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  1. 4 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    I got Dean from Yorkshiresole to improve my ‘Ron’ Wolf Hunters by giving them some Dr Sole’s - they used to have a white wedge sole which I thought was ok all those years back when I bought them, but in truth it’s not a great solution and I’m much happier now.

    The quality of work is good - value for money for sure. I don’t think he’s been doing this type of boot for long, but I remember Brian the Bootmaker and his earlier work ... Dean is better IMO, but the thing that has impressed me most was the communication. Dean actually called me to discuss options and get a ‘feel’ for things, he’s also emailed and texted throughout the process - communication is worth it’s weight in gold as far a business is concerned. Trust and integrity always comes first.

    could you post a profile pic? It looks like the heel is not stacked and not woodman's style too, correct? I've considered doing something similar on one of my pairs too.

    I can't stand anymore the woodman heel. I am not sure if there is a relation of sorts but since I've started to run consistently (about 4 times per week) about 2 yrs ago the higher heeled boots started to cause me knee pain. They're fine for a short walk/running errands, dreadful on a long day walking or even just standing.

  2. I remember the first pair fit changed a lot in the first month's, the fabric was a bit stiff and after a couple washes the denim draped better.

  3. You mean they hang off your legs a bit like they're flared?

    My first pair didn't, the second one does. I don't mind much actually, I kinda like it.

  4. 4 hours ago, cool_hand said:

    I think I want to buy my first pair of TCB!

    Where do I begin?

    if you're not afraid of a loose hem width I think the 50s are the best way to start. great cut, great fabric, can be worn all year long

  5. Clay all the way

    I need to get rid of.some extra stuff myself and get my paws on a pair too.

    I've been trying for two years now to get a second hand pair from yahoo Japan but bigger sizes never come up unfortunately. It's however a great opportunity for peeps with smaller feet.

  6. 26 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    Even the mighty Volvo is a pain in the flippin arse regarding wiring, ive replaced the wiring to the boot/tailgate twice since ive had my 240, it breaks where it passes throught the hinge with the constant flex as i/you open/close the boot.

    Glad you're ok JW!

    That's a classic in the 240. I've done it once too and I had it done by a mechanic/friend the last time, even added the third brake light (bleedin Volvo 240 nerd luxury haha). 

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