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  1. wtb p10-s black in small. firmament sent me a medium when I ordered a small.  <_<


    If you haven't already, I would pester them to resolve the issue. They fucked up. I know they're 'out of stock', but they have a close relationship with acronym. They might be able to source a medium for you, considering the circumstances.

  2. re: P-10

    Measurements are inconsistent with all retailers. Can people chime in on waist/inseam measurements for s and/or m?


    I just measured my MEDIUM P10-CH. 


    I got 42cm across the waist. That was a pretty accurate measurement as far as I'm concerned. 80cm for the inseam, but that's a little more iffy. The leg of a P10 isn't a flat shape, it's volumetric. There's a few ways you could measure it. I went from the cuff to the FRONT of the gusset. You could also go to the back of the gusset which would be a bit further. 


    My measurements seem consistent with the official small measurements. 

  3. WS-P3A from fw0506.




    Could someone please elaborate on what WS is in this instance? I know it's not windstopper active shell, and it doesn't look like x-fast.

  4. But the whole reason the big ass YKK zipper gets a pass in the first place was that it's an Interopsæ bag - when it rains hard, it goes inside the shell. For whatever reason, if there's suddenly some left-field interest in now making that a fully water-resistant feature (and face it, the bag is still L2, so...) then there are more purely functional options.


    Everything's subjective. Design especially. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion. The old YKK zipper gets a pass from me because even in the hardest rainforest thunderstorm it didn't get wet. The holes were small enough. The new zippers are obviously better in that regard.


    You actually touched on an interesting point there. Should an Interops bag be waterproof? If it is supposed to be waterproof, why bother using Interops and shielding it with a jacket? If it isn't and requires an Interops jacket for protection, then how is it superior to any of the waterproof messenger bags on the market? 


    Personally I see a few other uses for Interops. Firstly, if the bag's shoulder strap is under the jacket, it's not going to rub against the shell and cause it to lose repellency. Secondly, it lets you don and doff the jacket without removing the bag. So Interops isn't completely about shielding the bag, as much as it does provide that benefit. In fact I've found that Interops lets more water onto my body in heavy rain so I prefer not to use it in that situation.


    Seems to me that a 3A-1 or 3A-3TS should be independently waterproof. Now if Acronym thought that it's not sufficiently waterpoof because of the zipper (which is a fair call), why stop at the zip? Why not use the YKK Aquaguard zipper which is used on almost all of their jackets already? Why not use a stormflap over the top so water never even touches the zip at all? 


    I understand that we're only talking about the slightest amounts of water here, but if you're going to redo your product to improve a certain aspect, why stop so short? The design has remained unchanged beyond that single modification. Would it have been possible to make the MK pouches on the front more waterproof as well? Currently there are gaps at the top which water can very easily enter. Like Appleseed said, there are other options that achieve that goal.

  5. These may be garment-dyed etc. but the patterning is still distinctly ACR.


    But it's a t-shirt. I get that you can do articulated shoulders on a t-shirt, it's the same concept as for any other torso-wear. But is that really enough to say that it's unique? It's superfluous. Who's ever worn a t-shirt and thought "this is so restrictive" to the point that it needed shoulder articulation. Espcially on a shirt as loose as the ones they're exhibiting. I'd love to see that kind of patterning on a dress shirt, which is usually a restrictive garment and the type that you want to wear in a sartorial fit.


    Anyway - I’ll await the return of logo’d sleeve hitches and waistbands.


    Thought I was the only one!


    Fades, wears holes, the water repellency isn't very good. Don't know if that's the actual reason why we don't see it any more but I wouldn't be surprised.


    Isn't the fading desireable? It does affect black more than olive. I'd say that for black epic, the fading could be considered unattractive. For olive it doesn't fade as much and it's much more appealing aesthetically when it does.


    I've found the water repellency of epic to be really good when it's new, but not super easy to maintain. It does seem to stop beading after a few wears, which requires a wash to re-activate. Compared to stotz, it is softer and lighter. A better lightshell for the heat.

  6. My take is that functionally, synthetic/polymer is better than metal. 


    • Lighter
    • Cheaper
    • Quieter
    • Less abrasive. I've got a beautiful Florentine leather jacket with a metal zip. If that zip catches the face of the jacket, it scratches it. Same goes for it you're wearing knitwear under the jacket. A metal one will catch and pull more readily.

    My understanding is that the metal ones won't be able to do escape zip either. 


    Aesthetically, I do prefer the black. 


    I don't have experience with the older style zippers.  However, with this zipper there is a little upward give when you pull on it, making zipping/unzipping easier.  It is kind of like how on a train, there is a little slack in the connections between each car so when the engine begins pulling, it only has to over come the inertia of one car at a time.  With this zipper, you don't have to overcome the tension of the bag's resistance to pulling and the zipper's resistance at once.  It is just the zipper.  I don't know if this makes sense.  I have been celebrating the holiday.


    Older style zippers have that as well. It's actually a feature where the zip will lock itself when the tag isn't being pulled. You'll also see it on many jackets and even sometimes jean's fly's. There's some kind of ratchet inside the zipper housing that locks itself onto the zipper tread. When you grab the tag and pull, it lifts that ratchet so the zipper can move. Usually it only locks the zipper from moving in one direction. 


    It's there so the zipper won't fall down on its own. If you're wearing a jacket zipped up, the zip head won't just slide down to the bottom. You have to grab it first. 


    All I have to say is subnet FW1516... everyone should should be saving right now...


    I hope that's because there's more styles, not because they're more expensive.

  7. In the meanwhile, what else in your closest besides the acronym? Do you have room for the upcoming *fingers crossed* acronym shoes and shades?


    A dozen pairs of ExOfficio underwear. All jokes aside though, it's ridiculously good. Apart from Acronym, none of the techware or high fashion industry appeals to me. I can appreciate brands like Arc'teryx, Stone Island and Isaora but have no desire to own them. It's a sort of peculiar obsession for me, not one that I can fully explain or justify. 



    The P17CH should be great for hotter climes tho! At least in theory, 


    Having a small gap around the ankle will definitely help a lot with cooling. Just 2 inches of clearance helps circulate the air around. Not as effective as shorts though. 

  8. I don't have a massive amount of experience with Stotz, but it's my understanding that it's less water repellent than CH. However, CH once compromised will soak through more quickly due to the less-dense weave.


    There's a few different versions of CH though. SS-13 CH with energear for instance is super waterproof, moreso than any lightshell. Comes at the cost of being more noisy and having a synthetic feal.

  9. Well my SS-CP1 arrived today (source redacted for anonymity). Super thrilled to finally get my hands on one, absolutely stoked. It's a bit of a trick to wear it! Will require some practice to use it as elegantly with it as it looks. Much lighter material than I was expecting, noticeably thinner than 3XDRY Softshell. Works out in my favour though, you rarely need 2 layers in Brisbane even in the middle of winter. 


    And with that marks a rather important addition for me. It's the last item I was looking for to complete my collection. Apart from an X-LG1 (which I'm really not too concerned about) there's no other items I really want. Obviously there's a still a few items that I would like to own, like a DS-J5 or GT-J28, but I can't justify it considering everything else I have. Something about the new seasons just doesn't catch my attention the way the old ones do, and somehow I don't think that's likely to change in the future. 


    Now bring me the wind, bring me the rain. This pluviophile has some badassery to perform.

  10. I'm finding the external jacket sling configuration useful in tight situations where you need access to your pockets (e.g. crowded and sweaty bars). For those who don't like the look, you can still do the internal jacket sling configuration.


    I love the idea of keeping the jacket's lining protected, especially for fleece lined jackets. When you use the internal jacket sling, the lining of a softshell (like the SS-J25) is exposed and will rub against walls/people/sweaty bars. Typically that face will stain easily and pick up dirt. Having the external stain-repellent face exposed would be much prefered in those sitatuons.

  11. I'm 6'1" (185cm) and around a 32" waist.


    I usually go for a medium or large depending on what styling I'm after. I can fit a small P8TS-X but it's too short in the leg.


    For SP9, I can fit a small CH but only because of the stretch component. I wouldn't be able to wear a small E. My medium E actually feels like a similar fit to my small CH.


    For P10, medium fits fine in the leg when I've got them zipped up. I sized up with my E pair so that I can get the cuff over my shoes in unzipped mode. And again, stretchy CH is more comfortable at a smaller size than rigid E.


    P11 I can fit a small but the leg is too short. Medium worked well.


    With P14, medium is only just long enough. It looks quite a lot like a business trouser, and that's how I wear it. My large pair is much deeper in the crotch and loose around the leg so it's got more of a casual look to it. Both give me a full range of motion.


    P15 I went medium but still found the leg too short. You can't really size up with a P15 either, the waist baggage just starts to get ridiculous.

  12. From what I gather:


    • Colour: people prefer black over almost-black
    • Price: it is slightly cheaper
    • Trust: Acronym has been using Stotz for years. Microtwill is, 'new'.

  13. Am I getting something wrong or did End just Photoshop their two sets of images of the P10? They're showing S as blue tinted and CH as straight black, is that wrong way round?


    You're right about the photoshopping. Just open up both pages in your web browser as tabs and flick between them. Identical images, just with different hues. Although I'm seeing the CH correctly as dark-blue while S is black. 


    It was probably easier for them to not take 2 sets of images for pants that are almost identical visually. 

  14. WTS J28-E Lightly worn. 925 shipped worldwide. If you're in the US, 900. It's not gore-tex so IMO it's a lot more versatile. No rips or tears of any kind, and kept in a non-smoking home. I still have all accessories and bags and can provide pics if need be. Just didn't fit how I would've liked it to.


    Colour and size?


    The synthetic copolymer and cotton fiber blend fabric (sewn with aramid thread) equips P10A-CH with forms of resistance that we hope you will never need.


    P10A? Typo or new features?

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