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  1. @ Maynard - can you post some fit pics of that type II? I am trying to determine whether I get the medium or large. I am leaning to a large with a hot wash/dry. A near inch shrink on the shoulders and chest would make it perfect.

  2. @brownmetallic - thanks much. Honestly, I was opening for more of a repro cut but am more than happy with this if I can get it to stretch. Try a hot wash/dry. Even though it is one wash, it should help. You can check my post wash measurments on the sc thread.

  3. @milehigh: I really didn't hear anything on the pocket bags either and was beyond pleasantly surprised when I saw them and really paid them some attention. Interior lining to the back pocket is awesome too.

    @blue nemo: still have some stretch in them. I I'll get you some measurements once I am confident that it is all out. Waist definitely stretched 1" within one day of wear.

  4. RGT thread needs some love. Denim jacket (Nihon Menpu run) pictured from the summer. At this point it was 7 months owned at about 3-4 months of wear with 1 wash. Currently, the jacket has opened up some more and the denim is taking on a buttery feel to it. Loving it. Another great piece from RGT.





  5. Here are some evo pics that I took over the summer of my 2109s at the 7 month mark with 2 washes and an initial soak. At this point I have added another 3 months of wear and another 1/2 washes. The denim looks great, arcs are breaking, but to my surprise, the indigo is still holding. Echoing another post, it looks like my belt loops are getting beaten up pretty bad. This is most likely due to wearing with a denim jacket constantly.







  6. Took some post wash measurements. Will take some after they stretch back out along with some fit pics. I can say that I am glad that I didn't get them hemmed until I washed them first.

    Post Wash Measurements (BiG)

    Waist: 30"

    Front Rise: 11"

    Thigh: 10.5"

    Knee: 8.75"

    Leg Opening: 8.25"

    Inseam: 33"

  7. It looks like my threshold for holding off once I get the denim inch is about a week. Initially bought a 30 but after some consternation, exchanged for a 31 which is my normal size. I am glad I did. Even though they were one washed, I still put them through a hot wash and dry. The shrink was considerable for it being one wash.

    My apologies for not taking pre-wash measurements. One thing I can say though is that when I measured the waist on the 30, it measured 30 as opposed to self edge's 29.

    Also, agreed with the care tips for the patch from previous posts. In one wash/dry, the patch already has some wear and paint loss. Bummer. I applied some otter wax to it for some lasting moisturizing and water resistance. Hopefully that does the trick.

    Will take some measurements and fit picks shortly.

  8. @ironhorse - love the substantial collar on that shirt. I hate when collars aren't big and weighty enough to stand up to an outer layer and/or jacket - sort of makes the shirt look like bacon from the top button downwards on the placket.

    @bobbo and setterman - completely agree with the sentiment. This was raised on the WH thread some time back. To a certain extent price points are dictated by demand and to project quality/exclusivity.

    Tried the Okis this morning in Chicago and am definitely copping a 30 for the summer time. I am typically a 31 but given the rise, sizing down one is almost mandatory. Denim is outrageous; can't get over the feel. Fit is perfect. Tad slimmer than 47. I would say they are a narrower straight leg cut - like a size 32 in samurai 710 throughout the top block but with relatively no taper.

    Nearly bought them until I got the :| look from the gf. Jawn browsing and gfs are never a good mix.

  9. @alvin - I purchased a pair of 800s for last summer. After a lot internal debate based upon the sizing info shared on here, I decided to size down two (31 to 29). Although the pant more or less stretched out to accommodate a snug 31 waist, the top block, specifically the horizontal section that runs the length of the button fly, did not stretch as much as the waist.

    Long story short, I will eventually blow out the literal crotch of the pant. The stitching around the fly is coming undone. The jeans are regretfully regulated to house wear as that blowout would be a rather embarrassing situation in public.

    This is in no way an indictment on the construction of the jean. I still believe the denim to be some of the most superb I have ever come across. My advice is to not size down two sizes. One size you may be able to pull off depending on how you wear the jean.

    Personal moral of the story: size as you would normally. If you don't like the other proportions of the pant at your proper waist size, it wasn't meant to be.

  10. Agreed with Flash. Once you get to this level of denim, I believe that price point has do to more about brand differentiation and what the manufacturer/retailer believe they can set price at given demand. It is still the fashion industry after all.

  11. @forumforumuser - follow the sizing details on self edge. They are spot on. I have found that although the waist on sgs run a little big in comparison to the rest of the jean, get tag size. That is the intended fit of the pant. I wouldn't size down. The denim doesn't have a warehouse level of stretch.

  12. @werd - that deep indigo is looking great. With respect to deep indigo jackets, one of the best examples of good wear. Lots of work finally paying off I am sure. Can't wait to see it a year from now.

    How frequent are your washes after the initial?

  13. @Mikez - to bradl's point, bleeding depends on a myriad of factors among them being: how long you wear it before the first wash/soak; how long you wear it between soaks/washes; what you consider heavy bleeding; and whether you only soak the shirt. For instance, I have soaked mine 3-4 times over the course of 3 months and it still bleeds a little especially in high contact areas.


    If you are worried about the bleeding the surest way to rid yourself of it is to machine wash it a couple times. You definitely will not get as much character out of it in the long run if you do that upfront. Also, the lasting time of that beautiful dark indigo will be truncated, but that is more personal preference. I just love it too much!


    FYI - I have found the color/texture tonally different to the point that you do not look like an ink blot walking down the street if you wear blue-on-blue. I frequently rock the canvas shirt with a denim jacket and my TSG 2109s. The tonal and textural contrast is enough that it looks rather good.

  14. @ironheartfan123 - sorry for the confusion in my earlier post. What I meant to say is that With the 5xxx it seems like the top block is undersized relative to the rest of the pant. MPukas's pics in particular show what I believe is the intended fit mid-thigh downward yet the top block is quite frankly undersized. Whether that is due to the characteristics of the denim I don't know But to me I don't know why you would fabricate a pant with those kinds of measurements.

    Re:2109 - the waist does run large. Love the pant and other than the waist, the pant looks great. I am agreeing witht the sentiment that measurements may need tweaking.

  15. @ mpukas - thanks for the continued progress updates. are you thinking about putting them up for sale given the lack of progress in the top block? By no means is the pant not fitting due to body type. That top block just looks disproportionately small in comparison to the rest of the pant. 


    @itsbenhere - As I am currently loving my 2109s, my inclination was to defend TSG's product, but after some consideration, I tend to agree with you. 2109/5 run large in the waist, and although that is forgivable, with this particular model it seems like the measurements of the pant do not sync with the intended silhouette and the demin's characteristics. To me that is something that should be thoroughly thought through before putting them to market. Silhouette and proportion is paramount when it comes to pants. Still love TSG notwithstanding. 

  16. @ everyinchofgod - i see what you mean by the top block. By all means, please keep us posted once you start regularly wearing them. The fit mid-thigh downward looks great. The denim's greatness is showing through on the pics - props.

  17. @mpukas - it does a lot. Thanks much for the feedback. Yeah, I am all over the place right now in terms of prospective summer jeans (Oni 14oz Blue Fit Low Tension/Slub; Fullcount 1101; and Sugar Cane 1947). When do you think you are going to start wearing them? You mentioned in a previous post that you're still in a HWD competition I believe.


    Like the Fullcounts, I am apprehensive about something with significant movement coupled with either varied sizing advice or little to none on the forums.