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  1. Got it in my hands a while ago, definitely a really nice shirt. The denim version is superb but the chambray version is even better. The pockets certainly add a great twist. The pockets are what I like the most on my Enginneer 201-osx 

  2. I wear a size 30 in the 50s and it's the perfect sizing. I went for 30 with the 50s slim but it's  too big in the waist. I tried the 29 and it was perfect but the thighs were too slim for my liking (lot of biking)... I don't mind wearing a belt :)

    So go with the same size as the regular 50s or -1 if you have normal to slim thighs.


  3. Not a pant but a jacket today. I was searching for a good type 2. After visiting BerBerJin and Marvin's and dreamin' about the real Levi's I got myself a visvim for the price of a TCB.

    Not impressed by the denim, but the construction is perfect and the cut is exactly what I wanted! I don't really like the dropped shoulders look of the Levi's.



    Visvim/Drapeau noir/ Samurai / Visvim / Paraboots

  4. My girlfriend bought the 701 while we were in Japan directly from TCB factory! Her first pair of raw denim aha

    Hajime-san was kind enough to show us around and we had a ton of fun!


    I don't have my computer with me, but I'll update some fitpic as soon as possible.


    I also bought the TCB 50s slim and I'm really pleased with it! 

  5. 1 hour ago, Saisen said:

    Just wondering if i can do a FS post in here? Thought i'd ask first before posting.
    Got some new pairs that I never got around to wearing and don't fit me anymore.

    @Saisen Do it in the Supermarket section (or grailed works wonder)

  6. Sorry for the exposure, the colors are a bit off and I'm also bad at editing photo :)








    EDIT : @GregoryH @MasonAlexander go for a full cut ! My flat head is the 3005 is a straight fit with almost no taper and I think it looks great, even if I'm 170 centimeters high for 60 kilograms. In my opinion the length play a big role. If my jeans had stacks on the shoes it would certainly look really big, but since it's on the short size with no break the leg opening looks smaller which works better.

  7. @Cold Summer I might be interested, shoot me a PM with your measurements and how you washed it. Shipping would be to Europe tho.

    Edit: nevermind, I checked the measurements on their websites and sleeves are going to be way too long for me, I would need 59-62 centimeters... Bummer !

  8. X-Post from WAYWT.


    Stevenson Overall co. Engineer Jacket

    Stevenson Overall co. 767-RXX (Santa Rosa) nearly 2 years but worn for 1 year I guess. 2 Soaks, at least 5 machine washes, no dryer. I will try to post a better view of the jeans when I have time and can borrow a good camera.

    Shoe like pottery 


      Reveal hidden contents



  9. @Libra Never had any experiences with momo stretch, but I guess yes ! If you really have trouble and would like to speed up the process, you could dip the waist in the water and wear it on until it dry or even stretch it with your hands while it's wet. I did it on a Imperial a few years ago and it worked wonder ! But don't be too brutal or the stitching will break.

  10. On 25/03/2017 at 7:02 AM, Mojique said:

    Should I replace my too big, worn out Levis trucker, which I sold, with a smaller denim jacket...or wear one of my 2 leather jackets, one black studded biker, one plain navy biker....

    i only wear jeans, sometimes double denim works, sometimes not,,but I miss my denim jacket..but a lot of my clothes are too big, so gradually I'm trying to replace with ones that fit...

     @Mojique I totally recommend TCB type 2, pretty slim with a longer torso and longer sleeves. The denim is extra special !

  11. x-post from WAYWT





    Wearing my Flat Head 3005-A for the second time, the denim is really interesting and is getting more hairy ! I really like the lighter shade of natural indigo used opposed to the very dark regular pioneer.

    Got them freshly hemmed from Rivet and Hide, can't recommend them enough, they were really fast, efficient and hemmed them exactly how I wanted. Thxs Danny !







  12. Really like the sewing but the color, even blue, contrast a lot with the royal blue of the jeans. Maybe a scam of hem of raw denim would come along less flashy ? Anyways, I like it like that


    Edit : forgot to mention, I really liked your photos project !

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