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  1. So I guess my size 30 olive chinos are oversized, and mistakenly bought size 30 in Indigo Moleskin chinos from the sample sale today, which are wayy to small. There weren't any changing rooms so I couldn't try them on (though people were sneaking into the bathroom to try on pants), but I'm not too upset.

    I'm willing to sell mine at cost for anyone interested $110 + shipping: https://www.grailed.com/listings/5578952-3sixteen-Indigo-Moleskin-Chino

  2. As far as actual vintage Levi's go, what's the consensus of the non-selvedge 501 STFs from the 80s/90s? I feel like the denim actually looks pretty good, but idk if it's worth the "vintage" upcharge.

    Example from ebay:




  3. Does anyone know anything about this brand 7CCR and these slip on chukkas? I saw them in the back of a photo on the Tender co thread, and I dig the elf/jedi vibe.



    Both stores seem to have them out of stock, and need to be contacted for pricing so that probably means I can't afford them lol


  4. This is definitely not from today, probably around a week and a half ago. While touring Europe with my university's choir, we took a day off and got to hike up to a glacial lake near Briançon, France. And I was totally eating a baguette.

    SugarCane 60s


  5. Just curious, what do you all think of brands like Patagonia, who seem thoroughly committed to ethical manufacturing and worker's rights, but still choose to produce in those countries? I'm not sure what to think. When you consider all that's spent making sure it's "up to code" or whatever, couldn't that just be used to produce more locally? I guess there is a bottom line of profit being made, so I'm not sure if it's just a cleverly disguised marketing maneuver.

    But at the same time, if they're actually ensuring living wages and safe working conditions to the employees who might not have a better option otherwise, is it really bad?

    Also, how far down the rabbit hole of buying responsibly can one go? What if everything's ethical except say, that the metal smelted for rivets was done so unsafely? Is it OK to buy 95% ethical pants?

  6. Actually from a few days ago, but a few of us ended up matching so well that we decided to take a picture lol. It's actually going to be used for a new advertisement about diversity for the conservatory.

    Old tee