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  1. Topic title states it all.


    For me its all the Chinese mainlanders/Koreans/Hong kong fobs who recently just jumped on that all black outfit (ann.d, rick owens, geoffrey b, elena, julius) all because of Noirain. I have nothing against asians, matter fact I'm of east asian descent myself but all this are starting to look more like a "Lets post all black outfits w/ bae/squad & the mono filter because we're so artsy" kinda vibe and the worst part is that they're all so oblivious as to how unoriginal they really are. 


    Gothninja used to be cool back in 09, nowadyas I'm just smfh...


    1 - Team tumblr notes/instagram likes

    0 - Team originality





    My other pet peeve are techwear guys who literally drops thousands on "goretex". I know its your money and I have no say in what you buy but have anyone of y'all ever stopped and thought for one second that maybe goretex isn't worth that much. Example of such is acronym. 


    Goretex cost price is nowhere close to some of these brands out today (arcteryx veilance, acroynm, stone island shadow project) and many of them doesn't have much more functionality than a standard military issue unless you're throwing vintage helmut lang type functionality into the mix.




    Whats your fashion pet peeves? Share and discuss. Lets keep the flames on this thread to a minimal if possible


    that is you tho

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