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  1. haven't posted a fit on here since i was mercilessly mocked four years ago but honestly someone has to keep this forum going







    shirt - valentino / tux pants - lanvin / boots - lad musician / sweater - some old aw99 hedi era ysl shit / coat - vintage 

  2. i can confirm this.  the french 45 boot is in the pre-order book


    one is a side zip and the other is the two-snap buckle (basically this one with the 45 heel http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-french-booties-french-85-snap-ankle-boot-in-black-cracked-shiny-leather_cod44838529qc.html#dept=shoes_men_&itemPage=2) 


    Is that the only style in the 45mm? Do you know if there are any different styles of the 60mm french boot other than the one they have on the online store?

  3. Anybody tried on or bought the creepers yet? What did/do you think of them if so? Kind of tempted to get a pair but not sure if they'd look as good as wearing boots. 


    I have them. I like them and wear mine all the time, but my feet always feel like they are about to slip out for some reason. This is much worse on the D ring ones than on the monkstrap ones, tho I can't speak for the fully laced ones since I haven't tried them on yet. 

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