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  1. levin scheme is delbombers original products around 1996, and now delbombers develop gleem. so out of production now.


    when i went to gleem zero few years ago, the store manager told me that levin is not warehouse's special order, but everything including fading is almost identical to warehouse.



    if you know warehouse, above picture proves warehouse (or at least same factory) made the jeans.



    orange selvedge is the same as warehouse.


    for more pictures, its better to have alook at blue gear.



  2. ...


    Yes they are very rare or otherwise the company itself is already gone.

    What I know for sure is that they are established around 2000 in usa and later moved to korea, and they offer the reproduction of keds speedarch model (both hi-cut and lo-cut).

    And I have no doubt about the quality and durability!

    I have worn the same pair and pf flyers center hi (probably made in china) at the same time for comparison.

    Though the sole of pf flyers was broken and I threw them away few years ago, buckweat are still soft and elastic.

    So I decided to stock some for the future. I pick them up when I find through yahoo auction or rakuten. currently looking for lo-cut model.








    only difference I found was the stitch on the foxing tape. black has the stitch, but not for brown and white. 


    There are also many repro of vintage sneakers offered by variety of companies. hope you find your favourite pairs.


    btw, I like your T-shirt blog :D

  3. I prefer sneakers to boots in summer, and these are my favourite, buckweat.

    They are already out of production for 10 or more years but I really like them.

    made in usa (later made in korea I think), vulcanized sole, low and sharp toe, old sneaker look, etc...

    I also have white and brown in colour with slightly different spec. I will take photos later.













  4. lot number is really confusing and complicated since they produced 1000(1001xx) and 1000(1000xx) :wacko2:


    few years ago they produced ww2 1001xx and since then i assume lot number can represent anything.



    as for the levis ww2 model, there are so many variation like lot number (s501xx, 501xx, 501), arc (stitch, orange paint, red paint, up side down paint, non), patch(leather, paper), button, rivet, slake, and more i have never seen.


    thats why i like ww2 model :D

  5. In case you haven't seen it already: http://warehouse-labo.tumblr.com/


    And a few favorites:



    warehouse-labo is really stunning!

    many many aging items including t-shirt, shirt, belt, etc.

    I also posted my warehouse 1001XX.

    i want to post more when i have time to take photo.

  6. photos from my folder.

    joe mccoy 901xh.

    901 is the ww2 model whereas 901xh is pre-ww2 model.

    there are coin pockets rivets, no crotch rivet, no cinch buckle.

    15oz fabric with 10oz denim slake.

    not wear these days since w30 is too big for me.





  7. i am lee lover.
    in my folder, i found the same jeans and remembered that i bought 2 pairs. haha. :wacko2:
    no idea where this jeans are now... i must visit and ask my family.
    the picture below is interesting.
    one is edwin-lee 101z james dean model(center black tag), and the other is 50s vintage 101z(center red tag).
    do you know which is which.



    left is edwin-lee and right is vintage lee.
    vintage is hairy, grainy, rough, slubby, but edwin repro is soft, smooth, uniform.
    vintage is dark and deep in colour, but because of slubby fabric, weft yarns appear on the surface and it look like vintage is bright.
    actually, edwin repro(including warehouse and mccoy) are very different from vintage lee.
  8. It is a bit complicated.


    lee japan(edwin) sometimes work together with other companies like warehouse or realmccoys.


    the first picture below is warehouse x lee 101Z and the second picture is realmccoys x lee 101J. 






    Both says "edwin", so we cannnot know whether it is collaboration or edwin alone from the label (not always though).


    we sometimes need to take a closer look at needle work, fabric, union ticket, etc.

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