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  1. On 6/20/2019 at 8:39 AM, cornerska said:


    P10TS-DS Large w/ bag and spec - $800 $725 net

    Loose/missing stitching at the opening of the pockets, but otherwise in good shape.

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    Bump, looking for $700 all-in F&F invoiced in the US, please DM for international shipping. sold

    Would love to send these to a good home. More photos on my grailed listing here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/9665990-Acronym-P10TS-DS

  2. 21 minutes ago, moneytalks said:

    Nope, it is Epic
    and nope, it doesn't "crazy-pill" like everyone is saying

    @moneytalks Please consider the context.

    On 3/31/2019 at 10:50 PM, brainerd666 said:

    Yes. Unfortunately. The P16A is a much better design IMO. I’m frankly surprised the went with the same pocket design (roughly) as the P10-A. I had a pair in CH and found the pockets very fiddley and always needed two hands to close unless opened under certain circumstances. I love the look of the P10-A style pockets architecturally, but in practice...

    I can only imagine how poorly they perform with DS or Epic. Stotz probably performs a bit better due to its relative rigidity but I’d imagine the results are negligible. 


  3. Has anyone with last names STM-Z had success lowering customs fees with UPS recently?

    I called the Dallas office, spoke with Gladys Petit, she had me email my request to them, it was forwarded on and I haven't heard anything back. 

  4. 3 hours ago, hooper said:

    I tried adding size 11.5 to my cart the second after they dropped (4 am for Canadians on the east coast) and couldn't get em. Maybe the level of traffic fucked with their queue system because it would disconnect me after a few minutes.

    Had something similar happen on the snkrs app. I finished the purchase process almost immediately after they went live, got the notification that I was in the line, and then nothing. It seemed that my order was blanked out of the system. 

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