.

    Yeah, but they're pretty incredible as is. I'm saving them for when my 103bsp get too worn.

  16. Measurements here:


    The denim is LHT, rope-dyed, unsanforised, 14.25 oz pre-soak. Mildly slubby and irregular, not hairy. Solid, but a very nice hand.

    The manufacturing is done by RJB crew. Uses TFH deer patch and top button, rest of hardware is RJB.

    Stitching is top notch. Pocket fabric is plain. Hidden rivets.

    Fit is slim with taper. Staff member was wearing a pair with 2 washes - looks like it fades well.


    Can't emphasise enough how nice the denim really is... I was in a room full of Warehouse, Fullcount, Stevenson, TFH, Momotaro, etc... And only this fabric drew me, just had to have it.


    I have these as well and they are my favorite fabric too. The only thing I like as much is my PBJ hank-dyed.