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  1. Does anyone know the price of the J38-S and J38-PL?



    It's not a typo; this isn't paclite ;). The price was around â‚¬1,100, I don't remember the precise amount. meccaNIZM says he ordered one, maybe he knows.

    The J38-S was priced incorrectly according to daniel. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be relisted for less.

  2. yes, it will be impossible to grab all and very difficult to choose between j38-s, j38-lp, j32-gt or j36-gt...and haven't the time to look in details to the j34-gtpl or if there are more to come ;)


    J36-GT? I'm not familiar with that one. 

  3. Same here with the j38-lp.....

    I'm assuming they were not supposed to go live yet.....?.....?......?




    Unfortunately we were in the process of site maintenance and testing and when you stumbled upon the product page. We sincerely apologize for this error and we thank you for your understanding. 

  4. Next products are





    I assume there will be more than this in the FW13-14 drop?

    I don't know if I should grab one of these or wait for more options in two weeks! 


    EDIT: Bought the J38-S anyway! I have no self control! 


    EDIT: Aaaaand it's gone. Order was cancelled. Is this a sign? 

  5. I recently bought an ACR jacket off of Firmament Berlin.  My package was scheduled to be delivered today but it's being held for some reason. Anyone else experience this? Also though the website never said anything about import fees or related taxes but will I be facing them?




    It was lost on the 26th of June. They admitted it was lost on the 6th of August.

  6. according to errolson, acronym instructs retailers to never mark down its stuff. 


    also, i interviewed errolson for business of fashion last week. check it out: http://www.businessoffashion.com/2013/09/acronyms-uncompromising-focus-on-function.html



    Thanks for posting the interview quasky, I'm halfway through it right now. Very enjoyable!


    Interesting point about never marking down Acronym stuff. It must have been a rare occurrence but I saw a few pieces at 50% off on NittyGritty a few months back. 




    Hard to nail down a general fit. It really depends on the piece. For instance, I tried both DS models in medium and large and found one far too small and the other sloppy. Win some, lose some.

    (I'm a medium across the board in Veilance jackets...that I've tried.)



    I'm curious about the fit as well. I've established that I'm medium for pants (small fits my waist but is way too short for my legs) and I'm probably small for jackets but I've got a limited sample group so I could be medium as well.


    I just ordered the T6 in medium and I'm really hoping it fits, there was no sizing info on the page (but Errolson was pictured in large and he's usually a size above me, so maybe it will be fine).

  7. I need some sort of 'stabilizer' to keep the 3a-12ts from sliding downwards and resting on my side when it's slung around my back. Kind of annoying but not sure of an easy way to remedy it. Any ideas?


    There are three solutions to this, but only two of them will work properly for something as small as the 12TS. 

    One is to wear it very high and tight on the back. Another is to put a shoulder pad on the strap which is made of a very grippy material (like a rubbery-mesh, something that will grip your clothes and not move).

    The final option is to install a stabiliser strap (3-point), but that won't work so well on a bag so small.

  8. i'm interviewing errolson tomorrow - anyone have any questions they'd like me to ask? 



    Any plans for a re-release of either the WS-J25 or SET-2?


    I need these things. 


    Make sure to post the interview here after you're done!

  9. 3rd Arm == Bagjack to be fair.

    They use the basic bagjack designs but with different fabric, zippers, clips. And everything is produced by bagjack also. So it's just a choice if you want the aesthatics or not and if you are willing to pay for it.


    Does Bagjack really have a 3A-1/3A-3TS/3A-5TS equivalent? I know that they share some parts and processes but I didn't think that they share designs (excepting the 12TS/CirDisCover). 



    Random question: Does anyone know where I could pick up the CH-J31 without having to give an arm and a leg? I love the jacket but unfortunately I can't spend my entire paycheck on one article of clothing. haha



    You paid weekly or bi-weekly? Either way, why not?



    I think it's a fair question. €845 is a lot of money for a jacket, especially in countries where the cost of living (and average wage) is lower than others. 


    nyc11256: it's unlikely that you'll find a new CH-J31 for significantly less than the current RRP at the moment. It's still new stock. If you're happy to buy used you might be able to find one for 20-30% less. Otherwise be prepared to wait a few months. If you're very lucky you can find sales with new Acronym gear going at 50% off, but it's uncommon. 

  11. That's usually pretty final for the clothing side of things, unless they get re-issued/updated for the next season. The bags come and go. The 12TS was launched about a year ago (IIRC) and hasn't been seen until just now.



    I'm desperate for a re-release of the WS-J25SS-CP1, and the legendary SET-2


    If only I knew about Acronym 3 years ago  :(

  12. Regarding the new WB-400 fabric, it is thinner and softer than before, doesn't hold a crease, resist stains and is quieter and falls better than Stotz. It's a pretty cool next gen fabric. But I still prefer Stotz though, it's just too warm for WB-400 where I live. 


    Thanks for the Info cmdR. 


    So your'e saying Stotz is better for warm weather? That's definitely relevant to me (tropics, Australia). Curious that it's thinner and lighter than Stotz while also more insulating. 


    What about colour fading? I wouldn't be concerned for jackets as they would get washed very rarely, but I'd like to be able to wash my pants often without needing to worry that it will fade them.

  13. My friend had a 3A-1 in X-pac (first batch), within 6 months of daily use a couple of the corners had holes in them. The fabric was just worn through. 


    In my other post I also said Epic, my bad I meant Stotz Etaproof. My S-J4 had considerable wear at area's with friction, the fabric was becoming extremely thin (see-through thin). And the S-J11 of a friend had a hole near the shoulder were a seam ripped and 2 holes near the gravity pockets were the fabric had ripped. Also considerable wear on friction area's. All within 1 year of daily use.


    I've also seen 2 jackets with zipper defaults, one where the zipper itself broke and one where the stiching of the zipper ripped. All in the same season though so could have been a bad batch.


    This doesn't fill me with confidence. I'm looking to buy a few new items to pad out my currently small collection. Next season is just around the corner and I want to work out in advance what the best option is for a pant material and jacket material (no choice for 3A stuff either way). 


    I'm hearing all sorts of things like Epic fading, Stotz wearing, GT ripping and now general faults. 


    How are the DRYSKIN items? Do they stand up to the claims of toughness and 'indestructibility'?


    I'm undecided between WB-400 and Stotz for a pant (full length, not shorts). I've had brief exposure to WB-400 and it makes a lot of noise, but it's less prone to fading than Stotz (and unlike with jackets, I was pants frequently). 

  14. For less money? - Depends on the piece, the GT-J20 for example is the Tilak Stinger....


    I'd like to add to this, that the SS-J7C is essentially the same jacket as the Tilak Ogre Powershield, apart from the expected ACRNM functionality and the the material (Polartech Power Shield vs Schoeller WB-400 3XDRY).

  15. Hi all!


    I'm new here (<- fist post :D). I got hooked on Acronym when I stumbled upon the SET-1 spec page about a year ago while searching for cool messenger bags. It's developed into a pretty unhealthy obsession since, I'm checking stores and sales almost every day now.


    But anyway, I spent the last few days reading through this massive thread trying to catch up on the years of info and back story I've missed. It's been really interesting seeing everyone react to the seasons as they came out. I think my favourite parts were people posting photos of their 3A tec sys setups. 


    I thought I'd just introduce myself and maybe win some favour with this little gem;  three acronym products marked at 50% off on nittygritty.


    3A-L1-17: €83

    P13-S (S/M/L): €340.5

    GT-J29A (L): €617


    Hope one of you guys picks something up!

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