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  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently looking into picking up a new pair of jeans, and trying to decide between the Ironheart's 634s-ii or the 634-UHR. I owned a pair in the UHR fabric which I sold a while ago (big regrets), but I've never handled the I/I fabric. My question for those who have handled both, what is the difference in feel and weight between the two?




  2. On 5/5/2018 at 9:29 PM, itsbenhere said:

    Why is it that stitch down is preferred to good hear welt again?

    what frustrates me most about viberg is that it seems like 95% of their normal laced boots are captoe 2030 last with a low heel. I mean Jesus, if you like that look man do you have so many options. From other brands too!

    if you’re like me and prefer a larger toe box and higher heels I have to look elsewhere from viberg. 

    I have yet to see a bootmaker that makes a slim toebox service boot that is nearly as well proportioned as Viberg's, although I think the 1035 last looks way better than the 2030. Yeah Trumans, Oak Street, Red Wing merchants all look okay from certain angles, I have seen very few pictures of Vibergs that look bad. I don't have a lot of money, but I have not once regretted dropping $700 for my WF bergs 2 years ago, and they have served me well through those 2 years.

    EDIT: Actually thats not true, I waffled for a while between the brown and natural waxed flesh after seeing the infamous pic that made everyone fall in love with WF Vibergs, but that's my own choice.

  3. 37 minutes ago, lance said:

    Does anyone own a PBJ Type II denim jacket? If so, is there plenty of room in the sleeves or are they tight (especially in the elbows and forearms)? I'm looking at one of their Ai dyed Type II jackets and it's muy expensive with only exchange or store credit available upon return. Thanks

    Honestly the fit is quite narrow everywhere including the sleeves and chest. I only wear in the summer over a t shirt cause I can't really layer anything under it.

  4. 3 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    On the other hand, my Flat Head denim shirt is one of my favorite garments I own and once it gets back from Indigo proof (hooray for pointy elbows blasting holes through the shirt at only five months' wear time!) I'll probably just keep wearing it as my denim jacket. The crazy heretical part of me wishes there was a stealthy way of adding additional pockets to it.

    What about Iron Heart shirt jacket pattern?

  5. On 2/15/2017 at 8:51 PM, Broark said:

    I would love a pair of natural waxed flesh Whites oxfords like the ones PizzaCrust is trying to sell at the top of the page.

    Been wanting a pair of casual oxfords like that for awhile just haven't jumped on them yet. Thinking either Whites or Nicks. I would get some Vibergs but they never seem to make any for the western market like the Whites at the top of the page anymore. Some Japanese websites have them but they don't stock sizes big enough for my feet. <_<

    Doesn't Viberg have something exactly like that in stock right now?

  6. On 1/21/2017 at 9:56 AM, volvo240thebest said:

    well, it's still chromexcel leather, and I can understand when some people (here on denimbro, don't remember where I've read it) say it's a bit too flimsy for work boots. I wear those White's 4/5 days a week, the leather is way too oily and supple to stand up against heavy work wear. But it looks and ages beautifully nonetheless.  I just either play music or work on a computer so they're plenty fine for me. I would definitely go for a different leather if I was looking for a pair of boots to use when driving a motorcycle.

    I think that claims of leathers being too "soft" for "real" work are overstated. I would say most, if not all high quality full grain leathers are good enough for 90% of hard work, unless you are fighting fires in the PNW, or something along those lines.

  7. Quick Update on my IHxVS Type I after 1.5 years and ~200 wears, 2 soaks and 3 washes












    Chainstitch Embroidery done by Brian of Knickerbocker MFG at Inspiration NY






    Top to Bottom, Left to Right
    Weaving Shibusa Toyoda Shuttle loom Pin
    Pratt (The uni I go to)
    Self Edge Diesel Pin
    Vintage Bartman Pin
    I've lost and replaced so many pins, including a hello kitty pin, a Bernie Sanders Pin, and one that said, "I might like you better if we slept together"

  8. I think Samurai's pocket bag fabric is the best I've experienced. They find the perfect balance between subtlety and cool concept, and the feel of the jacquard fabric is perfectly soft, yet thick. The depth of Samurai pockets is a little shallow though.

  9. I agree that redditors may eat it up but not because they are dumb, instead because they are less interested in the brand character than us here. If they were, I don't think oni or whatever big monster slub brand is popular there, all they care about is the product itself. And that's fine and you'll probably get a lot of cool stuff that you like, it's just that it's a less discriminatory view.


    I think its interesting that here brands like Oni, Strike Gold, PBJ, etc. are considering "crazy" compared to say Warehouse or Full Count. The reality is that at the end of the day, they are all 5 pocket, indigo twill weave pants, and all the details that we pore over and inflate are largely moot, especially once you hit the ~$300 price threshold. The one meaningful difference between what is popular over at /r/Rawdenim and here is the preference in fit. I honestly think that to a certain extent, we are a little too obsessed with story over substance.

  10. I think Super Jackle didn’t want to say that Redditors are stupid because they would buy Tanuki’s marketing strategy.


    Presumably, he just wanted to emphasize that cuts and fabrics similar to what Oni uses sell well with the demographic at Reddit and therefore, Tanuki could possibly be successful as well.


    Maybe my brain was being a bit uncharitable after a night of too much Wild Turkey 101  :blink:  :blink:  :blink:

  11. Well, the reason no one is buying them is the same reason they have to resort to gimmicks. What is special about them that warrants a purchase?

    People here have warehouse, full count, SDA... These are all amazing brands, best case scenario is Tanuki is as good, I doubt it'd be better because at this level it's all subjective criteria. Why buy a brand just because it's new if it doesn't offer anything compelling and unique?


    Warning: Not defending Tanuki, because from my perspective, they look like any other MomoPureBlueStrikeHead pair with a whole lot of dumb marketing attaching. This whole discussion has made me think about this idea, so this is really more of an open question to the community.


    What can a new denim company do these days, product-wise, to really differentiate themselves in a positive way? Iron Heart kind of has a monopoly on the super heavy, super durable market. A number of brands, such as Strike Gold (especially with their new SE collab), PBJ, Oni, etc, compete for massive texture. CSF, TCB, and others are reaching the quality asymptote while staying true to the idea of a vintage Levi's repro. N&F has cornered the market on super crazy, gimmicky ideas. The term "peak selvedge" as another user put it, is fucking hilarious to me, but the idea behind it seems to ring true in the current denim market which is so over-saturated with brands filling every niche and taste. 

  12. I think tanuki will do just fine. Redditors will eat this stuff up like they do oni. If I was starting brand I'd look to the demographic that's gonna pull the most volume and that's def Reddit these days.

    I might add that if the brand has created such a stir (amongst industry insiders such as retailers no less) it's still creating buzz. No press is bad press and all that... Unless you're lawless denim et al.



    I seriously don't understand the elitism of Superdenim sometimes. The actual users on /r/rawdenim aren't fucking stupid, and no one is falling for Tanuki's bullshit marketing. Are there some people that are giving them a shot? Of course, but that's because they want to evaluate the product and see if behind the gimmicks, there exists a item that's worth having.