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  1. block_00.jpg

    New Balance for Margaret Howell 420.


    Anybody know of any North American retailers carrying these? High Snobiety said drop date was Aug.6 but I haven't seen them anywhere. They also said they were a "402" so who knows...

  2. Wondering if anyone knows what the sizing is like on Visvim Sashiko Tabi Folks?


    I'm a US10.5 in almost everything, 10 in Converse, 43 in CP Achilles.


    The pair I'm looking at is a US10 and I'm wondering if I'd be able to get away with it, or if I'd be punishing my feet.



  3. That's some serious shit you got there bro.

    I used to do popping too (videos lost due to the demise of my hard-disk), now wanna get back into dancing by going for house/hip hop.

    Thanks man, I don't dance as much as I should, but I do just for fun mainly!

    Ya it seems like everyone in hip hop is moving towards house dancing, I've tried learning a few things and my feet just don't cooperate lol

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342