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  1. On 10/31/2019 at 11:13 PM, HeckHouse said:

    Another J65-KM fit, just because I love it and so folks can see what it looks like after a year of gentle wear.




    Did you size up for J65-KM? 


    2 hours ago, deathrazr said:

    prescription is possible on any glasses/frames, unless acronym superglued the lenses onto the frames which is highly unlikely. any optician would be able to pop the lens out and install your prescribed lenses in. however, the problem is you wouldn't be able to get your prescription onto the colour tinted lenses so it would just be clear.

    Can confirm that tinted lenses with prescription is doable.

    A comparison in case you guys want to do the same. The lenses taken off the frame are the original ones.


  3. 11 minutes ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    I've got a 3A-1, 3A-5TS, and now a 3A-2 coming. I alternate between the 3A-1 and the 3A-5TS for daily use, and would travel with the 5 were I going on a trip for a week or more.

    Maybe it's not actually practical from a design perspective (meaning I'm sure they've thought of this and it doesn't work) but it would have been really cool to see a 3A-2 with tec-sys compatibility, so that it could be attached to the outside of the 5TS when traveling, and then detached and used as a daypack when you've arrived wherever.

    It’s called 3A-MK2.

  4. He can make his clothes wherever he wants because it’s his brand. And you can buy other brands which are made in eu because it’s your money.

    And to those who think Acronym needs to inform the consumers of the change in advance, you know that you have the right to return the jacket, right?

    Can we just leave it here now and come back to products?

  5. While made in China can be shitty quality, they can be top-notch quality as well if you do it right.

    I remember when I was into in-ear headphones, made in China Westone earbuds are significantly better than made in USA models. 

    It's just that every country has good factories and bad factories. Like human, no one is perfect.

    And this year's J1A-GT is less expensive than last year's J1A-GTPL.

    So I am happy to embrace the change.

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