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  1. 1 hour ago, MJF9 said:


    @Double 0 Soul what were you and mini-OO doing mooching around a derelict brick works/crack den?

    We went on a bike ride through the Loxley Valley, i was showing the boy one of my old rose tinted cycle trails where i used to ride as a kid. We set off along Myers Grove Lane past what was Pinegrove Country Club where i used to play tennis but they've demolished it and converted it into houses...carried on up to the old Robin Hood Pub, i was telling the boy that kids wer'nt allowed in the boozers but on long..long hot summer nights we could sit outside the Robin Hood which had a little tuckshop where kids could bang on a wooden hatch and be served with CurlyWurly's and such, when we got there it had been converted into fucking flats.. carried on our cycle ride through the valley en route to Dam Flask Resevouir and passed the old brickworks, in the face of strong local opposition they're trying to demolish it and build 300 houses, there wasn't much to see other than Geeman's snazzy jacket and a few high viz vests which we found in a locker room..vandals had tore the works to pieces but the boy had fun collecting up the dregs of discarded spray cans and painting his name (and most of his hands) here and there.

    I think i posted an explore a few years ago in the brickworks over on Denimbro before the vandals ripped it to pieces...btw ive just checked that old forum to find pg339 of the music thread, good grief there's more activity under tier3 of lockdown :D

  2. Now this is more like it! B)

    27 minutes ago, freshwater said:

    one of my faves from my early days of raving

    Mine too fresh, used to have it on vinyl and still play it all the time, in fact i posted the exact same link last year on pg339 of the Denimbro thread, great minds eh?

    10 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    Last week I received the Blue Note Reimagined album I preordered months ago. I’m a big fan of St Germain and the instant standout track for me is Jorja Smith’s cover version of their wonderful ‘Rose Rouge’.

    Im a big fan of the K&F Edit of 'Thank You Mum'

    ...and to prove we're not music (only denim) snobs here's a bit of Whitney :)


  3. Wake up sleepy thread!

    Ive always been a massive fan of the mix-tape, still am, i don't buy albums anymore just compose masses of digital mix-tapes/playlists but i'm not getting much inspiration in this desert ;) whatever the thread fundamentals are..lets just post some tunes which are floating around our heads, c'mon don't be shy, we're not music snobs.

    I downloaded that^ United Future tune at the weekend which Maynard posted above, its a beauty!


  4. I remember there was a pirate copy of Robocop on VHS doing the rounds at school.. it actually belonged to a police officer at Hammerton Road police station (of Yorkshire Ripper & Hillsborough disaster fame) who was known to get you owt you wanted (this was when video piracy was in it's infancy of course) one of my friends dropped it off at the incident desk in the police station and asked he if he had any other good films, he came away with a late 70's porn film called Little me and Marla Strangelove... Oh those carefree adolescent days.. :ph34r:

  5. While mooching around a derelict brick works/crack den with my kid at the weekend, amongst the condom wrapers and Wotsit packets we found this absolute gem of 90's market stall chav-wear.

    It's reversible with a fleece on the inside (don't worry i was wearing gloves) i couldn't find a label with country of manufacture but i did find a name tag saying ' Property of Geeman' if found please return to Birmingham (posh bit)

    We also found a suitcase full of VHS tapes, my kid was absolutely flabbergasted  when i pulled out some of the tape and said 'this is how we used to watch films when i was your age' ...yet he accepts without question that i can download films from the internet and transfer them to flash drive.






  6. 51 minutes ago, H...crimper said:

    I quite like it when they start to wear like that  but then when I was younger I wouldn't be seen in any thing that wasn't falling apart. 

    I don't mind s'long as it's expected when you splurge nearly £200 on a 'superb' quality sweatshirt :D

    I also like vintage sweatshirts, and the way the material of my navy/purple JMC is ageing it's got so much potential, alas it will never live to see 'vintage' status.

    Cushman also make very nice sweatshirts, as do Whitesville..

  7. 43 minutes ago, King Boo said:

    Can anyone recommend a good UK based chainstitch hemming service?


    My last UK chainstitch was a pair of Junky 46's hemmed at SoaS and they carried out my instructions to a T, perfect (100% cotton) thread colour match, the thread was a good guage, not too thin, not too thick, no exaggerating the tension, the fold depth was copied perfectly.. superb job!

  8. 8 hours ago, andrew_ said:

    Just read through some of the comments about the quality drop.

    Are their sweatshirts still some of the best in the game? Or have they suffered too?

    Been wanting to invest for years, was thinking maybe this winter...

    fwiw Andrew this 'quality drop' isn't recent.. folks have always claimed RMC to be of the utmost quality, probably just reiterating what McCoys and their associated retailers have told them in their quest to justify their price tag and sell more product but from my experience it's just not true, when you get your hands on the sweatshirts they do feel very plush and you'll think 'what the flip was 00 talking about' but wear them with any kind of frequency and chances are the stitching will start to break down.. a lot of you won't notice because you own way too much clothing and work office/non strenuous jobs. Ive got £6 sweatshirts which have outlived my McCoys but they're uncomfortable, poorly/unethically made, ill fitting and the material is uninspiring, i would say if you're looking for a perfect fitting luxury sweatshirt to wear occasionally then RMC is what you seek just don't expect it to last a lifetime. Others have different experiences of course.

    My JMC B-Park sweats are all peppered with holes where the overlock has disintegrated in high abrasion areas, under the sleeves, around the hem ect, you can poke your finger through them..


  9. 10 hours ago, unders said:

    That’s a real nice touch. And far too elaborate a story to make up as an excuse for owning middle-class wares! I vote for man of the people. 

    Near where we used to live were two cafe's, one was a wooden hut on the allotments where you could go buy their excess produce.. you could get a decent cup of tea or coffee for 70p, chipped cups, wash your own pots type of establishment, the other is a stately home, afternoon tea type of affair for moneyed pensioners in pastel trousers. The boy liked to swing by here for a small tub of their exorbitantly priced ice-cream, it was served on a china plate with a really nice spoon, he prefered the plastic spoon you got free under the lid so when he wasn't looking my mrs would sneak the posh spoons into her bag.

    When she called at the allotments for a cup of tea she woulkd sneak them out of her bag 'incognito like' and into their cutlery tray, and vise-versa she did the old 'spoon-switcheroo' for the tea-stained 'allotment' spoons when she went for ice-cream (hopefully neither establishment realised what was occuring) She liked to think she was making the world a nicer place, one spoon at a time... guerilla-equality :)

  10. 9 minutes ago, unders said:

    Those wellies look like Hunters...

    They are indeed..


    ..they're 20+ yrs old and made in the UK, our old neighbours used to go away for months at a time so my mrs would look after their cats, water the plants and such... one year they bought her those wellies to say thanks, which was really kind of them.

  11. I went picking Sloe's (the fruit of the Blackthorn) to make Sloe Gin.. featuring sleeve of Mister Freedom


    ...found in most British hedgerows... they're best left on the bush for as long as poss to ripen, if you find a good spot keep it on the d-low so folks don't swipe them fo' they're ripe.


    I collected 2kg,


    Traded half of them with the neighbours for apples


    Middle class wankers claim that you need to prick each Sloe individually with a silver needle but this is all bollocks, just chuck them in the flippin freezer and when they defrost the skins will split releasing all the sloey goodness...

    Chuck 500g of Sloe's in a jar


    Pour in a litre of Gin, it doesn't need to be good gin shitty old Gordans will do..


    Pour in 200g of sugar


    Store somewhere cool and dark (cellar)


    ...give it a gentle shake twice a day for the first week or until all the sugar has dissolved then just turn it once/week for the next 3 months for a nice winter warmer on those cold February evenings

  12. 3 minutes ago, shredwin_206 said:

    Two 46 story buildings! 
    concert venue and retail space below and apartments above. Over 1k apartments 

    En route to work, i cycle past this concrete structure which was supposed to be Sheffield Universities new Facaulty of Social Sciences Hub..


    alas they fucked up the foundations so the whole structure was sinking :rolleyes:...


    a few months ago they decided to cut their losses (65 million quid) and start again, they've been chomping up the concrete with these big-ass machines which has been making a right row.. all the local residents are going fucking mental

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