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  1. why do you care so much, 70% of the guys i know do the same shit its not like sschad is an exception or anything. you can ask any other guy and get the same half-cocked answer. the dude wants to get laid freely with a main bitch and fuck other girls as he sees fit. its an evolutionary trait, spread the seed. just let the man be a caveman and move on.


    you've missed my point 

    i never asked him to explain or justify his desire for variety


    the fact that he would be repelled by a woman's acceptance of his personality is what interests me

    it's as if women devalue themselves in his eyes by valuing him


    Tiger Woods response to the media after they found out about all of his affairs, "To the public I'm sorry, but you know I, just like most men, I want to have my cake and eat it too."


    y u even care tho?


    you've failed to answer my question again, but i'm glad you mentioned him




    he was a child prodigy who became a billionaire and used his status to marry a scandinavian model

    there are plenty of circumstances separating him from most men

  2. Because I've never met one who can know and accept completely.

    Actually if we r being technical, I can and do enjoy the company of women who know about my fucked up shit including infidelities etc. these women are friends-fam I wouldnt fuck

    Is this the answer u imagined?

    whether or not you meet a woman who can know and accept you is irrelevant

    i think you know that already

    you won't or can't maintain a monogamous relationship, but you can't imagine committing to a woman who would accept your philandering ways

    you don't want your partner to know about your offensive behavior

    if she does know and accepts it, she disqualifies herself

    would you like to try again?

  3. obviously wouldn't want other dudes all up in my gf, plus i just couldn't be down with any girl who'd be okay with me fuckin around.

    why can't you enjoy the company of a woman who knows and accepts you completely? i know why, but i want to see your answer

  4. i nominate jamokes for head of sufu carnivores club


    as honored as i'd be, that position should probably be filled by someone who doesn't have to worry about their soles falling apart

    i was lucky enough to find a pair that had been broken in, but i'm sure they'll start to crack and crumble before too long

  5. i should have mentioned that i've never heard of mekakucity actors until now and didn't intend to defend it


    have you read any of the novels? i wonder how they compare to the shows

  6. ^ I'm just watching it cuz it's shaft and the music is pretty cool. If it weren't for that I prob would have already dropped because the plot has no direction and it's based on vocaloid shit. Just watch the monogatari series if you like the animation style and u want an actual plot. 


    that's great advice for people who enjoy passable plots that have been choked by pornographic drivel

  7. Silhouette is really cool.  Did they ever do sneakers without all the dumb flyknit Lite patterning.  


    i wouldn't expect to find any other versions of the pair i posted, but from what i've seen, kenzo usually produces the same few sneakers over and over again with varying prints and color schemes


    it looks like the silhouette of a shoe that's been released each season for a while was tweaked to create some new designs



  8. i found a couple of tiny turtles in my yard
    they must have hatched last week
    i'm going to take care of them until they get large enough to live with my friends' turtles

    deers are cute, and now they're funny too.

    they're also delicious

  9. I wore a uniform for school from kindergarten - 12th grade.  Whenever a kid would rebel and question why uniforms were necessary, claiming that they restricted individuality and expression and all that, the faculty's explanation was largely this:


    The reputation of the institution is dependent upon the public's perception of the students/faculty within.  Wearing a uniform sent a message about the school's unity and dignity that student's normal casual dress would not.  


    More arguments I've heard from the faculty are the behavioral argument (students will act academically if they dress academically) and the anit-bullying argument (kids won't be made fun of for different/inferior dress if everyone dresses the same).  Although I went to a Catholic school, and one would think that a religious institution's values would include equity, the conditions in which the uniforms were made were never brought up.


    Does this mean the institution was unconsciously promoting poor labor conditions by mandating these uniforms? Well, yes and no.  I think the school was demonstrating an ignorance of the issue rather than promoting for or against it.


    it's silly to isolate clothing if you take into account all the other things schools must acquire

    do you think all those products are made under acceptable conditions?

    i can understand why members of this community would be primarily concerned with how a school's uniforms are manufactured, but for most individuals and institutions, the production of clothing is seen as a symptom of a much larger problem which is much harder to fix


    with that said, i'm confused by people who care about the origins of their clothing for moral reasons yet hardly ever think about the origins of everything else they consume

  10. obviously, having children isn't limited to conceiving children
    the institution of marriage was devised to create alliances between families and provide suitable environments for children
    due to political and economical changes, arranged marriages have become much less common, but marriages still provide the most consistently stable and nurturing environments for children


    i'm not convinced that children are under less pressure to play certain parts

    they're now forced to occupy new roles which aren't necessarily better from an individual's point of view and absolutely aren't better from a statistical point of view


    there must be people who haven't had children because they truly consider themselves to be incapable of raising a child in an acceptable manner, but the vast majority of unmarried, childless adults are simply unwilling to commit their resources to anyone but themselves for an extended period of time
    i'll conclude by reminding those individuals of the people who gave up more than a few things to make lives for them

  11. they ended up finding 3 more bodies in his apartment, and he wrote a ~150 page manifesto talking about torturing and beheading his roommates before going on a killing spree. totally fucking whacked out of his mind, shame the tip wasnt strong enough for cops to search his place.




    his writing sounds familiar to me



  12. i work in social services (lots of child protection work) and i've always been a pretty pessimistic/negative person but now i think i just hate everything and everyone.


    my advice: never get married. never have children.


    the popularity of pessimistic, self-absorbed attitudes like that is exactly why we've cultivated several generations of people who are completely incapable of being satisfactory parents


    just remember that we were all children, too

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