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  1. This is a bit late to the party, but I recently picked up a J56-S to take some heat off my other daily-wears. After speaking with some other active users on here I wrote a review about my experience with it and other Acronym jackets in general.

    I think purely in terms of form the J56 is a pinnacle of Stotz Acronym jackets. Aesthetically, it's perfect for what it tries to do and is hands down the best looking cotton jacket that I have ever put on. I love it.

    However, functionally, I think the pocket array is underwhelming and a novelty at best. The chest pockets, which we can all agree are a brand fingerprint, are extraordinarily difficult to get in and out of to the point where I don't see myself using them for anything other than non-essential storage. They are also obnoxiously dustbin-like in their propensity to catch food crumbs and other bits of debris. I don't look forward to cleaning them out. The hand pockets, which I have always considered to be a weakness in brand design, are also underwhelming in user experience. As usual, I find myself feeling like I would have liked to see something special there other than waterproof zips.

    As a daily-wear jacket I can't ignore a comparison to my pre-KG era J28-E. It's an older model but it checks out.

    Acronym clothing is a funny thing in that one can look at the photos and surmise how things might feel and perform, but there's never a substitute for actually wearing it. What I mean by that is that the J28 has, in my opinion, to be a rather crude-looking and novelty-esque aesthetic at face value. A sarcastic feeling of, "cool pockets bro," very much comes to mind.

    However, when actually putting it on we can see how abundantly practical the compartments are. The larger mezzanine pocket is absolutely perfect for a cell phone or other slim electronics, the smaller one being great for items like keys, lip-balm, or what-have-yous. There is also the secondary larger pocket which I use as storage for all sorts of other miscellaneous practical items like cables, folded papers, and other materials. Then of course, and this is the most important part and where the J56 falls completely flat, is that their placement is in such a way that we do not have to contort our body in any way to get in and out of these. They are effortless in their design and user experience. In my humble opinion it is the perfect array.

    I really like the J56, but the J28 will always have a special place in my heart even with all it's holes, rips, and repairs. It is sun-faded to the point of being brown-looking, and the cut of the jacket is pretty boxy and outdated for all intents and purposes, but I'll wear it until it falls off my shoulders into a pile of lint and stitching. I don't like it just because I think it looks cool. I like it because it performs well every single time I put it on.

    The J28, for me, is the apex of functional design and daily-wear experience and I will be very sad the day that I put it to rest. A Stotz version, even with the J56 in my arsenal, would be a very tempting purchase if Errolson were to ever release one. I am forever spoiled by its near perfection.

  2. 1 hour ago, branespload said:

    in case anyone wanted to see what sz 29, 30" inseam sequent LT looks like on someone who's more like a sz 28, 28" inseam lol

    The pant itself is pretty wide-legged and roomy IMO. I think it's to help with airflow and range of motion since it has no stretch content. it is the most acronym looking veilance thing i have lol. i have it fully cinched here in these pics, but im going to try undoing the leg opening adjustor and cuffing it lol. it gives me some space age workwear vibes with the contrasting cuff

    i feel like these need some kind of ultralight moisture wicking base layer if youre gonna wear them in the summer cuz in my experience cknit gets gross when exposed to sweat. i wore them the other day in the rain with heattech leggings and it performed really well. swishy as all hell though

    These look great. Wish I could find more pants with this sort of aesthetic. If only these weren't "swishy." I have a pair of shorts that are obnoxiously noisy and I absolutely cannot stand it.

  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for a formal looking BLACK band collar shirt, similar to the one seen here? 

    On 1/12/2018 at 1:04 AM, nuex said:

    I own the Aero Band Collar (https://ministryofsupply.com/collections/mens-shirts/products/aero-band-collar-white) and it's my favorite button down shirt. Really nice feel and the slim M fit was tapered exactly how I wanted. I've worn it several times and it still looks great. I'm interested in their suiting because I have no formal pieces really.


  4. 3 hours ago, piece keeper said:

    I don't know that "fail" is the right word.  "Limited use cases" would be how I describe it.  NFC cards in Gravity Pockets for the metro is convenient, and never "fails".

    These have absolutely no practical use case scenario. What you're describing is a good use of internal sleeve pockets, but the whole "gravity" or "ejection" shtick is a complete novelty--let's all be real.

  5. 2 hours ago, hoju said:

    Because this is what I want to hear I'm going to believe you and call out @nesherman for spreading lies. Thanks!

    Harsh! Between my 4 pairs of S garments, and 2 pairs of E's the DS has far and away had the worst problems with resiliency. To be completely honest I am very rough on my gear as I work a fairly physically demanding job. Respectfully, I really doubt the majority folks here do anything other than sit behind a desk, but I would LOVE to be wrong.

  6. Does anyone have experience with repairing holes in DS fabric? My P10TS-DS just got a BB sized hole near the pocket. It's nothing significant, but I want to hop on it before it gets worse. Someone suggested reweaving, which I have no experience with, but I'm totally open to suggestions.

  7. 3 hours ago, Kamikaze said:

    my epic cotton  jacket has some fraying and wear down by the hem pull cord. any recommended way to repair this or should I just take it to a tailor and let them go to town. 

    I'm actually having this exact problem with my J28-E. It's still at the tailor, but the basic plan was undo some hemming and patch it from the inside with some similar fabric. For the smaller holes I'm just having them sewn closed. I probably won't have it back for some time as it's too hot and I was in no hurry, but I'll try to post some photos when it gets back.

    I'll wear that thing till it falls apart. Holes and all.

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