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  1. On 4/28/2018 at 4:42 AM, Broark said:

    I don't know if it's really fair to talk about "how far Viberg has fallen" just because you don't stylistically agree with what they make at this moment.
    It's not like they changed their construction methods, started buying shitty leather or shipped their production methods overseas.
    Hell, I don't like those boots and I'd never buy a pair that looks like that myself, but they are still well made and the company still makes a classic work boot here and there.
    Just because you don't agree with the direction and some of the shoes that they make doesn't mean they've suddenly fallen to a B-rate shoemaker.
    I agree that I don't like a lot of of the stuff they have been doing lately, but you can only sell so many big 'ol work boots to heritage guys. I think Brett is just trying to angle for a different market on the side. It's not like they're exclusively making high fashion shoes and have completely forgotten their heritage.
    Just my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Disagree. I have seen some pretty questionable stitching coming from Viberg.  Also, they have changed construction methods so you are wrong about that... they used to only do stitch down and now they do a lot of Goodyear welting. I don't think they're now B rate, but their reputation has fallen significantly. It was not long ago that everyone was singing Viberg's praises. Their reputation is definitely not what it once was, though they still have a lot of fans. Therefore, their reputation has indeed fallen in the denim and work wear circle. I didn't say their construction has necessarily fallen. I think it was never as good as most people said it was. Also, this is not just about what they've done lately. This is a trend that has been building for a few years. Obviously, they are still quite popular. My point is that among the denim head audience or whatever you want to call it, they are not considered golden gods like they used to, which I think is a good thing.

    I should have clarified with what I meant by 'fallen.' I just meant that their position in the heritage boot market has been shaken. Truman, love them or hate them, has gained a lot of traction (for the record, I do not own any Truman boots either) and I have definitely noticed that Wesco's reputation has risen while Viberg's has gone down slightly. I remember a time when Viberg was considered to clearly be the best of the Pacific Northwest bootmakers. Over the last couple of years, I have seen more and more people say that Wesco is the best of that bunch. Again, Viberg's quality may not have changed at all, but how they are perceived has changed for the negative.

  2. 4 hours ago, ecsong187 said:

    Current wait is closer to two years. I know many waiting 2-2.5 years now. 


    This makes no sense. How does Konaka-San from CSF run a store and pump out jeans to customers in less than a month most of the time?

  3. I buy whatever I want regardless of time of the year. I probably do buy a few more t shirts in warmer months, but most of the sweatshirts that I have bought have been purchased in the spring and summer simply based on what came available.

    Of course, this may partly be due to wear I live. It can get warm even in the winter and I can sometimes wear jackets on nights into June, so I don't have to be as seasonal with my clothing.

  4. On 4/26/2018 at 7:59 PM, kicks79 said:

    Iron Heart ones seem to be pretty popular. They actually own their own machines if I'm not mistaken? 


    Pretty positive they do not. From what I know, only Loopwheeler, Merz, and Flat Head actually own loopwheel machines, though there may be more. In fact, I remember reading on here that Flat Head actually lets loopwheeler use their machines or they make fabric for them or something like that. I may be wrong as well. @kiya would likely know.

  5. 15 minutes ago, goodrain said:

    Love when the day of the week is in another language

    I was over the moon when I found out that it had a Kanji date wheel. It's definitely staying on that setting now :) 

  6. 6 hours ago, Broark said:

    Just gave my 1946’s their first wash, I went old school this time and hand washed them in the tub. I was worried about losing much more inseam length and I also just kind of wanted to hand wash a pair as it’s been a long time since I’ve done it. And if these jeans were around in 1946 they likely wouldn’t have been washed in a washing machine, so I’m gojng for the historically accurate washing method. :D

    That last part is just me bullshitting,  I’ll post some pictures once they’re dry!

    Interesting timing. I just gave my 1937's their first wash as well due to spilling some pasta sauce on them. I did a cold tub soak and lost almost no indigo at all and they smell fresh as a daisy. It makes me wonder why I was always so afraid of washing my jeans in the past...

  7. 15 minutes ago, aho said:

    ^I'm told it's "tomorrow" in certain time zones; Care to share that LE image? 9F GMT?? :D

    That's not the one they showed me. It's a limited edition hi beat, sorry. 

  8. 8 hours ago, aho said:

    ^Can't afford it, but do appreciate the slimmed down case for the new pepsi. For some reason it's actually not as difficult to source the "hot" releases out by me, or at least you don't have to get on a waiting list. AD's are more than willing to let you buy on the spot or notify you as soon as they come in, but maybe that's changed in the past 2 months. New power reserve is a bonus too!

    I might've even considered the smaller black bay, but at this point I'd wait for more colorways since they're surely coming. Would've also loved the Tudor pepsi GMT in the smaller case size option, but give that one a few years too.

    Now...just waiting for all the Seiko/GS reveals!

    I went to the GS boutique to get my bracelet adjusted and was treated with one of the new releases. I took pictures, but swore I would not post them until tomorrow. It's a real stunner, though. Perhaps even nicer than the Peacock IMO.


    My watch finally fits!!

  9. @mpukas from what I have read, quartz movements are less sensitive to shock and are more durable in general, but I am no expert. 

    For me, it depends on the specific quartz movement and the purpose it serves which is the same for automatic movements. Personally, I view an in house quartz movement as superior to a non-in house mechanical movement. The battery may have to be replaced, but you have to service mechanical watches as well.

    In the case of this watch, the quartz movement makes sense due to the purpose it serves. Then again, I'm obviously biased because of the watch I just purchased.

    Also, for what it's worth, I quite like the overall design of that Victorinox.

    @Broark those are some real stunners! No, I will not be wearing the gloves :D I just had them on to take the initial pictures. This one will be my every day watch, so it will not be babied at all.


  10. 2 hours ago, mpukas said:

    I have found poly-cotton thread to be far more durable than all cotton thread. On my Samurai jeans w/ cotton thread, I've had threads break due to wear exposure within a couple of weeks. On IH jeans w/ poly-cotton thread, the same areas have taken either 10+ times longer to break or have never broken. 

    An issue I've mentioned some time ago re: denim durability (this was regarding Oni in particular) is that Japanese denim is woven for character, not durability. Yarns are spun with mixed fibers at low tension, and the fabric itself is woven with low tension, both to achieve slubbiness, neppiness, irregularity, etc. - all of the things denim heads wax on and on and on and on about.... and complain about Cone being too boring and dull because it doesn't have enough character. It's this character, if you will, that makes the denim less durable. Durable fabrics use tightly, evenly spun yarns and tightly, evenly woven fabric, in addition to more durable fibers other than cotton. 

    It's really ironic to me that Japanese denim is woven to recreate the character of old Cone denim, yet Cone denim was woven to be durable as possible and the irregularities were a result of the weight and actions of the looms causing the wood framed floor to bounce. If those looms were installed on a concrete slab-on--grade floor, there wouldn't have been as many if any irregularities. 

    Re: crotch blowouts, I still do not understand why it happens to some and not others. All I can come to is that it's a combination of fit, denim and activity. I do think tighter fits lead to a higher chance or greater severity of blowouts. The only pair I've had a rupture in is my IH 634-XHS that where too small when I was in good shape during the time I was wearing them. And, it was only at the left leg at the top of the inseam. I presume it was mainly due to getting into my car (an SUV), and I could feel the stress/stretch every time I lifted and extended my leg in that manner. Of course it could be due to other movement patterns as well... 

    A lot of Japanese denim is not woven to look like old Cone denim, it's woven to be it's own, interesting entity. 

    Also, some older Cone denim or at least American denim was less consistent. Look at what Conner's Sewing Factory is doing. You can clearly tell that their WWII denim is less even than their post-WWII denim.This is meant to accurately recreate the differences between these two eras of denim production because the Levi's denim produced during WWII was less even and consistent. The Flat Head, RJB, Samurai, PBJ, Oni, Momotaro, Tanuki, and many more do not try to reproduce Cone denim at all. That is a gross overstatement.

    Also, 10 times more durable seems like an overstatement. Maybe that's true for you, but I have had poly cotton threads brake on me just as quickly as cotton threads in some cases. It does not mean that I think cotton thread is equally as durable, but it's not always a massive difference. I think washing and getting the right size are much more important factors.

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