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  1. @Bobbo Thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it mate. I have the 2002XX in what I guess is the Banner denim. So I want to try the other Warehouse denim in the 800. Perfect ! Any differences between the 800 and 800XX other than the Raw/one wash state? 

  2. I'm willing to get a warehouse 800 for my next pair and can't find the difference between 800 and 800XX. Is the only difference 800XX = one washed and 800 Raw ? 

    I've read the thread a handful page ago about the same questions and on warehouse website. It's the banner denim right ?


  3. @youngofthesoonest Nice fit over there. I also own the 714 and the cut is nicely done. It is tapered too much for my taste but since I'm short the taper isn't drastic. While I prefer the original Stevenson fit "feeling" (737 and 767) the 714 is a really nice addition!


    The new SS collection is, as always, GREAT ! I particularly like the rounded pocket design on the denim shirt.

  4. 13 hours ago, TheIntelligentHoodwinker said:

    Washing machine on the the shortest cycle. You'll never look back. Messed about with all those hand washing rituals years ago - doesn't make a blind bit of difference.


    9 hours ago, bod said:

    And all the 'specialised' denim detergents. Good old non-bio will do.



    Thanks for your opinion. Oh I always hand wash the first couple times. but after that it's always washing machine in delicate with low spin and regular detergent (oolite or dark cloth one). Sometimes the dryer if I want crinkly denim or need to shrink it a little bit more.

    This guide was more oriented on the way to do a hand wash if needed or if you need to wash with the goal of retaining more indigo than a machine wash. Special detergent are not necessary yeah.

  5. Im on a French forum where a lot of people are just getting into unsanforized and raw denim in general and they often ask me how to wash it. Today I've did a quick tutorial on my instagram story to show them. I thought about saving it to Imgur and just put it here if it's of any help to newcomers or else.


    Click here for the guide (Imgur)


    Let me know what you think and if you disagree on something, please share your opinion. This guide is made only with my own experiences but everyone certainly does it differently.

  6. Anybody knows when the type 2 is going to be out ? I'm searching for a nice type 2 and still hesitating in-between the new one from TRMC and a Warehouse. Might go CSF for the first time instead.


    Also @Flash, I might be interested in your pair, would you please send me some pictures/measurments ?

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