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  1. superdenim gets rowdy

    thanx Salaami . that reinforces my belief that you indeed a bitch ... if I am a mutt ..


    the point was you simple minded shit . If you were on sufu with any sort of clue for who your fellow members are you would see me consistanly <sp> shooting the shit with you in threads. giving you props etc . because to me you have come a long way and I THEN(just last week) appreciate yoru presense on the board when I once laughed my ass off at every other post you made .

    if you had any clue whatsoever you mightve thought to yourself " hmm why would 3xl tell CTB to stfu when he is one of the main people carrying this evisu loved thread along" UNLESS !! WAIT OMFG revelation time ..!!?? HE IS BULLSHITTING AROUND OMFG OMFG >> salaami has a brain !!

    BUT it seems as time went on you get it together and assumingly you feel that you have gained some sort of upper status / upper hand where someone jokingly says stfu and all of a sudden "who the hell is DUDE talkin to" and " oh I dont speak mutt " .
    you said dude like I didnt have a name you know my fucking name . bend u over and make you love my name you fucking faggot

    yea like I said to keep it simple - and I TRIED to keep it in pm but youre such a BITCH BOY that you posted our personal beef in the thread . again . but thing is you have no beef with me . you disrepected me - you dont have a fuckin thing to say but apologies you little shit .

    so now you seriously can STFU in this thread .and go back to dick riding any and everyone that gives you e-props on this forum k ? k !

    except me .. cause I am your elder son . sit your $5 ass down before I make change like ya dig ?


    if anything else wants/needs to be said to me you know where to take . IN PM

    its not e-beef - you hand stuffed n rolled meat wad .

    and where the fuck is churchill - where you and the rest of the homo laced live ?

    im from lynwood, CA



    go roll off a mountain then post fit if u still alive