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  1. 6 hours ago, Elmer.Richard said:

    I really like looking at Freewheelers jackets but the sleeve length and my body type are not compatible. With the Real McCoy's the sleeve length is just right for me. 

    Actually, with most McCoys jackets, the sleeves are even worse than with Freewheelers for me because the chests are crazy undersized, especially with the Buco jackets. I'm not sure why this jacket was so different, but I'm glad it was. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Elmer.Richard said:

    Good thing you changed your mind about that jacket @dudewuttheheck

    Haha yeah it's funny looking back at that post. I still would have preferred a normal Shinki leather without a doubt. However, the design and sizing of the jacket appealed to me too much. Realizing/being told that the jacket was actually dark brown and not black pushed me over the edge. So it's more that the benefits of the jacket outweighed my misgivings about the leather. 

  3. I own Flame Panda and Lofgren boots and love both. 

    Personally, I really love Flame Panda's work. Peng (the owner) is a very nice guy and pricing is pretty competitive in my opinion given how high quality the product is. He also posts my favorite instagram stories because he posts about his local cuisine and cultural festivals and things like that which is fantastic. 

    @Broark to more directly answer the pricing question:

    My monkey boots from Flame Panda made with Maryam vegetable tanned horsehide were $685. This includes hand welted construction and hand sewn midsole/outsole stitching as well. His shop is just him and his immediate family so I think there's only a couple or three people actually making the boots.

    To me, that's a pretty fantastic price. The quality is pretty high in my opinion. The only boots I own that I can say are made even more nicely are my White Klouds.

    He has quite a few other leather options as well. Quite a few horsehides and cowhides from Italy and Horween as well as several cordovan options as well.

    I think cordovan boots can be over $1,000- $1,500 with the Horween horsehide costing the most. I think if you got my same boots with CXL, they would be less money. I'm not sure how much less, but the leather swings the price quite a bit.

    @julian-wolfis right and engineers are slightly more money, but less than $100 more... maybe only around $50 more or something like that. The leather and whether or not you get norwegian stitching makes a bigger difference in the price than the boot style.

    Sounds like an ad, but I really am thrilled with my boots. I already have another pair on order and I don't make second orders often.

  4. On 11/22/2020 at 8:15 AM, mlwdp said:

    Proper way to size and measure for a leather jacket when you have never owned one?  I have a Buzz deck jacket in size large but it has wool lining in though.  Fits great btw.  I also have a MIJ work jacket that fits great too but it’s a XL.

    This is pretty difficult. Others may disagree of course, but figuring out how leather jackets fit was certainly a learning experience for me. If you are going custom in any way, make sure you do not just send your body measurements to the maker and just hope they give you the correct size. I did this twice and it turned out poorly both times. Personally, I feel leather jackets tend to look best fairly trim and look worse oversized than a denim jacket for example. However, I also need to allow for more room in the chest with a leather jacket than with cotton/fabric jackets. I can button up my Mister Freedom Ranch blouse which has a 40" chest in total and my largest Freewheelers leather jacket all have chests at least 3" wider and feel just as tight in terms of movement when zipped up. Material also makes a difference. My horsehide jackets are much stiffer than my deerskin jacket for example.

    It depends on how you like your jackets to fit as well. I tend to undersize my jackets due to my short height and wide chest so they won't be too long (and I still had to shorten the sleeves on two of my leather jackets.) Basically, in my experience it is a very fine line between a leather jacket that looks great, one that is too big, and one that is too small. For me, I had to make a lot of mistakes before getting it right and I still make mistakes sometimes in terms of getting jackets that fit right. Maybe if you're less fussy than me or have a different body type, you have an easier time. If you can get a fit jacket first from whoever you order from (if you go custom) or go try some leather jackets on in person and measure those to see how you like the fit and comfort, I think that would help a lot. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, mondo said:

    time to invest in some more period-correct shorter pieces to tide you over until you can turn your attention to the longer jackets... you know you wanna..! embrace your inner @Broark

    Well my cotton jackets are all on the shorter side now which helps and I am replacing a couple of longer leather jackets with some shorter ones so I'm in the process.

  6. 2 hours ago, CSL said:

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. The rise works well for me. The thing I liked about the old LVC 44s was the high rise. I'd say it's comparable to the TCBs. Also another favorite of mine, the original MF Buckaroos have a similar rise. 

    I like the high rise in terms of comfort and I think it looks good when I just wear a t shirt, but it does make some of my jackets look too long which is something that I don't like. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Flash said:

    Thanks lads 

    Was maybe gonna do a bit of a comparison between the 2 ww2 models and 2 46's I have if there was any interest ? Dont want to spam the thread with all my posts but not many people posting here anymore 

    Please do! I'll be posting my new pair when they show up, but now he's saying they won't be ready until early 2021...

  8. 1 minute ago, julian-wolf said:

    Hah, yeah, I thought the same thing when posting—Ed would have a field day (although wasn't his whole issue really with John himself moreso than with the boots? not that he'd ever have admitted that)

    I'll end up going with another wedge sole, just with a thicker leather midsole on top of it. They wear fast, but they're really my favorite option for work boots—they're comfortable walking and standing all day, even on concrete, and they have good grip on a pretty wide range of materials…plus I just like the look w/ moc toes

    Yeah he would :D

    Understood. I'm not a wedge sole guy, but I find even boots with the thickest midsoles to be more comfortable over a full day than sneakers, so wedge soles just aren't my thing. However, I know that a lot of people swear by their comfort. 

  9. 1 hour ago, julian-wolf said:

    Honestly, the heel counters on these are also pretty messed up

    They don't fill all the way to the constructional stitching on the inside of either boot, which has allowed them to stretch inward, and has my heels sitting way towards the insides of the boots rather than over their centers

    This doesn't seem to affect comfort much, but I worry that it may lead to premature wear elsewhere on the boots, and it's not great to look at either

    Shame, 'cause otherwise these are right up to Lofgren's usual standards

    When I read this I am imagining Ed lurking, frothing at the mouth wanting to be able say that this proves his dislike of Lofgren to be correct.

    What you said previously is partly why I don't like wedge soles or any type of synthetic sole. In my experience, leather insoles and midsoles help provide support and help keep the structure of the outsole overall. I like that substantial feeling of boots. Would you replace these with another wedge sole of some kind or actually get a stacked leather heel of some type?

  10. 1 hour ago, chicote said:

    I’ve been looking into getting some steel toed engineer boots for the past few months but have no experience with them in person and am not sure where I could try some on where I live, especially with lockdown starting up again tomorrow. I really like their styling in theory, but worry they might come off a bit cartoonish in real life. I’d be wearing them at work, where they’d certainly be considered over dressed, if technically regulation compliant, as well as for riding a motorcycle I’m starting to build over the winter. How have you all managed incorporating engineers or similar boots into your wardrobes? Do they feel more natural on than they might seem at first?

    For me, it's been very natural to incorporate them into my wardrobe. They're easily my favorite style of boot. I personally don't see that as that "different" so I feel comfortable wearing them with just about anything. I would say the only thing I don't wear them with usually is baseball caps. Of course, I really love engineers so I don't think everyone shares my way of thinking. Just confidently wear them with whatever you want. I wear them to work and most people don't bat an eye. My only tips would be these two: Firstly, I personally think engineers look better with wider leg openings, at least 8.5" at half measurement. Secondly, just be ready for some heel slip. Even in my best fitting engineers, I experience at least some level of heel slip. It's not an issue for me, but some people can't stand it. 

  11. 19 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Your jeans have a chest size? That’s a very high rise ...

    Didn't you hear? That's how they're fixing the sizing issues on the TCB 40s jeans. They're not changing the size chart or measurements at all, they're just going to change the "waist" measurement to say "chest" instead.

  12. Yeah he's still around, but wait times seem to be up to 4 years plus poor communication from what I understand. I would be fine with a long wait if it was said to be that from the outset, but that doesn't seem to be the case there.

  13. 6 hours ago, Broark said:

    This is it! Couldn't put my finger on it, but this is exactly what they remind me of. :blink:

    Also, Attractions got back to me. They'll be restocking the Lot 444 in size 12 in January/February of '21.
    People who own a pair, how easy/difficult are they to get on and off? I still have this issue with my Lofgren horsehide engineer boots.
    But I think the issue is more with my ankle, I had reconstructive surgery on it a decade ago and my range of motion on my right ankle isn't as good as my left.

    Yeah, that's why I think they look so atrocious. It's a shame because I really like a lot of Wesco's boots. 

    For me, they are probably the easiest engineers for me to get on and off. Unlike you, I find my Lofgrens pretty easy to get on and off, but mine are CXL, not the horsehide that you have. The Attractions are even easier for me personally. People have described them as "leaning forward" and I will admit they do feel like that a bit, but it doesn't bother me. 

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