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  1. Hello boot lovers I'm sorry I have only just posted this now but iv only just stumbled on it myself but if anyone has ever wanted boot trees but never did because of the cost do yourself a favour and check out "Woodlore" The Boss boot trees they are reasonably priced at $50.00 US but for the next few days they have a two for one offer and that extends to normal shoe trees as well .

    anyhoo happy stomping .

  2. 5 hours ago, ColonelAngus said:

    Dude, file a complaint with the attorney general’s office in his state. If you haven’t received anything in 2 yrs your money is as good as gone. I went through the exact same BS when Lawless Denim took everyone for a ride, but I at least got my money back after the Arizona AG got involved. Took almost 2 yrs to see that refund too. 

    I think I was very lucky to get my lawless order 2xjeans and a jacket , it's a shame they went the way of the dodo because they were are great jeans , I wore one pair till they were ripped to shreds .

    however I got ripped by the Soso bros and they are still in business and won't answer mails , jokes on them though as I travel a lot and I'll visit their store and get my jeans with interest .

    Anyway I'd visit him and educate him street style !

  3. As the title suggests I'm trying to find out what happened to the Australian bootmakers known as " Belmore bootmakers ".

    i started out looking for a local boot builder and found what I liked but only seem to have vanished without a trace other that some sweet pictures that wet the appetite .


  4. Thanks for the link mpukas but it is an online store , what I'd like to do is try some on for sizeing , iv seen too many mixed opinions on sizeing down/up or staying true to size .

    where I live it's a $100.00 exercise if you need to exchange so while I'm already going to Japan I'll scope out stores there .

  5. Great read and very informative .

    im surprised others that have visited Japan on a denim / boots pilgrimage haven't added to the content with their trip .

    ill be going next year , would you mind if I added my pictures and experiences ? At this stage I'm not sure what I'll get but what Iv seen of your trip I'm now added some want items and I'll be researching my ass off before I go .

  6. l think you're keeper buckle and belt is a Grail item ! I love those PJ,s .

    not a fan of the denim cuts , still you're a master of you're craft and it shows with the passion you inject to you're product .

  7. Yep Aussie dollars . Kicking myself because when I got home I accadently hit sellers other items and I should have made a group buy , he had Real McCoy sweat tops and Helfingerblazer all in my size , anyhoo if it's still up next month I'll buy them .

  8. Winter is here in my consumer region and I'm in diar need of a better casual jacket , after some initial research I desired the ironheart N 1 but when I went to their site to order one every colour was extinct bar the grey and as only lesbians serial killers and ravers wear shines grey I'm looking at alternatives , as my motorbike leather jacket is alpaca lined and I love how warm and toasty  it keeps me I would like to stick to that lining material and my first choice is brown but I'll have to settle for blue in another brand as no one else is doing brown or alpaca .

    So as an alternative I'm torn between the Pike Brothers or Eat Dust ,anyone ?

  9. WANTED ripcord N1 jacket in brown size medium .

    Feel free to mail me or share link to item advertised .


    No longer required ! Purchased an Real Mccoys , not the colour I wanted but I needed something now to keep out the winter chill .


  10. On 9 January 2018 at 7:27 PM, Outdoorsman said:

    I really dig this jacket. Whale cord on the outside and sherpa on the inside. Doesn't get much better than this imo


    edit: well, it's not denim but still a nice jacket

    I have a denim jacket but I just don't find it kunfy particularly if I'm only wearing a tee underneath and was thinking of getting a cord or duck trucker . I love this blue cord , it looks good on you're frame .

    im bummed no one here stocks anything like that , even Levis don't stock Sherpa here .

    ok edit , I see someone mentioned it's a model , of cause it looks good on them .

    can someone name the jacket / store , thanks .

  11. 20 hours ago, kicks79 said:

    It depends on the denim and brand, whether is sanforised or not. You need to list some examples to get a definitive answer.


    Well ok then , two years ago I ordered some wasab denim jeans from " The circle brand " was advised on a size and while I got dicked around waiting for said special order I lost weight and for some unfathanable reason the size I was sent is exesivly large so after corraspondance with maker about size problem and build issues I sent them back only to get the same pair back again so now I'm done trying to get my size , Iv two choices selling them on and copping a loss or a successful shrink .

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