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  1. Finally got an answer back. Bummer it's going to be without the selvedge ID. I'll guess I'll do like everyone else and get the one wash version :rolleyes:



    Hi Colin,
    Thank you very much for your interest in our product.

    Our standard denim 105 with selvedge is once washed version only
    unfortunately; however, we are going to have a new 105 called, 01-1050W-80
    in raw (rigid), and should be delivered to our stock list some time in
    March. This style doesn't come with selvedge though, just to let you know.

    If you are interested in this style, can you please let me know where you
    are located so that I can assist you which shop you can contact to.


    Hiroshi Tominaga


  2. 6 hours ago, kicks79 said:

    He mentioned that he already tried to contact them.

    They will be extremely busy right now as its approaching market week and they will be at showings in Paris, NYC ect

    Its also extremely unlikely that they will have any stock as everything is cut to order. 

    I just checked the SS18 linesheet and they are doing the 105 Rigid for this season. I would wait until SS18 drops and then check your local stockist. Or then you could email orSlow and ask them which stores picked up the rigid model.

    Will do, thanks for your input, I appreciate it. :D

  3. Any ideas where I can find a the Rigid 105 size 1 (non-wash) ? I know the one wash is the color 81 and rigid is 80 but can't find it anywhere. I tried to email the or slow crew in Japanese but no luck so far...

  4. 9 hours ago, heavydoom said:

    tcb makes stuff for other people as well.  there may be a blanket lined jacket coming for next fall/winter though.  may.

    Yes they do other brands aswell. I learnt last summer at the factory that they are making now the jeans of one of my favorite brand of all time ! But Inoue told me to keep it secret....

  5. Yes my girlfriend is wearing the chambray version (very very nice) and Hajime and me are wearing the 30 hats. Can't recommend it enough! I compared it to Real mccoys and a couple others Japanese brand and TCB was my favorite.

  6. 8 hours ago, SmokeStackLightning said:

    The "lower slim leg" comment worries me a bit. Thats what I can't stand lately. Seems to affect overall mobility and comfort far more than I ever would have thought after wearing straight fits. 

    Stay awai from 714 and try 737 then :)

  7. @chicote  Funny! we are definitely eyeing the same pair on grailed (RN04 ?) !! Never tried some Cone and I always wanted to try a pair of ROY ! In the meantime I also would like to try some Visvim and eventually debating on buying Flash's evisu N'01 or not.

    I think the fact that Cone is closing has been the best publicity they could have in a long time !


  8. Found some old pictures of my Stevensons if it can help you at all, I took some weight and now I think 29 would be my sweet spot in the 767. But my next pair is definitely the 714

    Size 28 worn for 1.5 years





    Size 30, too big in the waist but it was totally ok with a belt and the denim didn't stretch too much ! I ended up offering it to a friend and choose to wear the 28. 




  9. @SmokeStackLightning Got some measurements form @chicote when he still had his pair in size 29 : 727 - 77 waist, 24 front rise, 32 back rise, 26.5 thigh, 19.5 knee, 17.5 hem

    I recommend the 767 pant if you want a slim straight. I really enjoy this pair and still think it's the best fitting jeans I own even with the low rise. 

    But you really should check out the 714 Valencia at Self Edge. It's not a Stevenson cut and if you size up you can certainly achieve a larger fit ! 

  10. I'm starting to wear my Boncura 66 that I bought back this summer in Tokyo at Loftman. They are one washed carefully by the shop crew so they are not messed up and really rigid ! I'm loving the cut so far, definitely like the higher rise compared to the 2 other jeans in my rotation (TCB 50s slim and Stevenson overall 767) and the deer leather patch design is one of my favorite.. Tho the leg twist is really pronounced, I can feel that the 2 legs are not the "same" in the top block ! 

  11. Got a second hand Valencia (714) nearly new to try out the cut and it's really amazing ! The guys at SelfEdge did an awesome job with the cut and it doesn't feel like Stevenson with the higher rise. I can't recommend it enough ! For sizing comparaison : I wear 767 Santa Rosa in 28 and 714 in 29 (Flat Head 3005 30, TCB 50 and 50 slim 29-30)

    I'll try to post a Fitpic as soon as I get my camera back from my girlfriend travelling.

  12. 16 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

    Sweet fit, and yeah one size down would look not as good. 50s slim?

    Yes it's the slim version, Thanks ! I edited my post.

  13. Taken some TCB 50's SLIM fit pic yesterday for another forum. Thought I would post it here :)

    I took the same size as my TCB 50's and it feels like a +1 upsize compared, even if the waist wear way lower. Must wear it with a belt, but I don't mind. If I had taken the 29, thighs would have been too slim for my liking.


    I would be up for the 60's with the 50's denim too !








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