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  1. From what I understand London coffee scene is getting great. The Nordic countries, while I don't know as a whole, have some of the best roasters in the world (Koppi, Wendelboe, Coffee collective). If anything I think the coffee game in the US as a whole is weak as hell. Even major cities like Boston and Chicago don't have a ton of great 3rd wave shops, but if you go to anywhere in Australia/NZ ur going to find amazing shops on every corner. 

  2. gimme a recipe.  

    Inverted Recipe:  


    1: Heat 250 grams of water to 200 degrees, 18 grams of beans ground pretty med. 

    2: Add grinds to aeropress, add 250 grams of water, let sit for 10 minutes. 

    3: At 10 minutes stir the grinds, use like a chopstick or something so u can get any shit that is at the bottom

    4: let sit for four more minutes. 

    5: Pre heat the mug you are pressing into.  Do a normal 30 second press or whatever you like to do. 

  3. http://coffeekind.com/bonavita/bonavita-electric-variable-temperature-gooseneck-kettle-1l


    pretty cheap at $60, compared to $85+ on amazon/etc. Buy one now!


    That kettle isn't great, been using it for 6 months now and flow rate is super weird with it either dripping a lot, or being too strong of a stream. Also loses heat really fast, so if you're doing a 3.5+ min brew you're going to lose 4 or 5 degrees at least. Would recommend just picking up one of the kalita goosenecks and a thermometer/cheap water heater.


    Or if ur a baller get a monarch methods 


  4. Ann Demeulemeester Scamosciato Low Sneakers in sz41/US8


    love these so damn much, they're just to big on me and I dont wear them enough to warrant keeping them. Ridiculously comfortable and the suede feels very nice. In great condition, worn about 10 times. No wear on the soles. $180 shipped in USA, msg me for international.








    Eytys interni sneaker size 41 

    these are in solid condition, not really worn much, just not really my style anymore. 70$ shipped USA hkw7A3vl.jpg



    Undercover mad market tee size 2. $40 shipped USA