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  1. Kiya, any news on new SG jeans and those slim SC jeans you were talking about on Reddit? Coming into summer and need a new pair...



    Any info on the new SG jeans?



    Saving for these right now!



    K, please give us some details for the new SG jean! Even if it's just the name...Anything  :rolleyes:



    Kiya, how long do I have to wait for new details on the new TSG denim?  :rolleyes:


    Also, any evo on the SExDB19? Can't find the thread. Really wish I had a chance to beat those to a pulp...



    This is the info I'm waiting on. It's 5109 for me unless these are sweeter.




    Dude. Chill.

  2. I don't work for SE, I'm just a friend of the store, and a regular customer. I really don't know the whole story behind the pants, but Jon (and at the time, Tyler) definitely know what they're doing when it comes to sizing. I have to assume it was a customer error or they changed their mind or something.

  3. Got some new jeans this weekend. Customer at SEPDX bought some 3009's, and they shrunk too much. Cool thing is that the top button popped off, and it was repaired by Tyler using an Iron Heart button. It's one of my favorite things about the jeans.




  4. I was planning on buying a pair of 3012, and tried on a friends worn/washed/dried pair in the size that I needed (34), and then tried on a pair of new ones for good measure, and the waist was super tight, where as the legs fit me really well.


    Can anyone confirm a measurement change from last year, or did I just happen to try on a weird pair?

  5. can you give more info and detailed pics on the fading? That's wild looking

    Sorry it took me so long to get some pictures, I'm pretty forgetful.

    Essentially, I lean against a counter at work a lot, so my shirt started getting pretty thin, and the indigo was fading. After I washed it, a small hole formed, which I caught on a big cabinet, and made it a lot larger.

    Kate at Self Edge darned the hell out of it after I convinced her that I actively liked the idea of the thread not matching the shirt, making the repair visible. Anyway, it's a lot stronger now, which is good, because the same sort of thing is happening to my red chambray Roy shirt.




  6. Got some Roy All Ducks that I've gotten to big for. $150

    Tagged Size 31 (one of 8 pairs that were made in this size)


    Not much wear, but some indigo staining on the waist band - from my belt- thats hidden by a belt. All measurements taken the Self Edge way, hemmed at Self Edge PDX.


    One photo showing the indigo bleed, DM me for more photos.




    Waist: 30.5

    Rise: 11.5

    Thigh: 9.5
    Knee: 7.5
    Leg: 7
    Inseam: 30
    Also got some Strike Gold 1109 in a Tagged Size 33. $85
    Waist still fits me well, but have gotten too tight for my liking. Definitely worn more than the Roy's, and have been repaired once in the crotch at Self Edge PDX, but still have plenty of life left to beat out of them.
    I have one photo in natural light to show what the wear looks like, but you can DM me for more photos also.
    Waist: 32.5
    Rise: 10
    Thigh: 10
    Knee: 7.75
    Leg: 7
    Inseam: 30
    Edited: to add price.
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