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  1. is benchtyo legit?


    has anyone proxied from there before?


    Three times, they're legit. The dustbags were a bit worse for wear but the product was always in mint condition.

  2. legionnaire looking good. did you have the hem altered? doesnt look as baggy as expected



    I did actually! Got it taken up by about 2 inches.


    It's really crazy, the size I bought (M?) is 30" waist and 34" leg. Super tight and super long by my standards, so I got it taken back to a 32" leg.

  3. It's been getting a big colder here recently. Not really enough to justify wearing a jacket apart from in the early morning. But you take what you can get.

    E-J23 and TAD Legionnaire Pant.




  4. Okay guys, a few snippets of info for you (and a fun story too!)


    Can anyone verify the waist measurements--laid flat, straight across-- on size M & L in the P14 pant? I recall someone recommending sizing up because of the high rise. 


    My P14-CH measured 41cm for medium, and 42cm for large. So, just a bit narrower than the official measurements on the large and spot-on for the medium.


    I, and a few others, have recommended sizing up in the past. With P14 sizing up isn't necessary but it can give the pants a very different look and style. Not simply a look of "oversized" but just more of an edginess and flair than they might otherwise have. 


    This is the same for P10 in my opinion. For me, if I'm wearing a P10-CH medium it doesn't look that different to a P14-CH medium. They both fit quite slim along the lower leg and drape similarly over my shoe. However, when I wear either P10 or P14 in large they start to look more like they do on Errolson, it gives them a little more personality. That said, P14-CH medium is a very professional looking pant on me and easily works as a business trouser. 


    Moving on, a while back someone asked me if the embroidery on a Tilak Ogre Powershield would be safely removable. I can now say that the answer is yes. I got my dry cleaner to remove it and it came out just fine. Sure, there's a little bit of an outline where the embroidery was and a few tiny holes in the fabric but I think it's miles better than it was with the logos. So if anyone is looking for an SS-J7C, think about it.


    And finally, a bit of a story. I spent the last 3 days in Sydney, Australia. As some of you may know, over those days Sydney experienced one of its largest storms in the past century. I wore a P11-CH, Tilak Ogre Powershield and J25-SS and I was continuously warm and dry. I know I give Acronym a lot of grief, but I'm genuinely grateful for what they have created. When trying to navigate a massive traffic-jammed city in 50km/h winds, zero visibility and a fully loaded backpack, I felt entirely protected by my gear


    The J25 covered the Ogre really nicely. Both have the same thumb anchor loops, and the Ogre's high collar kept my neck warm freeing up the J25's hood to keep the rain off. While both being size 'small', they layered perfectly and I had no issues with comfort or mobility. Apart from the warmth-inducing front pockets on the J25 for my hands, I also had 7 pockets to utilize. And since both layers were waterproof I could easily open up the J25 to access internal pockets without actually getting wet. I totalled about 16km of distance covered on foot in the elements. If I was wearing appropriate shoes, I would have been happy to stay outside indefinitely. 


    And because Acronym makes functional street-wear rather than mountain-wear, when I arrived at my appointments I looked sharp and professional. Everyone else was either in soaked jeans or puffy snow jackets. So to cut a long story short, Acronym/Errolson is awesome and I couldn't have been happier about having it.

  5. Can anyone verify the waist measurements--laid flat, straight across-- on size M & L in the P14 pant? I recall someone recommending sizing up because of the high rise.

    I can get you those numbers when I get home tomorrow (now +36 hours)

  6. Does anyone have any idea what the most expensive acr item has ever been? J43-K at â‚¬1,223.00 just ekes out GT-J29A at â‚¬1,200.00.


    I seem to remember J38-LP being somewhere around that mark as well.


    Anyone wear their J-43 like this? Does it make sense to wear it like this?


    Who says whether something makes sense or not?


    Looks fine to me, from the front at least. I imagine it's more comfortable than having the collar rubbing against your face?

  8. For those interested in Deus-Ex related discussion, from Erlsn's twitter feed



    Knut, who is the founder of musterbrand, an apparel brand that designs video-game tie-in garments and accessories.


    Musterbrand made a line of Deus Ex Human Revolution garments a few years back. So some kind of colab in the works perhaps?

  9. I'm no photoshop expert, and I'm not going to try to argue that these look better. I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other. I just thought it might be interesting to see what they might look like with a wr zip instead. 



    I used a source image that was a 5mm zip, but because I didn't really adjust the scale these look closer to a 3mm now. Which would probably be fine for a shoe. Doesn't detach at the bottom either, but mostly because I don't have any source images for that. Nor do I think it would be necessary for it to detach.

  10. Backhanded compliment or not, good to see that peeps are finally catching up to the new shit.

    But you know I trust ACR would know their own aesthetic better than some random dude on Sufu. But hey, that's just me. No offense.



    the dude voiced an opinion and sufu is all about 'random dudes' voicing their opinions and talking shit. but hey, that's just me. offensive.


    Gotta side with the "random dude" here.


    If acrnm released a lime-green beanie and someone said "wouldn't that have looked more at home in black?" I would not explain it away and say "I trust ACR would know their own aesthetic".


    The beautiful thing about a logical, justifiable argument is that it doesn't matter who says it. 


    It's not as if acrnm's style is unknowable or ineffable. A reverse-coil, cam-locked zipper would be more in-line with their aesthic simply because it isn't non-sequitur (please excuse the double-negative). Doesn't matter who says that, it makes sense.

  11. So yesterday there was a flash storm here. With very little warning a torrential downpour struck the city just as I left home to get some sushi. So, walking from my house through the city to the store is about a 10 minute walk. I left home looking like this:


    GT-J22, P10-E, and some vans slip-ons. I didn't actually know the storm was about to hit so I wouldn't really call this prepped. 


    Anyway, after 3 minutes of raining sideways my shoes were miniature pools for my feet. The P10s did an admirable job of keeping my legs dry but the front-thigh panels did wet through. I think that part of the pant takes the most water, because the back of the pant and the calf still beaded the whole time. The GT obviously didn't wet through, but it being a J22 that didn't stop me getting wet. The front of my tshirt got soaked, but the back was fine. I guess more water gets in through the front of the collar than the back?


    After 10 minutes I'd made it to the store and started returning home. Used the jacket sling for the J22 because the rain had stopped at that point and the sun was out. By the time I had walked home, the P10s were about halfway dry again. The J22 was bone dry. My shirt was still soaked, and my shoes were still sloshing about with water. I would have taken an 'after' photo by my phone got water damaged and won't turn on.

    Take note kids: don't leave you phone in the pants phone pocket when it rains. Water gets in there very easily.

  12. You can iron GT but it has to be done very carefully. Iron only on the fabric side, never from the gray backer interior side. Use low to mid iron temp and don't iron over seam tapes as they are set with heat. To be safe place a mid-weight shirt fabric between the iron and GT. Good luck! 


    Thanks cmdR, just the type of info I was looking for.


    I might not need to do this now. After pressing the collar under some books, and wearing it for a few days (while pressing it with me hand frequently to tame it) the creases are almost gone. Maybe in a few more days I'll decide if it's necessary to go ahead and iron it. 

  13. I'm trying to get some stubborn creases out of the collar of GT-pro shell jacket. They make the collar sit funny so I'd like to try to flatten it out.


    The Gore-Tex care label says you can iron on low setting (with steam) after it's been washed. The acronym label says don't iron, only tumble dry.


    Does anyone know if it's safe to iron it? Should I wet it first? Perhaps simply pressing it under a book would do the trick...

  14. that's quite clever, really, but won't the collar strip be way too short to reach down the entire length of the jacket?


    Based on my measurements, it would be about 25" long. That's the length of some of my 'medium' fit jackets (not necessarily ACRNM) and would wrap around my neck comfortably with about 3" to spare (which would let it snap onto itself).

  15. Had a bit of an idea for a J40 modification. Thought I'd slap together a sketch and see how it might look. (Please forgive the roughness of the illustration, I just wanted to get it down on something to see if the layout would work.)


  16. J29A is definitely shorter. I guess for the same fit you could just size the 29 up.



    That's exactly right Jon; the J44 is basically a sized up J29 with shorter sleeves. It's fascinating how little tweaks from sizing to materials to the modded collar can alter the vibe of a jacket so drastically. 



    I agree, I tried one on and I'd say the back was more parka-esque in length.


    I'm 5'5 and tried the small.


    Is it meant to be that long?


    Isn't it just because J44 has interops? That almost always results in a wider and longer waist.

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