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  1. bus door closed as i was halfway out causing the rubber ends to awkwardly squish me. more reasons to hate public transportation i guess...

  2. when the bus skips your stop cause its full


    it could be funny sometimes though like earlier this week when i was on a full bus, the bus driver was too indecisive to stop. so she slowed down, stopped at the next bus stop for a split second, and drove right back onto the road as people were approaching the door lol 

  3. Been really depressed about my life for the past five months or so. I just entered my second year of college and I've made almost no friends that I can call close. Also broke up with my girlfriend of 3+ years about a week ago because I know for a fact it's not going to go anywhere. So here I am, feeling pathetic about myself trying to get through college with no friends, no support, and no one to talk to. No matter how hard I try to make friends or put myself out there, I always have end up having anxiety/panic attacks. I feel like I'm always going to be alone. Like I'm just going to go through college unfulfilled and enter the professional world miserable.

  4. The thigh to the knees are tight for me, but in contrast, the calves are loose. Would the initial soak counteract this?

    Also, if i'm a true size 28-29, what size should i get for the 11s?

    I have the xx-013 in sz. 28 and i'm a 28-29 as well. do yourself a favor and get a 29.. the knees/thighs/waist were incredibly tight after a hot pre-soak and wash.


    with that said, i'm selling a sz. 28 xx-013 with roughly 4-5 months of wear if anyone's interested

  5. ^ For the first two months I wore my xx-13 pretty high, but even after sagging it a little, the waist line of the jeans can barely fit around my hip cause its tight. @SamLJack Its sz 28/32 but I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it or not. 

  6. reminds me of yesterday when i entered a restroom in the student union building. literally 10+ empty stalls and i choose the one that is right next to one that's already occupied. pretty awkward shit 

  7. Here's my update for my xx-013s at roughly 4 months of mild wear, aka walking & sitting in them. I'm pleased with the way they fit on me but my OCD kicks in and the left leg opening looks/feels wider & less fitted because my right calve is half an inch bigger than the left. sz 28 length 32. triple cuffed





    Fade progress:








    (I wish I could achieve a symmetrical whisker pattern, but my left thigh has been inflamed with mild bursitis for about a year so the jeans cannot form the whiskers seen on the left of the photo)




    true color in the sunlight: 10766112633_352791e904.jpg

  8. generally the waist does stretch back in a couple of wears and not multiple weeks. it could be a personal problem of why the jeans appear to not be stretching rather than a problem with the jeans. @d0t you would probably get a 32... pbjs don't stretch like crazy.. it would be poor judgment to get jeans that already have a smaller waist sz than your actual in any situation.