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  1. 18 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Not quite the Purple Haze Little Wing magnificence of colour but I really like that tone. It’s good to see leathers in something other than browns and blacks.

    Haha yeah I didn't want it to be that extreme. I'm glad to have something more unique in color though.

    12 hours ago, JDelage said:

    I agree this is a good color, and a nice jacket overall. On a zipped jacket, especially a longer coat, I really think I'd want a double-ended zipper...

    Thanks! Yeah, this won't be zipped very often. It's not cold enough anyway.

    12 hours ago, lee porter said:

    Like the colour it’s a bit different to the usual can we have another picture with it zipped up please 

    Sure, I can give a couple photos for comparison:



    It fits well zipped up, but I think it looks much better unzipped.

  2. I got my Mushman's "Adventurer" jacket last week. It was supposed to arrive in late November at the earliest, being more likely to show up in December, but somehow it showed up in the middle of October which was fantastic. If anyone is interested in dealing with Mushmans, the ordering process was super easy. I just DM'd on Instagram and everything was really smooth and communication which was great. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was an excellent experience. I'm sure you could email too if you're not on Instagram. They even threw in a nice branded hangar which is a cool touch.

    This is a "repro" of the Indiana Jones jacket, but it's really more of an homage as it's not accurate to the screen models, of which there are multiple. My old RMC A2 is something still in the back of my mind, but I didn't want another A2 just yet so I liked how this model had elements of an A2 combined with a sports jacket. It fits long, but I am surprisingly happy with this. I think it suits the jacket personally. Plus, I now have plenty of short fitting jackets. The only issue is that the arms are a bit long right now. I think they may shorten enough when the arms start to crease. If I need to shorten the sleeves, it should be pretty easy given that these don't have cuffs. The materials are all quite nice with the cotton drill lining being impressively soft compared to the cotton drill I've experienced in the past. 

    The real star of this jacket in my opinion and the main reason that I bought it was the leather. It is Badalassi Carlo steerhide in a color they call "prugna" which I think means plum in Italian though it looks like prune to me. It is a burgundy-purple color that changes color drastically based on the lighting. Badalassi is my favorite tannery after Shinki Hikaku and this jacket is only reinforcing that opinion. The grain is beautiful and varies nicely depending on the panel, the color is deep and rich and there is a beautiful sheen to the leather. The smell is also amazing, even by veg tanned leather standards. Construction is good, but not stellar. It's better than a lot of jackets I have had, but well below the standards of my Freewheelers. It's about what I expected and it's satisfactory to me. Sorry for the rambling, here are some photos.












  3. 8 minutes ago, mpukas said:

    Yeah, it does look good in pics (as long as i don't move, lol), and I could prolly prolly suffer it with just  tee shirt, but like I said I wanted this be a jacket I could wear with a wider variety of layers. 

    With such a high end jacket you don't want to have to compromise.

  4. 2 hours ago, mpukas said:

    Well, to be fair to Tommy, part of the issue for some people is that the leather is so stiff when new that it feels very tight and restricting. Personally, it's exactly the leather I was hoping for, and find that it does take some time to break in and conform. The conditioner recommendation was more to get the leather to soften and be more pliable than stretch. 

    Yes a lot of people do think that jackets fit too tight when in reality the leather needs to just break in. Obviously from your description, that is not the case, but I can understand Tommy saying that. I just got a new jacket and it definitely feels stiff and isn't the easiest to move around in yet, but I can still tell that it actually fits me. From your picture, it looks like a solid fit from what I can see, but based on your description it won't work out.

  5. 1 hour ago, mpukas said:

    Looking for recommendations for someone that can make alterations and additions to a lined denim jacket that's USA / NA based. I need the sleeves shortened, and possibly add some leather. @dudewuttheheck? Who altered your jacket(s)? 

    The guy who did mine is named David Sheeley and goes by the name Maverickson on The Fedora Lounge. I think he did a good job and would recommend him. He also makes his own leather jackets. DM me for his email.

  6. 32 minutes ago, MileHighEvertonian said:

    The triple pleat looks really against those earth tones. Which pair of MFSC are those @dudewuttheheck? And you took this pic with your camera still in your hand! :ph34r:

    Haha yes I've done that more than once! I don't really mind it being in the photos. 

    These are the Continental trousers in cacao chambray. I absolutely love them. They are too big now, but fortunately they still look good on me I think.

  7. thanks @Lazerr and @SuperJackle


    Yes, the material is something that I read about as well, which is why I went with the surgical masks. That second article is basically in line with what I have read, showing that surgical masks seem to do a pretty good job, second only to fitted n95 masks. I personally do not understand anyone's issue with being preventative either. I'm not really worried for myself too much, but I feel it's just irresponsible to go out without a decent mask.

  8. A few months ago, I would have added my collection of bandanas to this thread as they were what I was using for the most part as masks. However, I read quite a few studies and such that showed that the bandanas were basically ineffective and that even many cloth masks were not very good so I have since switched over to the disposable surgical masks just to be safe. 

    As others have stated, we are not medical experts here (at least I don't think any of us are) so it's tough to really know exactly what is the most effective. I am sure there are cloth masks that are more effective than others, but that is difficult to measure so I just decided to play it safe and go with the standard, boring looking disposable masks. Heck, I even wear disposable gloves when I go out to the grocery store and such.

    If anyone has any relevant information or statistics on the differences between disposable surgical masks and cloth masks, I would be interested in reading. I am not trying to say that I know for certain that the cloth masks being displayed here are ineffective as I am only going off of what I have read and I am curious to know more.

  9. 11 hours ago, smoothsailor said:

    Selling my trio, 200 euro each, 500 for the trio. Plus shipping from Holland All us 11.

    In the left, lofgrens resoled by brass, middle ,attractions resoled by brass, on the right , natural Latigo by brass/clinch

    More info/ pictures on request






    Are the Clinch boots Clinch size 12 or 11.5? If they're Clinch 11.5 I'll take those.

  10. 13 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

    It’s wrong to quote prices in your local currency - exchange rates will often make the comparison meaningless.

    However, it’s entirely accurate to note (as a particular example) the Mulholland in 2010 was ¥168,000 excluding tax - today it is ¥240,000. That’s ¥62,000 over Japanese inflation for that decade under review. Quoting those prices in USD then the jacket would be $2,117 in 2010 at the exchange rate then and $2,276 today with the current exchange rate ... not such a big difference, and if following U.S. inflation then you should actually expect the jacket to be over $2,500

    Yeah good point. I knew you would have a more concrete comparison than I would. 

  11. 44 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

    Wild how every single time I neg rep you for casual sexism (this is what, the third time? Fourth?) you go through the trouble of looking through my post history and finding 4–5 (edit: we’re up to 7, this time around) completely unrelated posts to neg rep as some sort of vengeance

    You’ve really got something to prove, haven’t you

    At least Ed had the decency to own up to being an ass & stand up for himself

    He's doing it to me, too now. It's so pathetic that it would be funny if it weren't for the sexism.

  12. 11 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

    ^ sturdy looking sturdy... with sturdy price tag tho...

    I don’t look at leather jackets much but my sense is prices have rocketed in the past 5 or so years, with the higher end brands particularly

    Anyone have a view if that is a correct or false perception? 

    Freewheelers in particular has gone up a lot in the past couple of years. I was able to get most of my jackets from them used or as older stock models and the difference can be quite a lot.

    I don't know the exact pricing differences, but jackets that are now $2,700 were around $500-$700 cheaper five years ago roughly. I got my older model FW Caboose for $2100 or $2200 shipped and my 2014 model Sunset was just at $2k give or take.


    RMC has gone up as well. I got a Red Silk A2 for around $1,700 five years ago and now that jacket is $2,500 or so. Rainbow Country jackets are also a lot more than they used to be, though still more affordable than their Freewheelers brothers.

    Himel has slightly upped his prices recently, but his have mostly been the same or similar for quite some time. Aero has also gone up, but not by a lot. Schott has drastically raised prices over the past few years though.


  13. Just now, Broark said:

    The only leather jacket I’ve actually tried on is from Fine Creek and it was way too small. But there’s a big difference in the measurements too.

    I have had very good luck buying leather jackets online without trying them on. In fact, the only leather jacket I bought online that did not fit well was my custom Aero from last year which was just way too loose in the body. 

    For me, the biggest difference is I feel like I need a little more room in the chest and shoulder with a leather jacket than with a cotton jacket.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Broark said:

    I hope that’s an extra 0 on your shipping quote, or it comes with a flight to Japan. :D I guess my hang up with spending that much cash is not being able to try something on before buying it. The measurements look good, plenty of room in the chest. I just don’t know enough about leather jackets yet I guess.

    lol yeah I fixed that haha. Divide by 100 for yen, not 1k d'oh. That's fair. I certainly size my leather jackets differently than I size other jackets in general.

  15. 11 hours ago, Broark said:

    I'd imagine it's somewhere between $50-80 USD, I'd imagine the jacket is fairly heavy.
    But I have no experience buying leather jackets, let alone from Japan directly...I'm sure @dudewuttheheck has a better idea.

    Thanks for the offer, that'd be quite the world tour for a jacket. :D 
    I still need to convince myself that I should be spending ¥250,000 on a leather jacket...Desolation Row also said it'd be that price plus Japanese taxes!
    I'd likely get hit by customs too, so we're talking about a lot of cash. Maybe I'll just go to Desolation Row next year and try it on in person...

    Yeah you're just about spot on. I usually get charged around $80 in shipping from Japan. It could be more now with them not using EMS. For example, my latest pre-order from Mushmans for a leather jacket was 9,400 JPY for shipping which is more than I usually pay. 


    IMO if you're going to spend $2k plus on a leather jacket, Freewheelers is the one to buy from.

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