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  1. Was the last j44 Gore pro as well?

    Thought it has been Paclite.


    Last year's J44 is Paclite. I actually think that version looks better than the new J44 in Pro. The Paclite gives it more structure and thickness, so it actually drapes a bit. Although, when it rains out, the Paclite laminate feels kind of clammy.

  2. can anybody comment on the j28-k? how is it compared to gore-tex? thinking of getting the olive one. but not too sure on the breathability of thee fabric.


    Just got the olive one. It's way less noisy and crispy/crinkly than Gore-tex Pro. If I didn't know it had a membrane in it, I would have thought it was just a regular windbreaker. That's how it feels to me. It's more comfortable than Gore-tex Pro because of that. I can't speak to breathability/waterproofness of it.

  3. Prices listed include shipping within the continental U.S., otherwise please PM.

    Strike Gold 5105 Sz 31 - SOLD




    Just got these direct from Klax-on, but unfortunately they are too tight in the thighs for me. They are brand new with tags. I only tried it on once for fit in my room, so it's never been worn outside.
    They are one wash, from Klax-on (the manufacturer), so you won't have to do a soak.
    Condition 10/10
    Measurements (actual):
    Waist: 31 
    Inseam: 35 
    Thigh: 11.5 
    Knee: 8 
    Leg Opening: 8 
    Rise: 10

    Gustin #7 The Regular Sz 33 Straight - $65 - SOLD

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342