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  1. Alright, so I just got the tees in and they're pretty sweet.

    The fit is just right and the fabric is interesting.

    On the outside it is very regular and soft to the touch, while the inside is a bit more irregular.

    These tees are very very soft, it's pretty great.  And the weight is just right, not too heavy or thin.

    These rank up there with Tezomeya and TFH tees.

    I'd love to try out some Strike Gold tees but I'm afraid the sizing might be too small for me.



    look very nice to me, may i ask how the fit is like? which size should i go for if my shoulder length is about 18 inches? thanks !!

  2. hi fellow warehouse aficionados, I am going to buy a pair of 1001XX from online store but I would like to make a few enquiries here first since i know you guys are so knowledgeable.


    1. is 1001xx a regular item from warehouse or they won't sell it anymore in the future?


    2. i am wearing a pair of studio dartisan 101(raw) with tag size 36, so should i go for a pair of 1001xx (one washed) with tag size 38 ( true waist: 35.5)


    thanks a lot guys! your advice is greatly appreciated !

  3. hi ~ i am new to this forum, nice to learn all kind of denim-related knowledge from this site!

    But I have come across some difficulties recently, I purchased a pair of Fullcounts last week, but i found them a little bit too big in the waist even after a couple of hot soaks and warm dry. Should I take it to the tailor to take in some waist or do you think it's a bad move?

    your advice is greatly appreciated ! million thanks !

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