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  1. Still selling the Dukes ? 

    How much and location ?

  2. l feel like all iv done today is flood the threads .

  3. Infinite you tube only so many hours

  4. I have some serious cabin fever , it's been raining for three days straight , my two year old I just can't get excited with any of his toys and I'm six hours into pepper pig and about an hour off taking a bath with a toaster .

  5. Trying to negotiate this site , not sure if it's just be but I'm finding it hard , I don't know if it's me or iv just been spoilt with newer slick social sites .

    1. landa


      what are you trying to negotiate with it?

    2. Supercilious


      what newer slick sites???

    3. splash pitman

      splash pitman

      @landa , posting photo,s , finding particular items for sale that I'm interested in , scrolling through threads to particular pages

      @Supercilious , only commo,s name names

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