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  1. hi guys, i need some styling advice in regards to the color tone of leather belt and leather shoes/boots.

    Is it ok to wear a dark brown belt with a pair of light brown shoes (e.g. alden indy 405)? will it look awkward?

    Thank you very much for your help ~

  2. 18 minutes ago, Broark said:

    @tchengaa I don't have any experience with the TCB 50's but I am a 36 in most other brands and I wear a 38 in Ooe jeans.

    thx for your input. are u a 36 in warehouse 1001? thx again ~



    On 2018/3/4 at 4:41 AM, tchengaa said:

    hi guys, what size should i get for OA01 if i wear 36 for tcb 50s? appreciate ur input ! thanks ~

    should i pick a 38 ?

  3. 22 hours ago, Flash said:

    Not a good pic but it's not that often I get my pic taken 



    Conner Sewing Factory s406xxx type 1

    The Real McCoys sweat 

    Conner Sewing Factory s409xxx jeans 

    Vintage 1960's Converse 


    superb outfit !

    btw, may i ask what brand of spectacles are u wearing? they look awesome ! thanks ~


  4. hi guys ~ i would like to get a pair of full count 0105 (one washed version) but im not too sure about which size to get.

    i wear size 36 for TCB 50s, Sugar cane 1947 and Warehouse 1001 banner.

    Shall i also get a 36 for full count 0105?


    Thanks a lot ~

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