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  1. 1 hour ago, Toilettebun said:

    Are there any clear differences between Goretex Infinium Windstopper Vs. Goretex Infinium? From sources and seeing some in person, Goretex Infinium Windstopper seems to be just a rebranding of Goretex Windstopper

    Gore Windstopper’s Infinium is just a variation of Gore Windstopper. Just like Gore Windstopper Active, which is used on models like the j61-ws, j73-ws, and j47A-ws. Goretex infinium is a variation of Goretex (previously PB). Not sure if there is any difference between PB and Goretex Infinium. Windstopper infinium seems to be very similar to the material used on the J46U which is lightweight and my guess would have a much more abrasion resistant face fabric compared to Goretex Infinium/PB. GT Infinium/PB is lined with fleece and although lightweight, probably not as lightweight as WS Infinium or WS active.


    edit: realized the material for the 68-ws states Gore TEX Infinium Windstopper which is confusing since I thought they separated Gore Windstopper, and GoreTEX. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Nebulae said:

    Colors with the same name will vary given the materials are different and probably take on dye differently. My peat voronois had a warmer/orange undertone whereas my peat galvanic is much more muted/brown

    Yeah, I have a soot monitor and a “soot” mionn jacket. The soot on the mionn has a greenish/teal tinge to it in certain lighting. Where as the soot on the monitor is definitely a grey. 

  3. Not a fit pic, but: For any other J32 owner/users who've been staring at the J47 and wondering, I just laid both coats flat, overlapped. Size L, both.

    Exact same pit-to- pit. Exact same hem-to-shoulder. Quite a bit more collar on the J47, and a bit more hood, by the looks of it. Sleeves roughly the same. Cloths look identical.

    Verdict: Very similar coats, to the eye, but optimized for dissimilar missions. J32 is for spontaneous raids. "It's raining, and I need milk and opiates." J47, with its added two-story napoleon pocket and hem-relief zip, is the deliberate urban patrol version. Street photographer's coat.

    Deliriously happy to have both.

    Glad that you already did this comparison as I am awaiting my J47A and currently have a J32. Does it have a similar fit as the "KG fit block" that the J32 is constructed with? Also excited to layer the J50 with my J40-CH. I've been waiting for something to layer under it that does not have a high collar and is not down (I guess I could have settled with any synthetic bomber). 

  4. Guys help. So on the acrnm website the J47A-GT pics have the forcelocks placed vertically. All the online websites have the J47A-GT shown with horizontal forcelocks. The non interops J47 has vertical forcelocks consistent on all the websites. Is this a flaw and was the model Errolson is wearing of the J47A-GT one of a kind?

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