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  1. 35.5cm means they measured wrong. Its rare for any mens size (44+) to be much under 38 or 39cm in my experience. human bone structure on average just isnt that narrow lol


    it's a women's piece, and specifically it's a women's piece for the asian market. female fit model standard is 38 cm shoulder. can guarantee the jacket will not fit any of you: if you're still on the fence, visit j. crew petite's section and try the fit out there.

  2. ^tbh i don't care if those're ccp i think they look pretty bad; like diesel or smth


    carol being a guy who started out his career making neon pink mesh tanktops and gold lame short-shorts for men i'm not sure where anyone got the idea that his garments are categorically the apex of taste. if anything, the incongruous grey and black suiting and denim or whatever that he has (relatively very recently) become known for is, like, the exception that proves the tackiness. anyway, my point is, i totally agree and please don't drop $420+ on some GATs that look like they made out of solidified vomit and were very likely intended by carol to be worn in a russian mens' bathhouse.

  3. what's really interesting are the pieces put out in that bizarre transitional period under mssr. takizawa ... in many cases patent reproductions of the "iconic" helmut-designed pieces.


    here's a puzzler ...






    the thumbstrap shirts in their original iterations had white-on-white/black-on-black labels ... at least the S/S 2004 ones. takizawa put out a lot of shirts with straps, d-rings, cut-outs, etc. made in various locations (china, japan.) also did some blazers and jackets with the harnesses and carry straps.


    lines aren't so clear!

  4. Thanks, this is exactly what i wasn't sure about. I'd seen some suits with the black label/white text that seemed more or less like his stuff.


    The "Helmut Lang New York" stuff is a bit bothersome because I know there were some of his items with that printed on them, like a puffer jacket with that printed on the back.


    anything with one of the "helmut lang new york" tags (you know the ones) is a theory release.


    however ... i have never seen any of the slogan tees or jackets you're talking about that were released under theory. 









    all original.


    and the one i'll drive myself crazy looking for ...

  5. anyone have any interesting coffee recs


    water avenue's barrel-aged blends are wild. i can't even describe the taste. guarantee unlike any coffee you've had.


    i have a bag of the oak one that's almost like a heady whiskey but they've got pinot ones too. i think you can order online, or ask a portland buddy.

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