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  1. Not recent, but the new Puma Han Kjobenhavn's came out and I really liked the pair my friend picked up so I want digging. These feel very desert punk in a good way; black is subtler? And then I am posting the Puma x UEG's as well because they are a funny precursor to the Off-White hooplah and text on shoes in particular. Images off of Grailed. I preferred the lows, but the highs are for sale.






  2. AvRfoi0.jpg

    Heavily cosign the combo of boost and primeknit, but a warning that the breathability of the other Goretex NMDs I have is limited. Would be better as a winter shoe than a fall shoe depending on local conditions. Summer is a no go.

  3. 2 hours ago, mariahscarry said:

    “their finances” i think you meant to say their parent’s finances*

    Touche touche. I suppose I was being optimistic. I could only go the acronym route because I had a steady job with no cost of living and I could buy used, which is essentially making decisions with my parent's money as well even if it wasn't literally taking money out of a wallet or using their credit card. Always wondered about the kids I knew on MMORPGs that chose to do that. Just couldn't imagine choosing that knowing the confrontation that would inevitably arrive.

    Also, to clarify for the thread, the cargo shorts are the SP1TS-S. Someone did a good job showing them on grailed (https://www.grailed.com/listings/959299-acronym-sp1ts-s) but I can edit this post with images later today. Friend is currently holding them because I prefer to do local consignment rather than sending things all over. Means there's the possibility I might see them out in the wild again! Which is my favorite part of selling these pieces to locals.


  4. 7 hours ago, nodre said:

    if you are clothes rich and cash poor you are doing it wrong.

    ...have you met this community dipshit? It's a lot of younger people learning how to handle their finances while balancing a passion for clothing, which means it ends up leaning clothing rather than cash because no one makes their best decisions at that age. I don't disagree that finances are important and there are other ways to live your life, but you'll see more people make the decision to pursue clothing than real estate on this site. What a fucking surprise.

  5. 5QRz0xv.jpg

    Ghibli does it again is almost all that needs to be said at this point. When Marnie Was There retains the signature animation style of the legendary company while treading new emotional ground for the studio. Time conflicts lead to seeing the English dub rather than the subbed version (as with Kaguya, often a mistake). So much is lost in translation, and ends up making discussion of emotions in the English script particularly cringe-worthy. However, the English credits song was both beautiful and fit the film.


    Animation highlights: anything slice of life Ghibli does so well. They make cutting tomatoes (literally slicing life, oh ho ho) so geometrically pleasant its uncanny. Self-referential sketcher (protagonist) and painter (pivotal side character) are fun to watch, because you are watching animators animate the movements used in part to create the film. Characters row boats across the water with perfect form. There's a huge storm at one point and Ghibli has always made nature and its dangers larger than life and all the more exciting for having done so.


    Movie Mechanics: Focuses on the internal journey of the protagonist, which remains difficult in cinema when you choose not to adopt a visual metaphor (ie. Inside Out). When Marnie Was There adopts one fairly early in, but late enough that it has to rely on movie shorthand that contradicts the films intentions (ie. character speaks aloud negative emotions because we've eliminated facial expressions because of her emotional state, making her voicing these emotions aloud even more unbelievable).


    Recurring themes: a manifesto of Ghibli itself: when you choose to preserve something you love (be that a person, place, or thing), that choice rewards you. But it is its ability to open conversation with others across the chasm of time that is its greatest power and reward. Besides this, adolescent/artist's journey to accept who you are, where you come from, and the nature of your own personal blessings and curses. Acceptance of that paradox that they are both the road and the barrier to your future.

  6. 6CnAFhM.jpg






    Did not understand the hype on these until I finally clicked through and realized they weren't two different colorways. Nike's Satue of Liberty ideas have always been interesting. Best one was where the outer paint actually cracked off with use to reveal the orangey/copper color.


    Edit: These guys!




    Promotion at the time was sick: had some skateboarder go out and ride the shit out of them. Cheapest pairs on the bay now are a size 12 at $150.00 (current bid) and a size 10 at $200.00 bin.


    Please go see this...so disappointing to have one other person with me in the theater today. This is a thorough examination of the evolution of the business/commercialization of hip hop fashion and who profited from that commercialization. The glaring omissions with regard to legendary individual dressers only serve to remind you how easy it is for someone else to profit off of you. Also features excellent discussion of how, when it comes down to it, class is the most insidious force in the world of fashion and psychology of consumption.

  8. Been a good week for movies.



    Plenty of reviews out there. I happily agree that this is a return to what Pixar does best.



    Succeeded as a comedy (credit for that goes to the writers, as with most American comedy). Rocky is passable. Soundtrack could have gone for deeper cuts but the emotional pull of music anyone with a casual interest in hip hop would know is no surprise considering. No desire to forgive its synthetic "meme" montage nor its use of "hacking" (jfc stop with this shit. It isn't cinematic and it's lazy writing).



    Cue zero people surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  9. still waiting for ign's review.




    How much have things changed since I dropped off video games that this statement doesn't need a (10) after it?


    On E3 news, pumped for Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Tremendously surprised that they convinced people to continue the property, but it's niche first-person parkour gameplay always felt far more engaging than the third person approach of Assassin's Creed.

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