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  1. ^Capsicum,


    i had thought w30, my first order is w30, and then i really afraid that the waist maybe too tight if it waist is 72, for safety, i changed to w32...


    but now the w32 hot soak is not my expertation.


    now the waist is as following, i think it should really have a porper wash..., at last i will sell it or give it to my father :)




    leg opening :



    for hemming, i should hem for 9.5 inch, and after that, the leg opening will be like this


  2. on the basis of the one wash measurements given by tpun, I thinks he might feel the cut is wider or more loose than expected.

    the measurements on the size chart said wasit and hem should be 76cm and 21cm after one wash and the measurements given by tpun which are 80cm and 22cm.

    so he said he should be size 30 on it.

    yes!! that's exactly wt i want to say
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