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  1. On 12/29/2019 at 8:06 PM, cmr_reed said:

    Do you know how much the waist adjusters help? In terms of inches. Just asking because I'd prefer not to have to dry them in a dryer.

    it basically get a size down so around 2 inches. I can't wear a size 1 because it's to tight on the thighs and on the butt area but waist is fine. The size 2 is perfect elsewhere but a little too big on the waist. Using the waist adjuster and a belt it's perfect. Better fit, more comfy. What can you ask more ?


  2. Perfect, with the infos I've gathered around, 1101 isn't released often (once a year or once every two years) and the fit is close to the 800 but have different pocket shaped and different details thorough. (60 details as no back rivet, paper patch, etc...)


     I guess I must decide between the banner denim and the 14.5. Which one is your favorite and why ?


  3. I was looking at warehouse store and found out they are carrying a model I haven't seen before : https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=144511897 the Lot DD-1101(1967 MODEL) ONE WASH which is a 67 model. I'm hesitating in buying this. Anyone would like to comment how the 7x7 American cotton 13.5oz. (Banner denim??) ages ? At the same time I've been looking at the 800XX which is their regular 14,5 oz. How does the 2 cuts and denim compares ? 

  4. 6 hours ago, BionicEye said:

    can somebody help me with the ranchman
    chest 106 cm, shoulder 45 cm, 83 kg, 1,79 meter, armlength 62 cm
    size chart suggest a size 38 but im afraid that will be too skintight for me,
    i like a more relax fit
    i will wear it untucked with a t-shirt underneath it

    Definitely take more than 38. Maybe 42 I'm 170cm and 65 kilos and the 38 was too tight for me when I tried it at TCB's. 40 was perfect chest and shoulders but the arms were too long for my ridiculous small arms.

  5. I think it looks fine but hard to layer under it, judging by your pictures. I think you would better size up. 


    If you size up I think your fit will end up looking like mine I think, able to layer a chunky wool sweater but still maintaining a good fit.





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