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  1. i'm not really upset i'm just calling you out kid

  2. trousers are cool but they dont fit you

    1. rafsemens


      story of my life :/

    2. I told a mod to fuck off

      I told a mod to fuck off

      what the actual fuck u think ur doing?

  3. rip kaf u deserved it

    1. Kaf


      who bodied me this time?

    2. wahwho11


      you deserve the rest kaf. winter quarter is almost over and it's going to be spring break

  4. i like too post funny things in yhe waywt ... lmao

    1. rafsemens


      LOL i think u and i would get along XD

    2. I told a mod to fuck off
    3. young thirsty

      young thirsty

      LOL i think u and i would get along XD

  5. does anyone wanna compare fades

    1. Kale Kohai

      Kale Kohai

      10/10 more faded than you



      show u mine if u show me urs

  6. hsin8 is a topknot apologist

    1. SSchadenfreude


      he intern 4 deux

    2. realnetw0rth


      deux thought topknots sucked but upon further inspection thought they were cool

  7. change deuxs name to lil goose egg bitch

  8. i wish i was a denimbro

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. realnetw0rth


      going to Tokyo in January

    3. llobey


      i ate pho like an hour ago :')

    4. cheapmuthafukr


      whats a denimbro?

  9. is charts a visvim nerd from ktt or s/t

  10. do u need a permit or anything to run ur own to catch a predator thing?

  11. thought people were being rly smiley and nice 2 me today but its prob just bc my sweater has been inside out this whole time..

  12. volunteered to work at ramen street tomorrowin sf!!!

  13. going to osaka on the 19th!!!!

    1. whitney
    2. llobey
    3. landa


      bring an extra bag to bring clothes back lol

  14. can i buy sea monkeys at hot topic

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      ...would actually enjoy having a tank of sea monkeys again

  15. supreme copied the obey logo!!!!!!!

  16. jury dutys cool cause u get to hang out with old honkies n have them ask if u an art student :^)

  17. i want gindaco :(

    1. llobey


      go back to tinychat!!!

    2. realnetw0rth


      ?? Who r u even

    3. llobey
  18. "cuts with skeletons coming out of them tattoo"

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