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  1. Non il n'est pas disponible, il faut passer la commande par mail. Il avait été d'accord de me le faire il y a 2 ans, ça doit être différent maintenant... Ducoup soit tu passes par Inoue et tu payeras les frais de douanes ou alors par denimio (et tu déclares 21 euros) mais tu n'auras pas le roping...

  2. @ValpiqI'm on the same boat : Il faut juste que tu commandes et que tu lui demandes de déclarer le colis à hauteur de 21 euros en cochant l'option cadeau. Ton colis passera outre les douanes sans aucuns problèmes :)

  3. @meaulnesFor myself :

    • 1 in 105
    • 1 in Fatigue standard fit
    • 1 in Slim fatigue (a tad bit too slim in the legs for my liking) or 2 (I would use the buttons to adjust the waist)

    --> Keep in mind that the regular fatigue is a pretty high rise if you wear it how it's suppose to be worn.

  4. Catched a bit of sunlight today so I quickly snapped some pics with my phone.


    Worn for about 2 months now I would say, with one hot hand wash at 1 month. Definitely a lot of sitting because of Uni, so had to repair the back pocket because the cottons threads had already given up.







  5. I don't know but my 50 Slim is starting to show some real evo with a shy of 2 months of sitting in the library and 1 wash. Ill try to post a picture when the weather is better.

  6. 33 minutes ago, FreeCharlesManson said:

    i think you mean sashiko

    Aha definitely, stupid french autocorrect...



    Edit : found an pretty decent Glory park short sleeved shirt on grailed in size 42 for those who might be interested in this grail items: https://www.grailed.com/listings/4219912-The-Flat-Head-The-Flat-Head-Indigo-Dyed-Selvedge-Linen-Shirt--Size-42--Medium-Self-Edge-

    @Claytonimus @dudewuttheheck


  7. 27 minutes ago, garden gnomes in space said:

    I'd be curious to see if this stays true over time.  My initial understanding is that the only time the difference is really that noticeable is in the beginning.

    Oh the differences totally become less relevant with time. I already had this discussion with Volvo in Instagram because he has worn the two same model of TCB one Raw and one Onewash.

  8. 1 hour ago, Radiohead89 said:

    Is it best to get it repaired now?

    In my opinion the sooner the better if you want to prevent it to "spread". You could do it yourself sashimi style or with a machine if you have one, shouldn't be too difficult.

  9. 4 hours ago, conqueror said:

    i am way too lazy to go through that shit now. one-wash or bust.

    I totally get you, but comparing my TCB 50 hand-washed and my TCB 50 slim OW, there are enough differences (when not so used) that I mind doing the process myself.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Rehnen1 said:

    I have a second hand pair of 1920's 201 that a bought on eBay a while back. Is there somehow I can tell if they had a "worn in look" when the where new or if they were a dark non wash/worn version? 

    Would be fun to know :D


    Looking at the honeycombs, IMO they look too similar and "even" to be natural. I would say they are pre-distressed.

  11. Oh yes I know, it's great! I handled it quite a few times last summer when I was in Japan.  But I always prefer the rigid version and soak/wash it myself.

  12. On 05.01.2018 at 5:56 AM, pat0 said:

    Hi ! ,I need some advice. I wear size 32 on TCB 50's and resolute 710. Which size will fit well for samurai model s710xx 19oz and s5000vx 17oz ? thank you very much :D

    I wear TCB 50's and TCB 50 slim in size 30 and would wear the S710XX 19oz in 31 with a cold wash and 32 with hot wash and a little bit upsized. I do have a size 30 S5000VX that fits me perfectly but it's a lot10. so sizing might have changed in the last 10 years ahaha.

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