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  1. I'm not Maynard (sadly!) but yes, the price at Goldyard is really cheap. HKD 1068 if remember correctly.

    oops sorry, that was a typo, sugar mountain lol. so it's actually cheaper than the price quoted on the TCB official website, how come !? considering the shop is located in Central, maybe Goldyard ordered stock by stock at some discount i suppose.


    so did you manage to get one from Goldyard? It's a pity that they don't have sizes larger than 34'  :(

  2. Very true Maynard. Based on the size chart, I would take a size 30 but I tried a raw pair on yesterday at Goldyard in Hong Kong and they were already snug pre-wash.

    Planetarium - You should definitely take your same size in the 50s as your SC 1947. On my legs the thighs feel like a fuller cut than the Canes and more akin to my Warehouse 1001XX. The TCB denim is very impressive I must say.


    hi maynard. i tried them at Goldyard as well. i forgot to ask for the price but i reckon Goldyard should mark up the price by a great amount, right?

  3. hi there, I have no experience yet with the 50's cut, but the other stuff I bought from TCB fits true to size.

    I am around a 35/36 inch waist and I got the 60's model in a size 36. waist was 35.5 post soak, and now after one year and 4 washes it's 36,5.

    I've asked to Inoue yesterday if I should size down for the 50's cut (being the Zimbabwe cotton known to be quite prone to stretching with wear) and he said absolutely not, so I will stick with size 36.

    If I were you I'd definitely go for a W34, assuming all the other measurements except the waist are fine for your body type. the waist will stretch a little with wear.


    thank you very much for your advice volvo! what puzzles me is, i actually tried a pair of raw 50's (size 34) in a shop here in hong kong, but i could hardly put them on :S. so i thought size 36 might suit me, but the size table in the first post shows the post soak measurements which the waist is around 91 cm :blink: :blink: :blink:

  4. i am quite interested! i actually tried a pair of 34 but i couldn't even put them on in raw state. i currently own a pair raw studio dartisan 101 with tag size 36. so i guess getting a 36 will be a safe choice, right? thanks !

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