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  1. 52 minutes ago, conqueror said:

    i was in tokyo again last month and went to a mixture of places i've been to on previous trips + some new joints.

    little nap
    koffee mameya
    blue bottle meguro
    about life
    hotel drugs


    gloria jeans is ppg

  2. great list howl.. i'm melbourne born and bred and haven't been to more than half of the list. definitely agree with patricia's. hands down the best coffee in melbourne and the staff are awesome. i'm pretty lucky for it to be next to my office block!

    had a work function at supernormal a few years back and the roof panels started collapsing. i rate cumulus and cutler and co (mcconnell's other joints) more in terms of experience.

    conq: always heard good things about movida and scopri, both are oldish spots so i would expect it to be pretty consistent. have been wanting to go to tipo for a while now but after calling 2/3 times i realised that i don't care enough to book that far in advance. they now have a sister restaurant next door which is apparently decent.. generally a half an hour wait i've heard - pretty much the same for all decent places in melbourne if you have less than 6 people. 

    are you still living in canberra working in the pubsec? pm me on whirlpool. we can set something up prior or after work. 

    i just realised that i've pretty much repeated myself from my post above.

    other foods spots off the top of my head: desert house (hk), don dons (jp) and sushi monger (jp/kr) for cheap eats, manchester press for basic bitch brunch, chin chin for more asian fusion. broadsheet is pretty much the go to guide for food.

  3. probably wouldn't want to stay around southern cross as there's not much around there.. go around brunswick st, smith st in the brunswick/collingwood area. heaps of vintage stores around that area which have a heap of random shit.

    metropolis, readers and avenue are gr8 book stores. there's a heap of record stores around too. 
    use the train/tram to get around. really easy and cheap. 

    eating; coffee is pretty much good every where (my favourite is patricia's) and you'll be fine with zomato for cheaper places. try cumulus inc, tipo 00, cutler & co. those are mid tier joints. attica and brae but they're real $$$.

    ngv is a must go 

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