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  1. pros:
    you don't have to buy pants as often
    ??your ankles get to breathe??

    your face looks 40 times more punchable than it normally would
    having to put up with people thinking your parents bought your clothes for you
    plummeting the quality of every outfit you post


    but that's just my opinion, maybe things are different in Paris

  2. Was standing in the TSA security check line at the airport this weekend. It's as pleasant as a line at the airport can get. People are talking about their trip, where they're going, smokin and jokin. One of the TSA agents had to extend the line behind me so people could wrap around. The lady behind me wearing pants the color of magma was the first person to have to walk 15-20 feet more in order to catch up to the end of the line and this prompted her to go on a loud rant to the TSA agent about how happy she is to go home and how much she hated her stay in this city and this further proves to her how she'll never come back to this shithole town where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.


    We're in a tightly compact line filled with citizens of the city out for travel, kids, and a cheerleading squad all in a murmuring quiet after her rant. Also one of the scanners broke and we were down to one guy scanning the entire line. So we stood like this for a good 30 minutes.

    What's awkward about this?

  3. Forgetting to cancel subscriptions before the free trail is up, then they charge you the fees for the whole year(like amazon prime).

    Im pretty sure you can just contact them and require reimbursement. I'm sure a company like Amazon don't intend to earn their revenue by fooling customers.

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