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  1. adidas-parley-for-the-oceans-footwear-co

    parley x adidas - it's full primeknit and some of the yarn is made of ocean waste materials 

    the sneaker history exhibit in the brooklyn museum says they'll be available in 2016

  2. seen many new models like that...almost bought the new ninja shoes that come with that inner shoes/ socks.

    how does it work? you dont need to wear socks? and you only wash that the socks that come with it?


    you could wear them however you want there's no rules to shit. but i think it's fine to wear em sockless and then wash the inner boot whenever necessary 

  3. Well I almost made it to 28 before my first real suicide attempt. It was this weekend. I failed, so still here. I'm feeling ok, for the most part, I guess I'm glad I'm still alive idk. I don't have plans to do it again.

    why did you want to merk yourself tho

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