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  1. Agreed with all that.. if you are in TST, Caseuwaybay or LKF/ Central, you can hardly find a bad Resturant. Never had a bad meal.

    other places that you miss is Star Street in Wanchai which you should get off at Admirty MTR station

  2. seen many new models like that...almost bought the new ninja shoes that come with that inner shoes/ socks.

    how does it work? you dont need to wear socks? and you only wash that the socks that come with it?


  3. fuckin love this thread...wish i had read this earlier...

    sold my system & wince i use my hifi to watch DVD and listen to mp3s... more power to you if you still have vinyl..

    so my systems were downgraded to:

    yamaha rx-v490

    jbl nj-40 speakers