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  1. Could you please check that link for us danii? Doesn't seem to work (potentially the account it private).


    I really wish it wasn't the metal zip. I really wish it was camlocked and WR. But what can you do? There's only 1 version and that's the zip it has. If there was another on the market with a better zip I'd be all over it but what options do you have.

  2. 366763c056_w710.jpg

    Dual Front Zip_B: Liner access zip* [ 2-way non-separating X-type 3 MM WR zipper ] [ *Not a pocket ]


    Soo, it's not a pocket. What's the point then? If you put something in there, would it just drop out the bottom of the jacket? Why even allow that half of the zipper to be opened?

  3. I spy....




    Doubled-up center front zip on new J1A-GT. Same as CP2. Great solution for the "interops-means-you-can't-close-the-front-zipper-all-the-way" problem. Would love to see this on all interops-enabled jackets going forwards.

  4. They run a very tight ship, and don't have the traditional "departments"(customer service, PR, marketing, etc.) like most other companies.  Michaela and Errolson do a lot of stuff themselves, including responding to communique, of which they probably get hundreds of per day.  As you can imagine, handling that is a full-time job in itself, but they're running a company on top of that, so don't get too frustrated.  Try again, or try contacting bagjack as they produce the bags.


    That's not an excuse to not support your customers. As a company grows in size and gets more customers they have to be prepared to invest some of that money in support staff. Being a small company isn't an excuse; it's time to grow.

  5. Want to upsize a few things, who wants to trade?


    SP9-CH (SS-12, Grey melange) Small -> SP9-CH Medium or Large

    SP9-E (SS-12, Black) Medium -> SP9-E Large

    P14-CH (SS-14, Black) Large -> Any P9 lightsell large. Stotz or Epic, black or olive.


    Still available for purchase:

    J38-GT Medium

    SET-3 Small

    DS-SL1 Large


    Australian dollar is low right now, good time to buy.

  6. Very nice dude! The fit is superb on you. As you would have no doubt discovered by now, the angled pocket is buttoned and lifts up to allow the strap to pass underneath.  


    Also for those new to the Acronym game, this is the preferable way to tighten the sleeve velcro straps; that is, allow enough room for your hand to pass so as not to disable Gravity Pocket function, unless that is the intention!  


    And sweet Hyperfeels; the last time I looked that colourway was female only sizing! 



    In that picture, the pocket is actually overlapping the strap. You'll notice that the part of the strap that appears in front of the pocket is actually the 'extension' part of the strap, not the load-bearing part (which is running under the pocket). It's a bit different to how Errolson wore it, where he had the entire strap tucked under the pocket I only had the short end.


    The hyperfeels work well with the grey P10-CH from SS-15, and okay with Olive as well. 


    I also wear a matt black boot with my P10s which always works great. It turns them from 'fast' into 'classy' really well. 



    Great fit!





    Nice. Who is that? It actually doesn't look too dissimilar to my face....

  7. anyone pick up the j46? measurements seem pretty weird.

    the 1/2 chest is bigger than any ACR jacket i've seen. i figure it's due to the insulation making the external 1/2 chest (i.e., pit-to-pit) wider, but wanted to check with folks who actually received the jacket.


    The given measurements should be for internal figures, not external. i.e., the measurement from pit-to-pit across the inside of the jacket. 

  8. Thanks i was just wondering if i could buy some older stock as well as the new from them provided there was items i liked /had my size in i only found out about the brand not that long ago you see 


    I'd say shoot through a question to the store. From memory there was at least 20 items with some stock still remaining. How many total items that actually amounts to I have no idea, but it seemed like there was enough to justify selling them.

  9. How does this sn work do they have stuff from old seasons for sale on subnet? How many items do you need to have purchased to get invited to it?


    Up until now, stock from old seasons has remained on the site until sold out. A month ago you could buy items that came out in 2011 which happened to still be in stock.


    It just seems that with this particular season, and the website update, old stock has been taken off the site. Acronym definitely still has it, they've just chosen to not sell it for the time being. There's a chance these items will be made available again in the future.


    Subnet is more about buying next season's stock, not last season's stock. 

  10. Cheers guys. Luckily I'm still on a 4.5" model and I do not plan to change that. Here's hoping that all future ACR pants have both sides, us lefties need phone pockets too. 

  11. So really wanting to pull the proverbial trigger on these Acronym's.


    Two things;


    i) Whether to go P15-CH or P15-S if I want some water resilience but also to be black with black cord.


    ii) I'm 6'2 and 33' waist can I go Large?





    I'm a similar size to you, maybe an inch shorter and an inch wider. I owned a medium P15 for a spell. Really the waist size doesn't matter too much, but I found the length a bit shorter than I wanted. Others might have a similar experience.

  12. that's a pretty good point. maybe in the future they could start placing phone pockets inside the existing left and right side pockets. increased stealth and protection without significantly impeding on the speed of access. 


    They sort of did that with P14 and P15, but left-side pocket only.


    However, the pocket was placed on the anterior part of the pocket rather than the posterior which makes it very difficult to use in my opinion. 

  13. Haven's photos make everything look really nice, especially the j50. Will keep my eye out for that and the j47a second hand seeing as both already sold out in medium anywhere I'd buy from. Regretting not publishing my app earlier to already have some money in hand lol.


    P10A looks good but the phone pocket being hidden within the cargo pocket would make it useless for me. I wish they relocated it so that it's between the pant and the top of where the pocket is stitched on to the pant if that makes sense to anyone...



    I actually had a phone of mine die because it got water damaged (rained on) while being in an Acronym phone pocket. The ports were completely exposed because the pocket has no lip, and the waterproof nature of the pant made all the water run down into the gap. 


    So, I'm actually kind of excited about the prospect of a phone pocket which is also weather protected. Not the most elegant way of achieving the effect, but still going to be a great feature.

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