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  1. some other basics should be Ghost in the Shell or Death Note. Psycho Pass was also really nice

    I'll check them out, I've read Death Note, so I've been apprehensive to watch the anime, for really no reason.


    fyi, u required 2 watch rapeman b4 postin in here

    I've got a 10 hour bus ride tomorrow, I'll download it tonight lol 


    Anyone watch Hunter x Hunter? I started reading it the other day, chapter 75 now and I'm pretty into it.

  2. I'm pretty n00b to anime, I just recently finished Samurai Champloo and loved it, thinking I'll watch Cowboy Bebop next.

    I've also seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, Beck Mongolian Chop Squad (favourite), Akira, and that's honestly about it beside Studio Ghibli movies. 


    Any recommendations as to what I should watch next? Still need to watch the Evangelion rebuilds.


    Manga wise, Beck is my all time favourite, and I've read so damn many its hard to keep them straight...Currently following Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Toriko, Bartender, and Addicted To Curry. Recent reads that I've enjoyed were Homunculus, Air Gear, and Yu Yu Hakusho. 


    Tried starting Soul Eater, not really into it, might try out Hunter x Hunter...

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