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  1. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Around 3 years of wear. 1 cold hand wash last year and 1 warm machine wash yesterday. I love this jacket.
  2. Japan Blue Momotaro

    These are unreal. 15.7oz?
  3. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Momotaro x Denimio DE002 14.7oz (or 14oz, not quite sure) w/ grey weft and an army green theme throughout. Bought as OW but they haven't seen a lot of wear so still waiting for the 2nd wash. Will post an update further down the track.
  4. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Agree. My favourite denim brand. I always wondered why they didn't offer jackets in the vintage label but it looks like the floodgates have opened with a new Type II.
  5. Japan Blue Momotaro

    2105SP - 2 years, 1 wash.
  6. TCB

    Have been reading this thread for a while and decided to join the club with a TCB 50s Jacket. I'm 6'2 so went with size 46 (one wash). Coming from a Momotaro 2105SP (size 44) the fit is pretty similar, but not as long in the body or arms. I can post up a comparison pic if anyone is interested. Looking forward to the fades.
  7. Warehouse

    Thanks. Looking forward to the next phase.
  8. Warehouse

    Just did the first wash for my Warehouse 900. Lost track of the wears but I'd say around 6-7 months...
  9. Warehouse

    But those 660's...
  10. Warehouse

    Hi cmo, if you like a slimmer cut/narrow hem but with a medium rise I think the 900 is a good option. I tried a bunch of brands including the full count 1109 but found the 900 to be the best cut for me (6'1). The inseam length at 32" might be problematic if you like to stack though. Went TTS (33 waist) w/cold soak and very happy with the fit. Mine came unsanforized so the one wash version could be a different story...
  11. Warehouse

    Thanks everyone. Setterman, they came unsanforized but I plan on cuffing them and wearing with boots so the inseam doesn't bother me too much. Thanks for the heads up though - they'll be staying away from the washing machine haha.
  12. Warehouse

    Lot 900 post cold soak...
  13. Warehouse

    Thanks man. I didn't take pre-soak measurements sorry. Got them locally from here: http://corlectionstore.com/brands/warehouse/warehouse-lot-900-slim-tapered-fit.html Apart from the thigh i'd say the rest of the measurements are pretty accurate. Post soak measurements... Waist: 34" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.75" Front Rise: 10.25" Back Rise: 14.5" Hem: 7.5" Cheers.
  14. Warehouse

    Thanks guys. Thigh is 11.5" and inseam is 31.5" after the soak. The thigh measurement might look a bit small on paper but they don't feel tight at all. The shorter inseam works for me because I wear jeans mostly with 6" boots and a double cuff. I'll get some post-soak pics up on the weekend.
  15. Warehouse

    Hi all, I've been on the forum for a while but never posted anything. Just picked up some Warehouse Lot 900 and thought I'd post some pre-soak fit pics seeing as there isn't much info available. Cold soaked them on the weekend and I think they're about right now. It's a slim taper cut but with more room in the thigh and a reasonable mid-rise. Recently got a pair of Samurai 710xx that are great but will likely wear these over summer due to the lighter weight. Looking forward to the seeing this banner denim evolving. Please excuse the crappy iPhone pics. Cheers.