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  1. 3 hours ago, CASSAVA PIECE said:

    but what would you be an xs in? i'm only 175cm and i feel like most size S in ("fashion") american brands are already on the short side

    Things that are intentionally oversized or actual workwear, like Hawaiian shirts and things like Carrhart type jackets or filson shirts. Trust me, I definitely don't buy stuff if it's too short lol

    Edit: Or I'll buy it online and hate it until I sell it!

  2. 3 hours ago, CASSAVA PIECE said:

    xs-l ? your body type seems much more interesting

    A Japanese domestic brand's medium is very different from say... a Tommy Bahama medium.

    I'm also skinny and tall, so I don't scale well with most size runs. Like at Jcrew I'm both a tall small and a slim medium lol

  3. I wear everything from XS to L depending on the brand and type of item... What body type must this stranger have that he can claim a universal medium fit? Lol 

    Anyone who doesn't check measurements should deal with the consequences. It's basically a rite of passage for those of us on here lol

  4. 2 hours ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

    Yes. For years I thought I was the only denimhead(for lack of a better word)in my country, but then when the denim community got big on IG I found out about a few more guys that are interested in this hobby of ours as well, and it’s been great since then. We hang out together every few months, share knowledge, garments etc. 


    That's rad! My area must have a lot of likeminded people in it too, but I feel like their archeologist,  because I just find their cool clothes that they leave behind for me in thrift stores/grailed/ebay lol

    I just have a few close friends who are generally into it, and then my brother that I help advise with purchases. It's amazing that we're big enough as a community to help keep some of these companies in business.

  5. Just gave away my TCB 60s to a neighbor's high-school-aged son along with some 3sixteen tees (the only thing I regret being tall for) and some other things that have been sitting for too long. I left a little message about what they are and why I like them, and his mom told me that he loved everything so much that he started reading up on all of them. I didn't really intend to spread our gospel, but I'm hopeful that maybe he'll spend all of his money on jeans instead of drugs and booze lol

    Do any of you have friends/family that you share in this hobby with?

  6. I have a personal rule to commit to no more than 2 pairs at a time, usually staggered so one is much lighter and one is darker. I have a strict policy of only keeping jeans I wear, selling off those that don't fit, and enjoying everyone else's jeans from afar lol. It's also easy when you're ballin' on a budget and choose to wait for big sales, or the rare LA rich boy drop off at the thrift store. I definitely wouldn't call myself a minimalist or anything, but it's nice to not have so much stuff to worry about.

  7. Birdwell is really great if you want a nice vintage short-cut boardshort. The fabric is pretty standard and not terribly fast-drying, so I don't think it's worth the $80 for any of the other normal cuts

    But in that same price range, ever since high school, I've been wearing a pair of Kanvas by Katin in their "heritage" cut called the Waterman (I'm not sure that it's a true repro), that I got on sale for like 10 bucks lmao. They've lasted over 10 summers with 0 holes, string or snap button replacements, or tears (except in the pocket branding). If I'm not mistaken, I think that they're still being made in Huntington Beach, CA. I actually like the way they've discolored from a bold lifeguard red into a faded red/pink. You'd think that years of chlorine, salt, and sand would have destroyed them by now! 

    I also do not recommend H&M swim trunks that are on sale for $2. They become see-through when wet. Ask me how I know. Lol


  8. On 7/5/2020 at 8:01 PM, Broark said:

    What’s the general consensus when it comes to penny loafers? I’ve never worn a pair, but I’m kind of into the Rancourt natural CXL ones that they’re running their crowdfunding campaign for. Here’s a photo of a pair worn for a year. I think they’d be a nice summer shoe, easy on and off. Also growing up my grandpa wore a beat up pair around the house so I remember them as being generally cool in a grandpa-chic kind of way.

    Personally, I feel like penny loafers lie in a strange middle ground of formal/informal where I can't actually see myself wearing them regularly enough. I don't really see how they're a cooler option in summer weather, other than that they're easier than oxfords to take off when your feet are sweating, but the leather is usually too nice for me to feel comfortable wearing them barefoot. They often have the dressy sole and heel and are photographed/worn in immaculate shiny condition, which to me, makes it seem more appropriate for a lighter suit or sportcoat situation rather than denim and workwear. I actually like the way they look, but I feel like I'd always choose some cheaper birks, camp mocs, or even boat shoes for warm weather since they're easier for me to work with.

  9. On 1/31/2020 at 3:47 AM, Jambon said:

    Are these standard TCB 60s or a slim leg version? or did they shrink much more after washing? 

    As mine arrived today and they are way baggier looking than yours and a bit disappointed tbh was looking for more of a tapered leg but these absolutely swamp my legs. Baggiest jeans i've managed to buy was hoping they might be similar to the Boncoura or Resolut 60s denim from looking at your fit pics but these are way different. 

    Nah sorry dude, just gained some weight and started to squeeze up a bit lol. 

  10. Looking forward to the extra-chalky fades, guys :P

    I just saw a post on Blue Owl's IG for a restock on Momotaro's Zimbabwe cotton, and it got me wondering, has Mugabe's ousting in 2017 changed anything as far as ethical sourcing concerns go? I remember discussions back in like 2015-16 saying that buying it would be essentially supporting the Mugabe regime, and after reading this recent article, I'm inclined to believe things are probably not great? But I'm not sure if anyone has a clearer take on the matter.


  11. 9 hours ago, IDIOT BITCH said:

    If they're loose enough not to impede movement what is wrong with climbing in jeans? What else would he wipe his hands on between/during climbs? What do you think other climbers wipe their hands on? "Don't baby your jeans, let them reflect your life and the things you do in them" used to be the mantra around here and seeing that fade, so to speak, is...strange

    Nothing is inherently wrong with it, it's just sort of funny when its touted as a method for natural fades. Come to think of it, it's probably cheaper to climb in jeans than some of the climbing/athletic apparel I've seen nowadays lol

  12. Haha I used to love reading about all the weird stuff people would do just for the fadez. Like there was a guy on reddit I think who would go bouldering specifically in his jeans, and made sure to wipe the hand chalk off on the jeans so it would receive extra abrasion. Also, some would advise others to start skipping more stair steps in order to reach maximum honeycomb potential lol

  13. So I guess my size 30 olive chinos are oversized, and mistakenly bought size 30 in Indigo Moleskin chinos from the sample sale today, which are wayy to small. There weren't any changing rooms so I couldn't try them on (though people were sneaking into the bathroom to try on pants), but I'm not too upset.

    I'm willing to sell mine at cost for anyone interested $110 + shipping: https://www.grailed.com/listings/5578952-3sixteen-Indigo-Moleskin-Chino

  14. As far as actual vintage Levi's go, what's the consensus of the non-selvedge 501 STFs from the 80s/90s? I feel like the denim actually looks pretty good, but idk if it's worth the "vintage" upcharge.

    Example from ebay:




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