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  1. ^don't buy both they're too similar

    the edbergs imho are superior but the tennis supers are perfectly ok


    Yeah was thinking that as well, might get the tennis super in a different colorway or something else later on. I had been wanting the Edberg colorway for the longest opposed to the red one from Foot Patrol that came out around the same time.

  2. ^yeah they had some really interesting designs actually. i remember wanting a pair of the lace-ups towards the end of the line's tenure but store i found only had meh c/w + weird winglet side panels threw me off

    the buckle ones were cool in a carnivore-esque way

    these were okay

    but their nike rhyolite rip-off favorite still


    Yeah their high tops and boots were pretty bangin', even though sometimes the placement of their labeling threw me off a bit.

  3. Coach jacket came in today. I gotta say that it was money well spent. Quality is pretty good IMO. Looks exactly like the picture but maybe a little thicker.


    Have been debating the recent season coaches jacket, this just might make me pull the trigger.

  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55